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Treasure Cutter Fun Review – Legit Wins or Lies? The Truth Revealed!

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Welcome to my Treasure Cutter Fun review! 

Treasure Cutter Fun is another Android game that involves tossing knives at floating banknotes to earn virtual cash!

The app has caught the attention of many because of the opportunity to withdraw insane earnings through PayPal.

The advertisement claims you can win $1800 daily directly deposited into your account. That’s astonishing!

Naturally, skepticism creeps in. So, can a free game yield such remarkable profits, or is it another deceptive ploy?

Will Treasure Cutter Fun steal your precious time like countless other similar games? Is it legit or fake? 

The urge to unveil the truth is vital, especially when people are eager for extra cash to pay their skyrocketing bills. 

So, stick with me until the end because you deserve the truth!

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Treasure Cutter Fun Review


  • Name: Treasure Cutter Fun
  • Developer: Game genius
  • Payout threshold: £704.10
  • Price: Free
  • Type: Entertainment (no financial risk)
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Treasure Cutter Fun?


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Treasure Cutter Fun is an Android game with a captivating premise: cut floating banknotes and earn actual cash rewards. 

All you have to do is tap the screen to throw knives at the floating bills! 

You will receive virtual cash offers by eliminating all banknotes using a few knives. 

Special banknotes with the PayPal logo bring even more rewards.

In the UK, players can supposedly withdraw a maximum bonus of £704.10 via PayPal after a 24-hour wait. 

Reach this amount, and you can cash out instantly via PayPal with no strings attached! 

Yet, there’s a twist. To claim these incredible winnings, you will be forced to watch advertisements. 

In the UK, players can snag a maximum bonus of £704.10. 

You can either wait 24 hours to cash out via PayPal or withdraw immediately if you reach that amount. 


How Does Treasure Cutter Fun Work? 


Availability and Restrictions

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Treasure Cutter Fun is available for download on the Play Store and doesn’t require any registration.

It’s open to players worldwide and has a PEGI 13 rating. This is cause for concern.

Typically, games with real monetary implications shouldn’t target young audiences even if players aren’t technically spending money.

For the youth, time is a precious commodity.

Enticing them to spend long hours on such platforms for the opportunity to win cash isn’t just addictive; it could derail their focus from more significant life aspects.


Data Security

Alarmingly, the app doesn’t employ data encryption. In layperson’s terms, encryption converts your data into a code to prevent unauthorized access.

So, the lack of encryption means any data you enter on this app is vulnerable to breaches.

That means you can become an easy target for cybercriminals, phishing schemes, and malware attacks. 


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Initial Experience

Upon launching Treasure Cutter Fun, players are greeted with a page boldly titled “Crazy Cash.”

With a large PayPal logo, it shows the opportunity to win rewards through watching videos.

It sets the tone by mentioning the enticing maximum bonus of £704.10.

Remember, a ticking 24-hour countdown serves as a constant reminder that this offer won’t last forever.

Therefore, you’ll need to act fast! 


How to Play

The gameplay is straightforward and quite dull. Players tap the screen, launching a knife at floating banknotes.

Every banknote you successfully strike grants virtual cash. The real excitement comes when you manage to hit all the banknotes.

Treasure Cutter Fun gameplay

But there’s a string attached. To claim this more considerable sum, you must tap the “collect” button, prompting you to watch an advertisement.

Occasionally, banknotes adorned with the PayPal logo float across the screen. Eliminating these can win players even larger cash prizes.

But there’s a challenge – you only have four knives to clear all the banknotes. Fail, and you’re faced with two choices: tap to revive by possibly watching another video or restart. 


Revenue Model

For those wondering how free games manage to churn a profit, it’s mainly through these adverts.

Every time you watch one, the developer gets paid by the advertiser.

The prospect of earning insane sums of money serves as bait for players to watch more and more videos, translating to steady revenue for the developer.


Additional Rewards

Treasure Cutter Fun offers another enticing offer – a chance to win an iPhone 14.

Players must gather 350 jigsaw puzzles and watch over 245 videos to qualify.

The game section allows you to trigger many advertisements by tapping the PayPal icon on the right.

This section contains a list of in-app games you can play directly from the app.

But you only get cash rewards by tapping the PayPal icon.

And just when you think that’s all, the Magic Spin feature emerges.

Players get a free raffle to a mystery box for every two videos watched.

This box contains puzzle pieces for fabulous prizes like a Sony 75-inch TV, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Gather enough pieces, and you can, in theory, redeem the desired prize.


Is Treasure Cutter Fun Legit? Does it Pay? 


Nope! Treasure Cutter Fun doesn’t pay a dime!

I managed to rack up a decent sum of over £300 and waited for the 24-hour countdown to end so that I could cash out.

I’m usually cautious, so I entered a PayPal email, but not my real one – I’m no fool; I don’t want my personal contact falling into the wrong hands.

Finally, the time came, and I tapped the cash-out button. But then, surprise, surprise!

classic bait-and-switch move by the developers. They updated the conditions and threw in a new one – you must watch at least 30 videos to activate the order.

cash out page

Of course this is nonsense! The cash rewards are completely fake, and you will never receive cash in your PayPal account. 

The reason is quite simple. The developer simply cannot afford such a generous cash prize for everyone.

Do you know what’s even more astonishing? Treasure Cutter Fun isn’t a one-of-a-kind game.

It’s practically a twin to Rich Banknote Cutter and Crazy Cut Money!

From the gameplay to the tantalizing cash offers and even the tricky cash-out behaviors, it’s all eerily similar.

And yes, despite these clones popping up time and time again, people are still getting caught up in their lies. 

But I want to say something important: I don’t blame anyone for falling for these games.

We’re human! It’s perfectly natural to be enticed by such offers, especially when life throws its many challenges our way, and a simple game seems like a beacon of hope.


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Final Words

Thanks a bunch for diving into my Treasure Cutter Fun review!

Your thoughts and experiences are like precious gems, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and sparkle up the conversation.

Stay awesome!

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