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CashApp Review – Reputable App To Earn Cash From Your Phone

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cashapp If you search for “Cash” on your App Store or Google Play, CashApp will probably show up on the top of the list. It’s indeed one of the most popular apps to make money online right now.

But with hundreds of apps and GPT (get paid to) sides out there, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the shaft.

Can you really trust Cash App just because it’s top of the list? Is it a scam or legit?

Let’s find out!

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CashApp Review

  • Name: CashApp
  • Website:
  • Company: Free International Calls Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 4/5


What is CashApp?

CashApp is a mobile application that rewards users for completing different tasks such as:

  • Downloading and using free apps.
  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing posts on Facebook

The app was created in 2016 by Free International Calls Ltd., a company headquartered in London, UK.

By using CashApp, you will earn credits that you can redeem via PayPal when you reach 5000 credits. 1000 credits are worth $1.

The app is available worldwide, but in some countries, there may be fewer opportunities to earn credits.


Is CashApp a Scam?

I used CashApp for a while and was impressed to receive the credits for every offer I completed and for every video that I’ve watched.

best money app

I was impressed because most apps that I used didn’t reward me straight away or completely ignored my points.

Also, I’ve noticed lots of positive reviews that most users have a great experience with it. Many of them confirmed that CashApp pays without any issues.

In fact, CashApp is one of the top-rated “make money online” you will find out there. Here is the proof:



So, because of my positive experience and all the excellent reviews, I am confident CashApp is legitimate.


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent reputation
  • Earn credits right after completing the offer or task.
  • You can find many opportunities available, especially if you are from the UK or the US.
  • It’s available worldwide.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • Get paid via PayPal.


  • Like any “make money” app, the income potential is quite low.
  • Not every offer is profitable.


How Does CashApp Work? 

You can find CashApp on Google Play or the App Store. The installation is free, and you don’t need to complete any signup form before you start using it.

However, in order to get paid, you will need to complete your profile, which only asks for your name and email address. You should provide your PayPal email address there.

You will earn 30 credits as a signup bonus plus 20 credits if you use a referral code. If you want, you can use mine: NZ2RFZ.


Inside any of the 3 Offerwalls available (Fantastic, Wow, and Awesome), you will find different types of offers to earn credits.

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The most common are these ones:

coral offer

You need to be careful here because sometimes the deposit is higher than your earnings.

Download and use the app: there are different apps. If it’s a game, you will probably have to install it, play for a while, and reach a certain level.

Trial Offers: This type of offer is created so that companies get you to subscribe to their services. Usually, they will give you a 14-day trial after which they will start charging your credit card.

Some of these offers allow you to cancel before the trial ends, whereas others demand that you use the entire trial period. In that case, you must pay the membership price at least once.

Prize draws: This is a popular type of offer where you will enter a prize draw after providing personal details, including your phone number.

In other words, they want you to accept receiving marketing communications via email and phone.

So, what usually happens is some companies will sell your contact information to 3rd parties that may call you frequently to the point where all you want to get rid of that number.

Download Freecash App 3

Keep in mind, though, that it’s your right to request your data to be erased and stop the marketing.

It’s important to note that each offer has a different requirement, so you must follow the exact instructions to get credited.


Watch Videos

CashApp allows you to get credits for watching promotional videos. Each video lasts for 15 or 20 seconds and gives you 2 credits.

Unfortunately, once the video ends, you have to close it and open another one. So, you won’t be able to set and forget it as it’s possible with platforms like, and


Spreading Task

It also allows you to get paid for sharing posts with your friends on Facebook. You will get 100 credits per task.


Referral Program

Another way to make money with CashApp is by sharing your referral code with as many people as possible. People use this code to claim 20 credits when they join the app.

You will get 100 credits per friend that joins with your code and completes 2 offers from any Offerwall.



You can request your payment when you reach a minimum of $5 (5000 points). The only payment option available is PayPal.



In my opinion, CashApp is an excellent choice for those who just want to earn a little extra money with no much effort.

Other two similar apps you can try are AppLike, and Moocash.

However, if you want to achieve your highest potential online, keep reading the next section.

Verdict: Legit


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Thanks for checking out my CashApp review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. It’s always a pleasure to help!

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