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Is Adsense Machine a Scam? $2,500 per Month With Adsense?

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adsense machine reviewThe creators of Adsense Machine are claiming they discovered a new way to make $2500 per month from Adsense on complete autopilot. Is Adsense Machine a scam or legit?

I am here to give you my honest opinion about this course, without any promotion.

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Adsense Machine Review


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  • Price: $19.19
  • Overall rating: 2/5


The Hype


Everyone who has a website without massive traffic knows that making money with Adsense is a pain. I have one ad on my site which gets over 800 visitors per day. Despite the high traffic, it earns me less than $1 per day most of the times.

Here are my depressing numbers during the last 7 days:

Adsense earnings

So, when you hear someone saying you can make $83/day without original content, SEO, or Google rankings, you can’t help but crave like a junkie for this method!

I mean, what is this secret that you don’t know? And what If this method changes your life?

Well, they want you to believe in life-changing results without the hard work so that you buy into the hype. Because if it was all about the training, why not tell people in advance what the method is all about?

I hate the hype, and I think it does more harm than good.

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Yes, I think you can make $2500 per month without the hard work of writing original content. However, that means you will probably have to spend over $10,000 on ads, which completely defeats the purpose and leaves you broke.


What is Adsense Machine?

Adsense Machine is a PDF training that will show you how to build websites that generates revenue through Google Adsense.

With Adsense, you let advertisers promote their products/services on your site, and as a result, you will earn a few cents for every person that clicks on those ads.

The problem is, how do you attract lots of people to your site in the first place? Better yet, how to do that without the hard work?

Next, I am going to show you what Adsense Machine proposes.


How Does it Work? 

In the first few paragraphs, the author claims that his course is different as it will teach you the exact strategy in building a website, driving traffic to it and getting profit just by working 1 hour per day. 

The strategy consists of publishing around 24 articles per day on your site and promoting them using Facebook ads.

Now, how the hell are you supposed to write 24 articles per day with just 1 hour of work, you may ask?

Well, with the help of a spinning software…

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An article spinner will copy other people’s content on the internet and reword your articles by using synonyms and rearranging sentences. All you have to do is proofread it and correct the errors.

Then, you should buy Facebook ads and promote those articles in hopes that the revenue generated by Google Adsense will be bigger than your ad expenses.

It’s not the first time I see this strategy in a “make money online” course. A reviewed one called Madsense Reborn, which teaches the same thing.


Can You Make $2,500 in Passive Income With this Method? 

At some point in the PDF, the author does some calculations and come up with a cost per click (CPC) of between $0.0018 and $0.0036.

He also assumes that each click on your ads will generate $0.10 and that 12% (60 out of 500) of your site visitors will click on your ads.


Therefore, he concludes that your ROI ( return on investment) is 600% (6 times higher)! That means, if you invest $100 in ads, you will make $600.

Well, if you are still here is because you want my honest opinion on that, and preferably with facts!


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So, I believe it’s extremely unlikely that you will get a positive return on your investment, for the simple fact that your ads will cost much higher than $0.0018 per click.

According to thisHow Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost, the cheapest average cost per ad is $0.31 and as high as $0.61 (gaming industry).

Thus, if you buy $100 in Facebook ads, I estimate that you will make less than $3.

In my opinion, the only chance you have to make thousands of dollars in profits is if your article goes viral. But hey, you can’t expect to create viral posts consistently working just 1 hour per day, unless you are a big name in the industry or a celebrity.


Pros and Cons


  • You will learn how to set up a WordPress site and run Facebook ads.


  • The frontend course is in PDF.
  • You have to buy the upsells to get more in-depth training and video tutorials.
  • It’s overhyped.
  • You can lose money with Facebook Ads – Risky!
  • No free traffic method.
  • No SEO training.


Conclusion – Is Adsense Machine a Scam? 

No, Adsense Machine is not a scam because you will actually learn something from it. But that doesn’t mean you will make a profit with this method.

In fact, I think there is a high risk involved because the cost per click with Facebook ads is high. Besides, you also have to take into account the price of hosting, domain name and article spinning software.

I am still very skeptical that using article spinning in combination with Facebook ads will generate enough Adsense clicks to make a profit.

I’ve never used this tactic, so if you have already done that, please share your results with us in the comment section below.

The stakes are high, so I will not gamble with my hard earned money.

Verdict: Legit /Not Recommended


How I Prefer to Make Money Online

In my opinion, the best way to make money online is to provide valuable content. Then, you can either monetize your website via affiliate marketing or by selling your own info product.

Yes, writing unique articles and ranking on the first page of Google takes time, but only those who work hard and persist are those who get to live the laptop lifestyle. I haven’t met any lazy entrepreneur who succeeded thanks to a push-button system.

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It’s a remarkable program with excellent step by step training, live chat (24/7 support) and all the tools you need to become an online entrepreneur and finally start making a substantial income online.


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Thanks for checking out my Adsense Machine review! If you think this article was helpful to you, please share it with other people who might benefit from this course. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message below. 🙂

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