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Space Pop Review – Does it Pay $500 By Shooting Balls?

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Welcome to my Space Pop review!

Today’s post exposes Space Pop, an addictive ball-shooting game going viral in 2023. 

You know, the one with that enticing advertisement showing stacks of dollar bills and making bold claims like, “Play Space Pop and win $500 for just 10 minutes of playtime!”

Who wouldn’t want to become rich by playing a free casual game on their phone, right?

But with so many fake games on the Play Store, it’s hard to trust any application, especially when so much money is involved. 

Is there truly no limit to how much you can withdraw? Is Space Pop legit or fake?

Stay tuned as we will cover everything you need about this too-good-to-be-true game! 

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Space Pop Review 


  • Name: Space Pop
  • Developer: Friday Playrix
  • Price: Free (no financial risk)
  • Payout threshold: $500
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Space Pop? 


Space Pop is an addictive mobile game that challenges players to shoot colored balls.

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The goal is to match your ball with at least two other balls of the same color to eliminate them.

Once you destroy all the balls, you complete the level and move on to the next one.  

Now, the intriguing twist in Space Pop is the presence of balls adorned with a banknote symbol.

You are rewarded with virtual dollars when you pop these specially marked balls.

Completing levels will also put more cash into your balance. However, you can only withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you reach a $500 threshold.

The premise of Space Pop sounds very similar to hundreds of fake money games we’ve reviewed on this blog, including titles like Donut Bobble and Bubble Winner.

Here is my Bubble Winner review. 


How Does Space Pop Work? 


So, you’ve decided to try Space Pop, and who can blame you?

It’s as easy as downloading the game for free on the Play Store without the hassle of registration or fees.

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The moment you launch the app, you’re greeted with three simple steps to win 100% cash:

  1. Get cash by playing bubble shooters
  2. Get cash by visiting the hall
  3. Quickly cash out to your e-wallet. 

Space Pop generously offers a $100 bonus as a welcoming gift, which makes it even more unrealistic!

And remember, if you collect a total of $500, you’ll supposedly be able to cash out.

You’ll need to bind your account by providing your PayPal address and name before you can get paid. 


How to Play? 

The gameplay is straightforward: shoot bubbles onto the board, connect three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them, and earn coins and cash.

Aim, shoot, and watch those banknote-laden bubbles burst, rewarding you with virtual dollars.

Space Pop gameplay

But don’t forget about the “ordinary” bubbles – they’ll still grant you coins!

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Once you hit a streak, you’ll be offered more cash with the condition you tap the “collect” button and watch a video. 

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The developers have cleverly designed the game to bombard you with adverts, maximizing their profits with each video view. 

Oddly enough, tapping the balance at the top of the screen won’t open the cash-out page.

Instead, you’ll need to close and reopen the game to access it.

The initial page displays your cash balance, coin balance, cash-out button, and the hall.

Space Pop cash out


Speaking of the hall, it’s here where you can earn cash faster by tapping the banknote icon on the right.

And as expected, this triggers another commercial that benefits the developer. 

You’ll need to wait a few seconds for the circle bar to complete a full circle before activating the reward again.

It’s becoming clear that Space Pop’s modus operandi is about getting players to watch as many videos as possible.

And while you’re earning virtual dollars and coins, the developers are raking in real cash from sponsors. Ingenious, isn’t it?

The question remains: Will you ever reach that elusive $500 cash-out threshold? 


Withdrawing Funds

You already know that a minimum of $500 is required to withdraw the money to your PayPal account. 

However, another option is to convert 100,000 coins for 0.50 USD. 


Is Space Pop Legit? Does it Pay? 


Brace yourself for disappointment because the answer is no!

Sadly, the developer is capitalizing on players’ time and hopes, profiting from the time spent watching commercials.

It’s a classic bait-and-switch tactic that leaves players feeling betrayed. 

Collecting $500 or even 100,000 coins becomes a prolonged process as your rewards gradually dwindle over time.

This well-known strategy, employed by countless money games, hooks you in and keeps you playing longer. 

But even if you reach the cash-out goal, you may face hidden video requirements or, worse yet, completely ignored payment requests.

It’s a painful experience that leaves you questioning why you ever believed in the dream of easy money from a mobile game.

Instead of investing your precious time into fake money games, focus on proven methods! 

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Final Words

Thank you for reading my Space Pop review. I hope it provided valuable insights!

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts about the game in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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