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Coin Cash Review – Legit? Earn $300+ By Sorting Coins?

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Welcome to my Coin Cash review!

Today, I will expose a new casual game that promises the chance to win hundreds of dollars.

Coin Cash entices players with the simple task of sorting coins by color, suggesting that such an easy activity could lead to financial freedom.

At least, that’s how the developers are promoting it.

I stumbled upon this game through an advertisement that showcased a man sleeping on his couch.

According to the ad, this guy hasn’t had a job in six months, yet when they peek into his wallet, it was stuffed with cash.

The source of his wealth? Coin Cash, the ad reveals.

The claim is that by downloading Coin Cash through their video, you can withdraw your earnings without any limits directly into your PayPal account.

Naturally, this raises some eyebrows. We’ve all heard the saying that there’s no free lunch, so the offer seems a bit too good to be true.

But what’s the real story here? Is Coin Cash a genuine opportunity to make easy money, or just another game playing on the hopes of its players?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

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Coin Cash Review


  • Name: Coin Cash
  • Developer: Winwin Game
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $300
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Coin Cash?


Coin Cash is a casual game about sorting coins of the same color into their respective storage units.

This concept is easy to understand, fun, and helps you pass the time. But it’s also full of advertisements.

Surprisingly, players seem more than willing to sit through these ads, and the reason is quite enticing.

Coin Cash boasts a fantastic offer: you earn cash rewards every time you complete a section by sorting the coins correctly.

We’re not talking about mere cents here; players can earn anywhere from $1 to $2, and sometimes, the rewards can even surpass $10.

On paper, it sounds incredible!

But here’s the catch: you can only make a withdrawal once your earnings reach $300.

Reaching this threshold takes considerable time and, most crucially, there’s no guaranteed payout.

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Despite these hurdles, Coin Cash has been installed over 100,000 times and holds an impressive rating of 4.7 stars on the app store.

This might make you think the app is widely loved and successful.

However, a deeper dive into the user feedback reveals a common theme of disappointment.


How Does Coin Cash Work?

Coin Cash is a game that’s free and available all over the world.

It’s a game where you sort coins by color into different sections, and it’s pretty fun for passing the time.

But there’s a big issue: the game doesn’t keep your data safe because it doesn’t encrypt it.

This means when you enter in your payment details to get your money, there’s no guarantee your information is safe.

Your details might leak, giving cybercriminals everything they need to steal and exploit your identity.

They could open accounts in your name, incur debts, or commit fraud, harming your financial health and credit score.

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If you’ve already entered your information in Coin Cash, monitor your accounts closely for any unusual activity.

Consider changing your passwords and possibly alert your financial institutions about potential risks.


The Gameplay

The game is simple. There is a board with 15 compartments for coins, but only five are open initially.

You arrange the coins by dragging them to the compartments so each unit contains only one color.

coin cash gameplay

Completing a compartment triggers a cash reward.

However, you will eventually run out of coins to merge.

That’s when you have to tap the “Deal” button, which costs ten coins, to shuffle the coins and continue playing.

To open more compartments and increase your earning potential, you can spend 200 coins.

As you progress and level up in Coin Cash, the cash prizes become more generous.

To claim these rewards, you must tap the “Claim” button and watch an advertisement.

This interaction stops the gauge and allows you to multiply your earnings by up to three times.

Speaking of advertisements, be prepared for an onslaught.

Coin Cash features advertisements that appear roughly every minute, which can significantly disrupt gameplay.

Without the cash incentives, it’s doubtful that many would tolerate this intrusive level of advertising.

The promise of rewards keeps players engaged and increases retention despite the annoyance factor.


Winning Prizes

Coin Cash doesn’t just stop at offering cash rewards.

It also includes a lucky draw section that offers the chance to win high-ticket items like PS5 consoles, laptops, smartphones, and perfumes.

To participate, you must collect enough puzzle pieces by spinning a wheel—a process that, predictably, triggers advertisements.


Cashing out

You can only cash out once you’ve reached $300, which could take a while to accumulate.

The game offers withdrawal options through popular platforms like PayPal, Paytm, and Amazon.

However, I strongly advise against entering personal or payment information into this app.


Is Coin Cash Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t pay out, not even a dime. This game belongs to a long list of deceptive cash games designed to profit from players’ time.

Honestly, I have never seen so many adverts while playing a game in my life!

As you get closer to that $300 mark, you’ll notice something frustrating—the cash rewards you receive start to get smaller and smaller.

Yet, this is just the start. It’s the first obstacle you must face in a series of requirements.

After pressing the withdraw button, they introduce another task: complete 50 levels.

This target demands a significant investment of your time and significantly more views.

For those who persevere and meet this new challenge, the goalposts move yet again.

This time, the requirement is for more commercials.

It becomes evident that Coin Cash is a complete trap, a cycle designed to keep you locked in with the promise of a payout that will never come.

And if you’re considering downloading their sponsored apps, thinking it might offer a shortcut to your payout, think again.

Many of these are also fake cash games, part of a never-ending chain of misleading applications.




It’s unfortunate to see people spend so much time on Coin Cash before figuring out it doesn’t actually pay.

It must be super frustrating to work towards something that turns out to be fake.

If you’re using Coin Cash, I suggest you report the app to help others avoid this trap.

But don’t worry, there’s a good alternative called FreeCash. Read my Freecash review here! 

I’ve used it myself and cashed out over $1,000 through PayPal without any problems.

FreeCash is excellent because it offers simple tasks like playing games or taking surveys to earn cash.

It’s a legit and trustworthy app that has been around for years! With a solid 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, it stands out among other reward platforms. 


Final Words

Thanks for reading my review of Coin Cash! I hope you found it enlightening.

Feel free to share your own experiences with the game in the comments below. Let’s get the word out.


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