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Puzzle Forest Block Review – Legit? Don’t Bite the Bait!

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Welcome to my Puzzle Forest Block review!

Thousands of people have downloaded Puzzle Forest Block, drawn in by the enticing opportunity to win real cash rewards.

The app presents a straightforward gameplay – players arrange blocks to complete lines and keep the board clear.

Yet, what sets it apart is the allure of cashing out substantial amounts as high as $12,500.

However, the game sets a daunting threshold for cashing out – a minimum of $1000.

In this review, I’m going to uncover the truth for you.

We’ll explore the game the cash-out system, and assess whether the game lives up to its claims.

Is Puzzle Forest Block a legitimate source of income or just another fantasy?

Let’s dive in and find out together.

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Puzzle: Forest Block Review


  • Name: Puzzle: Forest Block
  • Developer: Tianchu Chuanglian Network
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Puzzle Forest Block


Puzzle Forest Block is allegedly a lucrative block puzzle game catching attention on the Play Store.

In this game, you drag blocks to the board, aiming to fill up spaces either vertically or horizontally.

Successfully completing a line clears the blocks, allowing you to keep playing.

The developer pitches this as a real cash-out game, sparking great interest among players.

As you dive into the game, you’re supposedly earning cash rewards.

The catch? You need to accumulate a specific amount before you can withdraw.

This threshold is set at a steep $1000, but the game claims to allow withdrawals up to an eye-watering $12,500 to PayPal.

It’s also worth noting that Puzzle Forest Block is listed as an ‘Early Access’ game. This means it’s still under development.

However, it’s a known tactic for some developers to use this Early Access label as a shield against negative reviews on the Play Store.


How Does Puzzle Forest Block Work? 

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Puzzle Forest Block is available worldwide on the Play Store and is apparently free.

Before diving into the game’s details, it’s essential to issue a warning: the game is labeled for all ages, including children and teenagers.

This is a significant concern. Younger players may not have the same discernment as adults and can fall into digital traps more easily.

Besides, it fosters a misleading belief that money can come easily, which is not how things work in real life.


How do you Play?

No registration is needed to play Puzzle Forest Block.

You’ll be presented with three shapes made up of small blocks.

Think of it as a puzzle; you must select from these three options and transfer the blocks to the board.

The goal is to complete a line or a column to eliminate the blocks, freeing up more space to continue playing.

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Puzzle Forest Block gameplay

And what about the money aspect?

Initially, they give you an absurd amount of $694.40 for doing absolutely nothing.

However, you can only withdraw the money once you accumulate $1000!

As you play, you’ll occasionally activate the ‘Lucky Wheel.’

A simple click on ‘Spin’ allows you to win over $100.

Unlike many other games, you don’t need to watch adverts to play or collect rewards, which is rare.

So, how does the developer make money? That’s something I will explain soon – it’s quite sinister!


How do you cash out?

It seems simple: once you reach the minimum $1000, they allow you to withdraw via PayPal or Cash App.

Just enter the email or phone number linked to your account.

But when you hit ‘confirm,’ something very suspicious will happen. I’ll explain this in the next session.


Is Puzzle Forest Block Legit? Does it Pay?

No, Puzzle Forest Block isn’t going to pay you a single cent.

The money you accumulate in the game is fake and will never be transferred to your PayPal account.

But what’s in it for the game developer, then?

Usually, these games bombard players with adverts, and each time a player watches one, the developer makes money.

However, in the case of Puzzle Forest Block, there aren’t any ads. Well, here’s the catch.

When you provide your details and click to continue, a screen pops up stating that you must pay a transaction fee based on the amount you intend to withdraw.

In this case, the fee is £7.99, labeled as ‘Google platform fees.’

transaction fee

It might initially seem legitimate because it’s supposedly associated with Google, but don’t be fooled!

They’re using Google’s payment system to receive this money, but this is not a fee required by Google.

It’s just the developer trying to take your money under the guise of a withdrawal fee.

Your money vanishes once you pay this fee, and you don’t receive any payout.

It’s outrageous that apps exploit the system to deceive users.

This article explains how to report this app and help others avoid falling into this trap.




Initially, Puzzle Forest Block seems like a tempting trail in the woods, promising easy riches.

But, here’s the thing – it’s a dead end.

The game might draw you in with the chance of quick cash, but it doesn’t pay off.

For those still seeking the treasure of legitimate online income, don’t lose hope.

Just as every forest has its paths of actual gold, there are real opportunities.

This is my #1 recommendation for making money online!

Remember, achieving a significant income online is more like growing a garden than finding a buried chest of gold.

It requires patience, dedication, and consistent care.

Just as seeds need time to sprout and grow, your online endeavors need nurturing and persistence to flourish.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Pop Star! I’m really curious to hear what you think about the game.

Have you paid the fee? I hope not!

Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.


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