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Beauty Rain Review – Is it Legit? More Like Acid Rain!

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Welcome to my Beauty Rain review!

Imagine playing a free casual game where you collect hundreds of dollars and cash out via PayPal!

Well, that’s precisely the concept behind the latest get-rich-quick application called Beaty Rain.

In an effort to attract players, the developer is highlighting the potential earnings of $100 per day, which for most people mean financial freedom! 

It’s common to find Android games that promise riches beyond your wildest dreams.

But despite how convincing an advert is, you should always approach such claims with great skepticism.

The reason is that you become an easy target for app developers who prey on unsuspecting people.

So, will Beauty Rain transfer the money to your account? Is it legit or fake? Let’s find out!

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Beauty Rain Review


  • Name: Beauty Rain: Bringing Fun
  • Developer: Dam Nhipy Life
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall rating: 0 star


What is Beauty Rain? 


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At first glance, Beauty Rain seems like another money-click game like Make it Rain.  

It offers the same adrenaline-pumping action of tapping banknotes to earn virtual cash.

But there is a huge difference! The game awards you Paypal bonuses that you can supposedly redeem for real cash! 

The Play Store is jam-packed with similar games like Feel Wealth, Money Cash Clicker, and Wealth Banknote. 

The fact that it provides a field to enter your PayPal email and a cash-out button proves the developer’s intentions.

And that is to make users believe they can withdraw money anytime. In fact, this exact sentence is displayed on the reward page.

As of writing this review, Beauty Rain has been installed over 1k times.

However, due to the massive advertising campaign, I am confident this number will skyrocket in the following weeks.


How Does Beauty Rain Work? 


Beauty Rain generates revenue as a free game by bombarding players with promotional videos.

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I will get into more details later. But for now, let’s first focus on the basics of playing the game and earning virtual dollars.

Beauty Rain is available on the Google Play Store and can be played without registration.

After loading the game for the first time, you will immediately get $10, plus an extra $100, if you press the second button and watch the video. 

The player must swipe or tap the dollar bills to collect virtual currency.

You can upgrade and invest the cash in different businesses to boost earnings as you accumulate money.

So far, we are only talking about the in-game currency you cannot exchange for real cash.

But what makes Beauty Rain so appealing is that you will collect PayPal bonuses worth $10 – $500 as you swipe the banknotes.

When the progress is complete, the bonuses appear in a pop-up window with the flashy “receive” button.

Unlocking the prize is as easy as tapping the button and watching a short clip.

Since the video is a commercial, this is how Beauty Rain generates revenue from advertisers.

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Lucky Wheel

Beauty Rain allows players to spin the Lucky Wheel and collect puzzle pieces to win iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Playstations 5, and Switch.  

Every spin will trigger a commercial, and you need to collect 100 fragments to claim the prize. 


Withdrawing Funds

You can withdraw your entire cash balance after 24 hours, regardless of your earnings. 

So, when you launch the game the next day, you will be prompted to enter your PayPal email twice. 

Discover the truth: Will you get paid or not? Uncover the answer in the next section!


Is Beauty Rain Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Instead, beauty Rain is yet another money-making simulation that uses fake dollars as mere pixels on your screen. 

So, don’t be fooled! If you’re hoping to strike it rich with no effort, this game can only deliver disappointment. 

Beware! Beauty Rain not only mercilessly squanders your precious time but also shamelessly tries to get your money!  

After submitting your PayPal account, it says the order is successful.

However, the withdrawal process requires the use of Google’s server protocol, meaning you’ll be required to pay a small fee to complete the transaction.

So, not only is the developer making money from all the adverts you are enticed to watch, but he also wants your hard-earned money. 

I have tapped the cash-out button several times, but nothing has happened. If it’s working for you, I suggest refraining from opening your wallet!

Beauty Rain can only make it rain fake pixels on your screen, not actual cash in your pocket!


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Final Words

My review aims to enlighten you about the real nature of Beauty Rain, which is more like acid rain! 

Please feel free to share your own experiences with the game in the comments section below.

Until next time! 


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