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Emoji Fun Review – Is it Legit? Get $0.10 and Run!

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Welcome to my Emoji Fun review!

I came across another emoji merging game that claims to pay real money if you meet the cash-out requirements.

The advert shows a PayPal balance of $200, suggesting that you can replicate the results in real life.

But if you pay close attention to the small print, it says it’s not guaranteed.

I’ve already played hundreds of casual games that only collect advertising revenue and ignore payments.

Making ridiculous cash claims with no guarantees is wrong on so many levels!

However, nothing seems to stop fake money games from flooding the Play Store and wasting people’s time.

So, is Emoji Fun legit or fake? Does it pay once you collect enough dollars? Let’s find out!

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Emoji Go Review


  • Name: Emoji Fun – Meet More Surprise
  • Developer: Catea
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Minimum payout: $0.10
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Emoji Fun?


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Emoji Fun is an idle game where you combine identical emojis to unlock higher levels and earn excellent prizes.

Countless similar games use different themes such as dogs, cats, cars, and more!

Players may find these games boring, so many developers offer cash rewards to spice it up and increase the play time.

Emoji Fun gives a significant amount of cash every time you unlock a new emoji.

According to the app’s description, there are over 60 expressions, so the earning potential is high.

In the Lucky Prize Center, you can collect puzzle pieces to claim iPhones, MacBooks, and other expensive gadgets.

In addition, the app also claims you will get a bonus share if you unlock the Earning Emoji (lv. 31).

With such generous rewards, you are probably wondering what I doing here writing this post instead of merging emojis all day long.

Stick around, and you will understand very soon! You may also want to cash out one of best reward apps on the Play Store! 


How Does Emoji Fun Work? 



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Emoji Fun is available worldwide for Android devices. It’s completely free to play and requires no registration.

The permission section reveals that the app will have access to contents in your USB storage. Meaning it can read, modify and even delete any data stored on your devices, such as photos and videos.

I object to this level of control over my phone, so I don’t keep these games on my phone for too long.


How to Play?

Simply drag and drop the Emoji where you find another identical emoji.

Both emojis will merge into a higher-level emoji with a different expression, and you will open space for a new one.

Each Emoji on the board will generate green banknotes according to their level. The higher the level, the more banknotes they generate per second.

Now, tap the big Emoji at the bottom to buy a new one using these banknotes.

You can save time by purchasing higher-level emojis in the shop.


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Earning Cash Rewards

Every time you unlock the highest level emoji, you will receive anywhere between $10 and $15.

But as usual, you must watch the sponsored video until the end to collect the money.

By watching the videos, you are helping the developer generates revenue since he gets paid by advertisers to promote other apps.

By merging two lv. 30 Emoji, you will get a chance to unlock the Earning Emoji, which gives a bonus share of over $100.

It takes many hours to unlock lv. 31, and there is no guarantee that you will get this special Emoji.

If you don’t, you will get one of the following worldwide emojis: Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania.

By unlocking all worldwide emojis, you will finally get the Earning Emoji and collect your share bonus.


Lucky Prize Center

Emoji Fun also features the Lucky Prize Center, where you can supposedly win the iPhone 13, Sony 55-inch TV, Galaxy Z fold, MacBook Pro, and iPad Air.

You need to collect ten puzzle pieces for each prize by playing the Lucky Wheel or opening the lucky Bubble.

Of course, you will always have to watch a video before earning these fragments.


How Do You Get Paid? 

Open the cash wallet with the PayPal logo at the top of the screen to cash out.

The minimum cash-out requirement is just $0.10, so you will be able to withdraw the money as soon as you unlock the level 2 emoji.

You can also redeem larger amounts of cash like $10, $20, $100, $200, and $500.

However, they have specific requirements that will force you to play more. For example, you must watch 30 videos to unlock the $10 payout. Or, merge level 12 emoji to unlock $20.


Is Emoji Go Legit or Fake? Does it Pay? 


You will probably receive the minimum payout of $0.10 in your PayPal account.

But unfortunately, you should not expect to cash out higher amounts since the cash prizes are very unrealistic.

Earning over $10 just for merging emojis and watching videos defies the laws of economics.

Emoji Fun is generating revenue for displaying videos during the game.

However, if the developer had to pay at least $10 for every player, he would probably have to take money from his own pockets.

The $0.10 incentive work as bait! Players will receive the payment and think the app also gives the big cash prizes. But it doesn’t!




If you want to make real money with Emoji Fun, cash out $0.10 and run away.

The developer uses this small cash reward as bait, so you watch an insane amount of advertising.

Of course, the money it generates from all the videos you watch is way more than 10 cents.

However, the game is not giving the higher cash prizes since doing so would significantly lower the company’s profits.

Furthermore, the developer is not obligated to pay app users who complete all the requirements. As stated in the advert, “there are no guarantees.”


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Final Words

I hope this review was helpful and answed all your questions about Emoji Fun.

So, how was your experience with this game? Did you receive your 10 cents? How about $10 and above? Please, let us know in the comment box below.



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