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Farmyard Garden Review – Does it Pay £16 and Beyond?

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Welcome to my Farmyard Garden review!

You’ve probably seen an advert for this game, just like I did – flashy graphics and an ever-increasing dollar count that amount to thousands. 

It makes some really bold promises: win $3000 a day, get your payout within just a minute through Cash App, and a hefty $1000 prize bonus.

Yes, Farmyard Garden wants you to believe that a gold ore is waiting for you to mine. 

Astoundingly, your cash balance surged at a staggering pace, and the best part? There’s no financial risk!

You’re promised that you can withdraw all this ‘money’ once you meet their cash-out requirements.

It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Let me mention here that I’ve spent countless hours reviewing idle and casual games that use ‘fake cash’ to bombard players with ads galore.

So, is Farmyard Garden legit or just another cleverly-disguised trap? Will they transfer that dazzling cash balance to you?

Hang in there because the answer is coming up later in the review.

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Farmyard Garden Review


  • Name:Farmyard Garden
  • Developer:
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: £16
  • Overall rating: 0 stars


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What is Farmyard Garden?


Farmyard Garden is a free-to-play idle game developed by 

Available worldwide, it claims to bring you a fun-filled farming experience right at your fingertips.

But the best part is that your virtual crops can supposedly yield real cash prizes. 

I am talking about hundreds of dollars or the equivalent in your current in a few days. 

The game assigns players the task of growing and maintaining their virtual farm. In return, they earn virtual currency to cash out for real money. 

Farmyard Garden has been installed over 50k times on the Play Store and is still in Early Access. 

That means the app does not currently allow for reviews, which is problematic for players. Why, you ask?

Well, reviews often serve as a reliable measure of an app’s credibility.

Without a democratic space for discussion, we’re left in the dark about whether the game lives up to its unrealistic claims. 


Farmyard Garden Work? 

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Farmyard Garden is free on the Play Store and pretty simple to understand.

However, one aspect that immediately raised my eyebrows was its data handling practices.

The app reportedly does not encrypt user data and, alarmingly, offers no functionality to allow users to delete their personal information.

This lack of encryption and user control is a glaring red flag, which means sensitive user information could be at risk. 

So, how does this game work? It’s all about gardening, and it’s very similar to Lucky Market! 

You click on a plot of land to grow flowers, each of which costs a certain number of coins.

farmyard garden gameplay

These flowers grow gradually, but you can use fertilizers to speed up the process.

Once the flowers are ripe, you can harvest them to earn more coins.

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The goal is to harvest a specific number of flowers to fulfill an order and complete a level, thus earning cash rewards accumulating in your balance.

Additionally, the game features an ‘acceleration’ mechanic, which allows you to reduce the growth time of all flowers by 60 minutes.

However, as you progress and reach higher levels, the game demands more flowers and time.

Certain features designed to expedite the gameplay require you to watch advertisements.

This is the developers’ clever strategy for generating income from the app – they earn revenue every time a video is played. 


Withdrawing Funds

To cash out, you must fulfill two conditions – reach the minimum amount of £16 and complete 12 level orders.

That second requirement takes ages, and most players become painfully aware of this only once they’ve sunk considerable time and effort into the game.

What if they don’t pay? Sadly, you can’t rewind time and recover what’s lost.


Is Farmyard Garden Legit? Does it Pay? 


The moment of truth – Farmyard Garden pay out as promised?

Sadly, it appears that this game’s harvest yields no real fruit.

The stark reality is that the cash rewards you’ve been watering and watching bloom in your account balance are entirely fake.

Once you meet the two requirements, you will be prompted to select your payment method and enter your account information. 

You might think that it’s payday once you’ve met these conditions.

But right after hitting that enticing ‘Withdraw’ button, Farmyard Garden pulls a fast one! 

Suddenly, you’re confronted with a new requirement – to harvest an additional 15 pineapple flowers.

Just when you thought you’d reached the finish line, the game shifts the goalposts.

Next, the game unveils another obstacle: watch five more videos to activate the order.

This’ order activation’ tactic is a commonly used ruse in many such games, drawing the player further into the rabbit hole. 

Even if you persevere through all these hoops, they seem to eventually run out of excuses.




What initially seemed like a fun-filled, rewarding game has become an exhausting, fruitless endeavor.

Farmyard Garden, with its eye-catching graphics and promises of easy money, isn’t the goldmine it pretends to be.

It’s nothing more than another fake cash game that fills the developer’s coffers via relentless advertisements. 


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Farmyard Garden review!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this game. Did you try it? What happened? Please, share your thoughts, as your experience might help others.

After all, the Play Store is closed for reviews! So, blogs and YT channels play a critical role in warning the public. 


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