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Crystal Pop Mania Review – Will They Transfer 100,000 Robux?

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Welcome to my Crystal Pop Mania review!

I have recently found another viral elimination game that is attracting thousands of Roblox enthusiasts!

Available on Android, Crystal Pop Mania is more than just a gem-clicking adventure.

This game claims to reward players with over 100,000 Robux, which is a very unrealistic prize.

To put it in perspective, 800 Robux will cost you £9.99 on the official Roblox site.

Imagine tapping your way to new avatars, exclusive accessories, and premium experiences in the world of Roblox.

The temptation is undeniable, especially when so many of us can’t afford the high price tag on Robux.

Simply eliminate adjacent gems of the same color, level up, and collect those Roblox riches. But is it too good to be true?

With so many fake reward apps out there, skepticism is warranted.

So, will Crystal Pop Mania transfer those promised Robux? Or is it just another fake game, luring you in with false hope?

Let’s find out!

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Crystal Pop Mania Review


  • Name: Crystal Pop Mania
  • Developer: Jauharotul Firdaus
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Threshold: 10,000 coins
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Crystal Pop Mania?


Crystal Pop Mania is a colorful elimination game where players supposedly win free Robux.

With its addictive gameplay, players are invited to tap and eliminate adjacent gems of the same color.

You will collect the game currency by leveling up and, as expected, watching many advertisements.

Although it’s been installed over 100,000 times, this gem-clicking game is still in Early Access on the Play Store.

That means you won’t find any reviews on the player experience.

Many developers use this Early Access classification as a strategy to prevent users from writing reviews that expose their gimmicks.

This absence of player feedback is a big red flag to be aware of!


How Does Crystal Pop Mania Work? 

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Crystal Pop Mania can be downloaded from the Play Store and played without registration.

But here lies a significant concern. Alarmingly, the app doesn’t encrypt data or allow users to delete them, posing a severe data privacy risk.

As soon as you open the game, you’re greeted with a Roblox avatar and an enticing question: “Do you want to win Robux?” Accompanied by the promise of 100,000 Robux and a “Get them for free” tagline.

You tap the “Yes” button and are prompted to enter your Roblox ID.

Don’t worry, though. You can opt to do this later if you wish.

Next, Crystal Pop Mania sets the stage for your Robux collection with a minimum redemption of 100,000 Robux.

The developer assures a swift transfer through the official website.

First, tap the Crystal Tab and a Lucky User bonus of 20,000 Robux is yours to start the game.


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How to play

It’s simple; tap groups of 2 or more adjacent gems to eliminate them.

The goal is to clear all the gems, but the level is only completed once the progress bar fills up.

crystal pop Mania gameplay

At this point, you receive level-up Robux rewards. A “collect 2x” button lets you watch an advert to double the rewards!

On the right side, a pointing finger tempts you to tap for more Robux, with the condition that you watch another advert.

Additionally, you will find a list of in-app games to play in the game section, but you only collect Robux by activating the advertisements.

It’s no secret that the developer profits from your views, so the push for video watching is evident.

That’s their passive income stream!


How to Redeem

Once you’ve collected 100,000 Robux, tap “redeem,” enter your player ID if you still haven’t done so, and follow the instructions.


Is Crystal Pop Mania Legit? Can You Win Robux?


No, it doesn’t! Unfortunately, Crystal Pop Mania is just another fake reward app disguised as a gem-matching game.

No matter how many videos you watch, it won’t transfer any Robux to your Player ID.

Like hundreds of games I’ve reviewed on this blog, Crystal Pop Mania employs a tantalizing yet deceptive strategy.

Initially, it gives you a false sense that the 100,000 Robux goal is just around the corner.

It’s like a mirage, always appearing within reach but continually receding as you get closer.

Your earnings decrease as you approach the redemption threshold, trapping you in an endless cycle of hope and disappointment.

Eventually, if you persist and watch a ton of videos, you may collect enough Robux to redeem.

But the frustration doesn’t end there. After you enter your ID, the reward page will update, and you may be forced to watch additional videos to “activate” the order.

This well-known bait-and-switch tactic helps the developer maximize profits from advertisements. But since the rewards are fake, it never rewards anyone!

Instead of running legitimate sweepstakes, the developer prefers to make players believe they can collect the Robux provided the condition is met.

But this is just an illusion! All the money they receive from advertisers goes straight into their pockets.




Crystal Pop Mania is a regrettable reality check for many enthusiastic players.

After investing hours into the puzzle, it becomes clear that the promised payoff is an illusion.

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Thanks for reading my Crystal Pop Mania review. I hope it was eye-opening! 

So, have you tried to withdraw 100,000 Robux? How was your experience? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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