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ScanMate Review – Is it Legit? Scanning For Money or Trouble?

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Welcome to my ScanMate review!

This reward application claims to pay users for scanning barcodes on Android devices.

The Play Store is rife with apps making bold promises of easy cash by scanning, watching videos, or playing games.

Unfortunately, most of them never live up to the hype and often end up being nothing more than time-wasters.

Some even demand you pay fees to transfer the promised earnings.

My journey with ScanMate began when I stumbled upon an enticing advertisement.

It features a triumphant girl who allegedly earned hundreds of dollars simply by scanning barcodes.

ScanMate advert

They even displayed the PayPal logo in front of her cash balance to add an air of trustworthiness.

But as a wise individual, you cannot help but question the authenticity of ScanMate.

Is it truly a legitimate opportunity to become rich, or is it just another fake cash game? 

In this review, we will explore ScanMate, examining its features, payout process, and, most importantly, its legitimacy.

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ScanMate Review


  • Name:  ScanMate
  • Developer: 黃盛根
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is ScanMate?


ScanMate, as advertised, presents itself as a promising app that offers financial rewards in exchange for scanning QR codes.

I have reviewed a couple of similar apps in this blog – Check out my Get Rich Scanner review! 

When you launch ScanMate, you won’t find any barcode scanning feature.

Instead, you’ll be greeted with mini-games such as scratch cards, Merge Cube 2048, and Lucky Wheel.

Playing these mini-games allows you to accumulate cash rewards and coins within the app.

But here is the catch: to cash out your earnings, you must collect at least $1000.

This clever requirement ensures that users keep playing and, more importantly, watch many advertisements that line the developer’s pockets.

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How Does ScanMate Work? 


ScanMate was developed by a Chinese developer using the Unity platform.

It’s available worldwide and marketed as a standard barcode scanning tool on the Play Store.

Although the developer promotes it as an avenue for earning real money, its page does not mention cash prizes.

Instead, it simply states that users can scan QR codes using their phone’s camera effortlessly.

Considering most Android phones have built-in this capability, why would anyone opt for a separate app?

The answer lies in the expectation of earning money, as per the app’s initial advertisement.


Privacy Concerns

One concerning aspect of ScanMate is its lack of data encryption.

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This poses a considerable risk as cybercriminals could potentially exploit this vulnerability to steal sensitive information and commit fraud.

You should be cautious and aware of the potential threats associated with apps that neglect data security.


How to Use Scanmate? 

When you open the app, you will see a sizeable lucky wheel at the top.

A simple tap on “GO” presents the opportunity to win cash in US dollars by landing on banknote symbols.

scanmate dashboard

Additionally, players can get coins and puzzle pieces, which supposedly lead to valuable prizes like Playstations and televisions.

All of these games offer cash rewards without any financial risk or deposit requirements.

However, there’s a catch: to claim the prize, users are enticed to tap the “claim” button, a maneuver that invariably leads to watching advertisements.

These developers are primarily interested in boosting their revenue by bombarding users with adverts.


How to cash out? 

The wallet section informs users they will receive all the rewards in their PayPal account after 24 hours.

However, you can cash out immediately by hitting the $1000 mark.

This withdrawal requirement is identical to countless fake cash games I reviewed in the past!

That’s why it’s crucial to approach such apps with a high dose of skepticism.

Time and time again, people bite the bait only to fall prey to hidden requirements that will waste their time.


Is ScanMate Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, ScanMate does not pay a single dime to its users.

Instead, it functions as nothing more than an insidious advertising trap, cleverly designed to enrich its developers at the expense of unsuspecting users.

The ones reaping the rewards from this app are not the users but rather the developers who profit from advertisers.

Once users reach the elusive $ 1,000 threshold and try to cash out, ScanMate takes one step further.

They come up with hidden requirements that demand even more views.

It’s a blatant ploy to keep users in a never-ending cycle of watching videos.

ScanMate is a classic example of an app that preys on the hopes of individuals seeking an easy way to earn money.

It capitalizes on the desire for quick earnings while ultimately delivering nothing but disappointment.

So, don’t fall for ScanMate’s unrealistic cash prizes!


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Final Words

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my ScanMate review!

Have you ventured into this app? Do you have honest insights to share with other readers?

If so, kindly leave us your comments in the box below!


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