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Copy Paste Profits Review – Can You Effortlessly Make $100/Day?

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Copy paste profits reviewBilly Dar is claiming his copy and paste method will help you make $100/day online. Is it really possible? In this Copy and Paste Profits review, I am going to reveal his training and give you my honest opinion about it.


 Copy Paste Profits Review


  • Product Name: Copy Paste Profits
  • Price: Front end: $7, Upsell 1: $17, Upsell 2: $27
  • Strategy: Internet marketing
  • Owner: Billy Darr
  • Overall Rating: 5/10

What Exactly is Copy Paste Profits?

Copy Paste Profits is a step by step a training program developed by an experienced internet marketer called Billy Darr. He is also the author of Instant Commission Machine, Profit Instantly Today and a few other programs.

Billy knows how to make use of words to entice people to buy his product. Even though you don’t need any experience and tech skills, he claims you will quickly and effortlessly make significant profits.

With his method, you won’t need to:

  • Create a product
  • Build a list
  • Write content
  • Have an online presence (reputation)

It’s all about a secret that he doesn’t want to disclose.


The Secret Revealed!

If you are reading this review is because you are very skeptical and wondering if Copy Paste Profits works.

Well, it’s not a secret strategy, but it does work. However, if you are just starting out, don’t expect to make $100/day consistently.

Billy will teach you how to make commissions promoting other people’s products. This is called affiliate marketing.

Now, there are many strategies to do affiliate marketing. Copy Paste Commission will teach you only one of them, which is the promotion of digital products (ebook, e-courses, etc.) using Facebook fan pages.

When people click on your affiliate links (unique URL) and buy the product, you get a commission. It’s that simple!

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promoting your offer on facebook

Although posting on Facebook is a very easy way to put your offers in front of a large audience, there is a financial risk! 

Most Facebook groups don’t allow you to place ads for free. So you will have to contact the owner and pay for advertising.

I know for a fact that many internet marketers succeed doing that, but the reality is that many people also end up losing money.


Pros and Cons


  • The course is easy to follow
  • The strategy works, but don’t expect instant and significant results
  • You can achieve success with hard work and perseverance


  • Overhyped.
  • Superficial training.
  • No free traffic strategy – You can lose money on advertising.

The Training – Take a Look Inside

Copy Past Profits core training has only five videos:

  1. Welcome: A simple introduction to the course.
  2. The Big Overview: A summary of the method.
  3. Finding Proven Affiliate Offers: Learn how to spot profitable products to promote. The focus of the lesson is in the “make money online niche, ” but you can also apply for affiliate programs related to a niche of your choice.
  4. Setting Up Your Optin Page: Learn how to create a promotional page with an opt-in form. Be aware you will have to buy a domain name, a hosting service and an email autoresponder (Aweber).
  5. Find Relevant Fan Pages: A simple explanation on how to search Facebook groups in the “make money online” niche.
  6. Contacting The Owner of The Fan Page: Approaching the owner and asking for permission to advertise on his group.
  7. How to Create Your Promotional Message: Creating your ad using and tracking clicks using

There are also two bonus videos.

  • Bonus Video 1: Leveraging Facebook Groups: A tip to increase your ad exposure. More money is necessary here.
  • Bonus Video 2: $194 Case Study: An example of how one campaign generates profits for Billy. I don’t think you can learn much from it.

You will also get an email swipe and the opt-in page template to promote Copy Paste Profits itself.

Copy Paste profits opt-in page
Opt-in page


 After you purchase the front end product, Billy will try to sell you two other upsells:

Upsell #1 – Money Machines for $17

The upsell consists of 30 “money machines” that will supposedly earn you $100-$300 without lifting a finger.

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Don’t be fooled! The internet is full of such false promises. Billy doesn’t tell you, but these money machines are hyped-up opt-in pages to entice people to join Copy Paste Profits.

These so-called “money machines” are useless if you have no traffic (visitors). So, again, you should expect to pay for advertising or work really hard to promote these pages.

Upsell #2 – Live Coaching for $27

In this upsells, Billy will provide four weeks of group coaching calls to “force” to go from $0 to $5000 in the next 30 days. WOW!

You will also get access to his Private Mastermind Group, where you can ask for help and network with other members.


Final Thoughts

Copy Paste Profits is a quick course on how to make affiliate commissions using Facebook groups. Although you can make some money, I don’t like this method because you need to pay for advertising.

It’s important to mention that Billy doesn’t provide a step by step on how to create a website and integrate your opt-in page template. So, people can struggle with this crucial step.

For the best training and expert support to build an online business, check out my recommended platform here! 


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Thanks for reading my Copy Paste Profits review. I hope it will help you make an informed decision. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

Your friend


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