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Is Yoonla a Scam? Creating a Digital Lifestyle?!

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yoonla reviewYoonla has been advertised as a platform that helps people build their digital lifestyle. Can Yoonla really help you become a successful digital entrepreneur? Is it a scam or legit?

I decided to follow the free training to get a grasp of the business model they are proposing.

So, check out my honest review and make an informed decision!

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Yoonla Review

  • Platform: Yoonla
  • Website:
  • Price: The training is free, but you will need to invest at least $22/mo to set up your business and become an affiliate.
  • Business type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Overall Rating: 2/5


What is Yoonla?

The founder, Reno van Boven, claims that Yoonla is a digital lifestyle platform with the goal of helping everyone to succeed online.

Indeed, the platform has video tutorials that will help you set up your online business with the focus on promoting Yoonla itself.

Yoonla has attracted a considerable number of affiliates during the past 1 or 2 years.

In my opinion, that is because of its generous CPA (cost per acquisition) program that pays $2- $4 per lead and $60 when the referral becomes a Yoonla Elite member.


Pros and Cons


  • Quick sign-up process.
  • Generous CPA commission.
  • There is an affiliate marketing training available
  • There is a Facebook group you can join and get support.


  • The setup process is complicated for a newbie as it involves FTP.
  • Step-by-step tutorial is designed to set up a sales funnel to promote Yoonla itself.
  • The website is a simple landing page that only collects leads (subscribers) and directs to You can’t create pages/posts to get indexed by Google and get organic traffic.


How Does It Work?

After you sign up for free and watch the introduction video, you will be encouraged to follow the 7 steps to build your automated system.

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You may also be selected to have the free priority set up and Elite Upgrade. With this upgrade, their team will set up everything for you within one business day.

In short, the 7 steps consist of:

  • Setting up your autoresponder and email campaigns: The autoresponder is required so that you perform email marketing by sending emails to people who subscribe via your landing page.
  • Buying a hosting and domain name for your website.
  • Integrating your website with your autoresponder.
  • Installing the Yoonla Evolve App: Installed in conjunction with your tracking script for the affiliate program. It will be used to track your referrals and pay you commissions.

At the end of the video tutorials, you will have a website (landing page) with your unique affiliate tracking link.

Here is a screenshot of the landing page:

landing page

So, when people visit your page and enter their email, they will be directed to Yoonla as your referral.

As a result, you will earn $2 – $4 (depending on the referral’s country) when your referral signs up and become a Yoonla free member. If they upgrade, you will earn $60.

Your job is to get traffic (visitors) to your landing page, which can be accomplished by promoting mainly via Social Media.

Yoonla has some PDF guides that will help you with social media marketing.

It also has an Affiliate Marketing video training which, in my opinion, is quite generic.


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To increase your conversion (number of referrals), you should also send emails to those who subscribed to your list.

You can copy and paste the email follow up swipes that Yoonla provides.

That’s why you will need an autoresponder that will automate the process for you.

How Does Yoonla Makes Money?

You are probably wondering how Yoonla can afford to run such a highly profitable CPA program and provide the Evolve program free of charge.

I mean, there is no such thing as a free meal, right?

Well, you don’t have to pay directly to Yoonla to follow the training.

However, you must purchase 3 essential services through their affiliate links, so they allow you to become an affiliate.

These 3 services are:

  1. Autoresponder with Getresponse, which costs $15/mo.
  2. Yahoo hosting advanced plan for $11.99/mo (monthly) or $5.89/mo (yearly).
  3. Yahoo domain registration for $11.88/year.

Yes, they only activate your affiliate account and give you access to the Elite membership after you have purchased these services through the link.

When you do that, they will earn affiliate commission from both companies. That’s how they are able to generate revenue for the business and pay a percentage to affiliates.

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Can You Earn Good Money With Yoonla?

Yes, you can as long as you get lots of traffic to your landing page.

Now, because you have some monthly expenses, there is also the possibility that you will lose money like in any other business.

Unless you pay for advertising, it takes time to get enough traffic and start making sales.

So, you must be craving for success and therefore, highly committed to putting in the time and effort.


Conclusion – Is Yoonla a Scam?

No, it isn’t a scam because you are getting some training. However, that doesn’t mean I like or support the business model behind it. I don’t…

It’s true that you will get some internet marketing training, albeit rather basic.

Looking at the whole picture, though, I clearly see that Yoonla is focused on recruiting you to promote Yoonla itself.

That is because their affiliate program is the main reason people will click their links to purchase those essential services. Not to mention affiliates are responsible for most of the marketing efforts I suppose.

I think there is not much value that would otherwise help people create a business around their passions and interests.

So, although legitimate, I don’t recommend it.

Verdict: Legit


My Advice To You

The internet offers great opportunities to earn a substantial income and work from home!

I highly recommend you choose a topic you enjoy and then build a website around it. Then, write articles and reviews that will help people make better purchase decisions.

For example, let’s say you love cameras!

Build a site around photography and camera reviews and sign up to affiliate programs like Amazon.

With Amazon, you will get your affiliate link for the camera you are promoting.

Next, write about different cameras or photography and include a link within your review.

If people click your link and purchase the product, you will get an excellent commission!

It’s not difficult, and I am living proof of that. I had no idea how to build a site 3 years ago, and today it covers all my living expenses!

Yes, it takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it in the end!

I started from NOTHING but achieved remarkable results thanks to a newbie-friendly step-by-step training developed by Kyle and Carson.

These guys helped me go from $0 to $1,000 per month, so I highly recommend anyone to try their free starter membership.

You will get 10 free lessons, 2 free WordPress sites (subdomain) and 7 days of premium support.

So, have you joined Yoonla? Did it help you build a successful digital lifestyle? You comment is very important to us!

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