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Bitcoin Merge 2048 Review – Legit or Fake Crypto Rewards?

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Welcome to my Bitcoin Merge 2048 review!

I recently discovered Bitcoin Merge 2048, a game that puts a new spin on a popular concept.

If you’ve ever played games where you merge objects like fruits or gems to create bigger ones, you’ll get the idea.

But here, you’re merging crypto coins, aiming for more significant rewards.

What caught my eye, though, was an advertisement claiming that playing could net large amounts of  Bitcoin.

Given the sheer number of fake cash games, I was skeptical.

This was even more the case since I’ve reviewed many similar games, like Merge Jewel, in the past.

So, is Bitcoin Merge 2048 a legitimate way to earn Bitcoin, or is it just another app making empty promises?

I decided to dive in and see for myself whether this game was the real deal or just another disappointment.

Stick with me as I share with you everything I found!

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Bitcoin Merge 2048 Review


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  • Name: Bitcoin Merge 2048
  • Developer: PLINK DEV
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Bitcoin Merge 2048?


Bitcoin Merge 2048 is a mobile game where you combine two identical coins to create a bigger one, a concept that’s simple and addictive.

Your goal is to keep merging coins and earning in-game cash.

Once your cash balance hits 1000 USD, you can cash out through various methods like PayPal and PayTm.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, accumulating 1000 Bit Points allows you to withdraw 1000 USD worth of BTC.

But the excitement doesn’t stop with cash and coins. The game offers a chance to win big-ticket items such as MacBooks, iPhones, Gucci Perfume, Louis Vuitton bags, and Sony TVs.

Players earn these prizes by spinning a lucky wheel and collecting enough puzzle pieces to claim them.

With the game now fully launched, reviews have started to pour in.

Despite the game’s appealing premise, the feedback from players has been terrible!


How Does Bitcoin Merge 2048 Work? 

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Bitcoin Merge 2048 is available for free play worldwide without registering.

The app’s description paints a picture of privacy respect, claiming it doesn’t collect personal data.

However, this claim falls short under scrutiny!

The game asks for payment details to give rewards. So, they have to collect this data to supposedly reward players.

And I’ll be honest: sharing your payment info with this game is pretty risky.

There’s no telling where your info might end up.


The Gameplay

When you first start Bitcoin Merge 2048, you get a big welcome: 600 Bit Points, which they say is worth $600.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

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Playing is easy. You tap on the screen to drop coins.

Bitcoin merge 2048 gameplay

When two coins that are the same bump into each other, they merge into a bigger coin.

As coins merge, you randomly earn Bit Points and Cash units.

However, to boost earnings, you often need to activate advertisements.

This clever strategy helps the developer monetize the application.

The game also features a 3-day activity challenge, promising players Bitcoin rewards for watching adverts.

The reward system claims that an equivalent amount of Bitcoin will be credited for every video watched today after 24 hours.


Earning Fantastic Prizes

Players can tap the Lucky Wheel button to collect puzzles in the gift section.

These puzzles are the key to unlocking high-value items such as MacBooks and Louis Vuitton bags, requiring collecting 30, 35, or 50 puzzles depending on the prize.


Withdrawing Funds

You need at least 1000 USD in your cash balance to cash out your game earnings.

For withdrawals, you can use many popular services like PayPal, Cash App, and Paytm.

For Bit Points, the minimum requirement is 1000 Bit Points worth 1000 USD.

Here, you must enter an email to withdraw, but the game isn’t clear about which email to use.

This lack of detail raises big red flags, especially concerning data security!


Is Bitcoin Merge 2048 Legit? 


No. Bitcoin Merge 2048 doesn’t pay out at all—it’s just an advertising trap.

The game developers entice players with significant rewards in exchange for watching numerous advertisements.

That’s how they make their money.

You might hit 1000 Bit Points quicker than earning 1000 USD in cash balance, but don’t be fooled.

When it comes to withdrawing your supposed earnings, the game’s lack of clarity on the withdrawal platform is a major red flag.

You’re asked to enter your email, but then what?

In my case, I was redirected to an advertiser’s site—Pionex, an auto crypto trading bot.

There was no follow-up, no reward, and no email confirmation.

After returning to the app, the goalposts had moved: now you need at least 5000 Bit Points to cash out.

Some players, hoping their luck might change, give it another go, aiming to meet this new, even more time-consuming requirement.

But it’s all in vain. There’s no money or crypto to be earned here.

Furthermore, those high-ticket items are also completely fake.

So, the hard truth is that Bitcoin Merge 2048 is a waste of time for anyone looking to earn real rewards.

The only ones benefiting are the developers, raking in revenue from the averts you watch. Don’t let them profit at your expense! 


User Reviews – What Are People Saying? 


After sifting through a sea of reviews on the Play Store, the verdict on Bitcoin Merge 2048 is overwhelmingly negative.

Here’s a breakdown of the critical points shared by users:

  • Scam Warnings: In their reviews, many people say Bitcoin Merge 2048 is a scam. Players report spending hours in the game, watching hundreds of ads with the promise of cashing out significant Bitcoin or PayPal balances, only to end up with nothing.
  • False Promises: Users feel misled by the game’s advertisements and descriptions. The app promises easy withdrawals and big rewards but doesn’t deliver.
  • Lack of Support: The game’s lack of customer support or contact options makes things more frustrating. Players have no way to get help or answers when they face issues.
  • Glitches and Bugs: Numerous reviews mention technical problems, such as the game restarting after ad viewings or failing to track progress toward rewards accurately.
  • Vanishing Rewards: Some players who meet the withdrawal criteria find their earnings vanish. Additionally, others mention that the option to withdraw becomes inaccessible just as they try to claim their rewards.




It’s clear that Bitcoin Merge 2048 is not the cash-generating machine it claims to be.

I recommend you steer clear of it and avoid sharing your email or any sensitive information.

The risk of compromising your privacy and wasting your time is far too high.

The game’s claims are empty, and the only outcome is frustration.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra cash, there’s an excellent option out there.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Bitcoin Merge 2048 review! I hope it was helpful and eye-opening!

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the game, please use the comment section below and help spread the word.


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