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Shoot & Merge Fruit Ball Review – Make Hundreds Per Day?

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Welcome to my Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball review!

You may have come across an enticing advertisement for a game called Shoot & Merge Fruit and decided to give it a try.

It’s hard to resist the allure of a casual game that promises to help you earn hundreds of dollars daily.

The advert features young women showing off stacks of cash, claiming to have made impressive sums like $556, $629, or $495 in a single day.

Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball advert

The cherry on top? They claim you could earn $100 in just one hour by tapping, dropping, and merging fruits.

As someone who has reviewed countless similar games, I couldn’t help but be skeptical.

The idea of quitting your job and making a living by playing a mobile game seems too good to be true.

However, many people might not realize the small print disclaimer stating that the results are not guaranteed.

This raises the question: Is Shoot & Merge Fruit a legitimate way to earn money, or is it just another fake app?

Can you really earn hundreds of dollars by playing this game? Let’s find out the truth!

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What is Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball?


Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball is a casual mobile game where you tap, aim, and shoot fruits onto a playing field.

The goal is to combine two identical fruits, which will merge into a larger fruit.

As you keep merging, you’ll unlock new fruits and earn coins.

These coins supposedly represent real money, and the developer claims that you can withdraw $500 once you accumulate 1 million coins.

Payment options include PayPal, Venmo, Amazon, and Cash App.

However, there are some red flags that make these claims questionable.

The game is still in early access and has only been installed around 5,000 times.

If a game indeed paid out such large amounts of money, you’d expect it to be trendy.

A game offering such generous rewards would likely have more installations than people on Earth.

Moreover, the idea of earning hundreds of dollars by playing a simple mobile game seems too good to be true.

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If it were that easy to make money through gaming, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?


How Does Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball Work? 


Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball is a free-to-play game available worldwide, with no registration required.

The app claims to encrypt data, which is essential for protecting your personal information from potential hackers or data breaches.

However, it’s crucial to think twice before entering any sensitive details.

If your data falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or other nasty activities.

I don’t trust games that make unrealistic claims about easy money, as they are often untrustworthy.


The Gameplay

To play Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball, tap the screen and select the angle at which you want to shoot the fruit.

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The fruit will stick to the top of the screen whenever it hits the wall or another fruit.

Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball gameplay

If it sticks to the same type of fruit, it will merge with a different, bigger fruit.

The first merge will reward you with an astonishing 150,000 coins, which the game claims is worth $75.

That’s an unbelievable amount of money for such a simple action!

Initially, you can collect coins without any strings attached.

However, after a few wins, you must tap the collect button and watch an advertisement to claim rewards.

The developer uses this strategy to monetize the app and profit from your time spent playing. Clever, right?


Earn Even More Coins

You can boost your coin earnings in Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball by watching YouTube Shorts within the app.

Tap the treasure chest icon at the screen’s bottom left corner.

This will open the YouTube platform, where you can watch shorts.

While viewing the videos, you’ll notice a chest icon with a hand pointing to it at the top left corner.

Tapping this chest will reward you with additional coins.

To double your winnings, tap the “Collect 2x” button. However, you’ll only receive the doubled coins after watching a short advertisement.


Cashing out

To cash out your earnings, you need to tap the withdraw button.

The minimum withdrawal requirement is 1 million coins, which supposedly equals $500.

Payments include PayPal, Venmo, Amazon, and Cash App.


Is Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball Legit? Does it Pay? 


Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball doesn’t pay a single dime, no matter how many coins you accumulate.

The rewards and coins you earn in the game are entirely fake, and you cannot convert them to real cash.

It’s crucial to understand that playing this game is a waste of time and only generates income for the developers.

Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball is nothing more than an advertising trap.

As you play, you’ll notice that you’re getting closer to the 1 million coin target, which allows you to cash out $500.

However, reaching this goal is nearly impossible.

Why? Because the game is programmed to reward you with fewer and fewer coins as you progress.

This deceptive tactic is designed to give you the impression that you’ll be able to cash out quickly, but it’s just an illusion.

Even if you meet the 1 million coin requirement, you should expect more obstacles and requirements leading nowhere.

The developers have no intention of paying out any money.

Their sole purpose is to keep you playing and watching advertisements, which generates revenue for them.

Don’t waste your precious time on Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball or any other game that makes unrealistic claims about easy money.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Fruit & Merge Fruit Ball review!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, or questions about this game or other money-making apps.


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