Cute Pet Review – Does it Pay $1000 For Pet Matching?

Welcome to my Cute Pet Review –

I have recently found another elimination game claiming to reward players with huge amounts of cash.

In the advert, the guy advises people to delete apps that charge people and entice them to watch adverts.

He then encourages the audience to try Cute Pet with the prospect of winning $1000 every day. 

cute pet advert

What’s even more appealing is the assurance of instant money transfers.

In another advert, a woman in the market gives the vendor a pile of cash because the game seems to provide her with unlimited money.

The vendor, clearly amazed, inquires about the source of her newfound riches.

Her response? None other than “Cute Pet!”

Now, you are here because you didn’t buy any of that. Like me, you are skeptical and don’t want to waste time making other people rich.

So, is Cube Pet legit or fake? Does it pay for simply having fun? Let’s find out!

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Cute Pet Review


  • Name: Cute Pet
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0

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What is Cute Pet?


Cute Pet is an Android elimination game that tempts players with the prospect of winning substantial amounts of virtual cash.

The gameplay involves swiping and matching three identical dinosaurs, which then merge to form a new “pet” at a higher level.

This progression supposedly rewards players with virtual cash, often in the hundreds of dollars, especially in the game’s early stages.

Cute Pet gameplay

However, the promised rewards come with a catch.

While the game claims players can win $1000 daily, there’s a significant roadblock: a minimum cashout requirement of $1000.

This means you need to accumulate this amount before you can actually withdraw any earnings.

freecash banner

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Ironically, the advent urges players to delete games showing ads yet incessantly bombard players with them.


How Does Cute Pet Work? 


Cute Pet is available on the Play Store and can be enjoyed worldwide without registration.

Upon launching the game, an astonishing $500 welcome bonus is instantly credited, leaving one to ponder:

Where is this insane cash reward coming from?

Why would the developer give away such a substantial prize for seemingly nothing?

Upon tapping the “Claim” button, they guide you to merge their initial Pet.

The simple action of swiping the first dinosaur to match with two others transforms it into a new dinosaur.

Remarkably, this act earns you cash!

The game then lures you with a prominent PayPal logo and the directive, “Cash out from here.”

By tapping on your cash balance at the top, you can choose from six withdrawal methods:

PayPal, PayPal, NPay, Paytm, Yandex Money, and OVO.

Be careful when entering your account here. Don’t enter sensitive data such as your bank account details.

I am warning you because you never know what these developers are up to.

You can open the reward box and win a substantial cash prize if you reach the level goal.

Tap the treasure chest and watch the advert to claim the prize!

Sometimes, you can double your reward if you sit through the advert.

For example, $40 will turn into $80 just for watching a 30-second video.



Cute Pet also features a giveaway section where you can exchange gold tokens, Amazon cash, and puzzles for amazing rewards.

For example, you can trade 1000 coins for a $10 Amazon gift card and double the reward by… You guessed it – watching a video!

Tapping the “claim” button will trigger another video, which awards puzzle pieces for excellent prizes, such as TVs, smartphones, and other gadgets.

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Cute Pet suggests you need to collect 50 fragments to claim the prize.


Withdrawing Funds

You must accumulate $1000 in your cash balance to be eligible for the payout.


Is Cute Pet Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Cute Pet is another game that entices unwary victims with fake cash rewards.

Instead of delivering on its claims, it cunningly manipulates players for profit.

The concept of earning money is mere bait, appealing to the desires of those seeking quick riches.

However, the reality is far from what it seems.

The clever method lies in bombarding players with commercials as they generate revenue for the developer.

It doesn’t take long to reach $1000, but reaching this amount will trigger another requirement.

That’s a classic bait-and-switch!

The developer adds new conditions, including accumulating rewards from the “lucky reward” feature ten times.

The other condition is to wait for 24 hours.

These requirements are designed to keep players engaged, spending more time within the game to line the developer’s pockets.




Cute Pet capitalizes on players’ engagement, time, and aspirations.

The $1000 prize? OMG, that will never leave the developer’s bank account, which is probably getting fatter by the day.

Cute Pet won’t yield any real earnings. So, don’t waste your time; play it safe by uninstalling the game as soon as possible!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Cute Pet review – I hope this post helps to save your precious time!

If you want to share your own experience with this app, feel free to comment below.


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