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Passive Profits Breakthrough Review – 30 Minutes to Set Up? NO WAY

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Another product that people are buying like crazy is Passive Profits Breakthrough. The creators are claiming this course will expose a secret formula to rake in $3,000 per month in passive income.

Not only that, it just takes 30 minutes to set it up, and the money will start rolling in. Can you believe that?

Read this review before you take the plunge. And by the way, if you want to follow the same strategy that earns me $700+ per month, don’t forget to take a look at my #1 recommendation.


Passive Profits Breakthrough Review


  • Name: Passive Profits Breakthrough
  • Website:
  • Price: $7.97
  • Owner: Sorin Constantin and Art Flair
  • Overall Rating: 2.7/5


The Hype

After watching checking out the sales page, you are probably thinking Passive Profits Breakthrough is too good to be true, aren’t you?

It’s full of unrealistic claims such as: 

  • All it takes to create a Passive Income stream is 30 minutes per day. 
  • This automates everything for you, with just a few simple clicks and a couple of keystrokes.
  • It just takes 30 minutes to set up, and once your “passive Income machine” is set up, you can literally kick back and watch the free targeted traffic roll in.
  • $100/day with ease.

I have seen similar claims for the last two years since I started reviewing internet marketing products. I also bought over 30 of them to become familiar with this “make money online” type of business. All I can tell you is that over 95% of don’t live up to the hype!


What is Passive Profits Breakthrough?

Passive Profits Breakthrough is basically the same video course launched a couple of months ago by Sorin Constantin called Info Profits Academy.

All the author did was rebrand the training, ad an interview, and improve the sales page.

The video training is all about creating and selling e-courses on learning marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, and

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How Does it Work?

You will have to create an online course that can be about anything you are good at. It’s possible to find a good audience that is looking for lessons in photography, music, fitness, pet care, and many other categories!

Udemy categories

You may think you are not ready to teach people because you don’t have any specific knowledge. Well, take a look at the categories and look deeper into yourself because there must be something you know that can help other people.

Maybe it’s just a matter of sitting down, researching and developing the course. If not, then decide to become good at something. Start studying, practicing and eventually you will be in a position to teach others.

If you create an excellent training, you can expect to make passive income for years.

However, competition is tough, and it will get tougher as the years go by.

Therefore, although Passive Profits Breakthrough will guide you to develop and promote your course, you will have to pull up your sleeve and work hard to develop something great.

It’s almost impossible to set everything up in less than 30 minutes and start making money quickly. That is totally unrealistic!


The Training

Passive Profits Breakthrough consists of 18 videos lessons that will teach you, among other things:

  • The essential components of your course.
  • The type of courses you can create.
  • How to use video, audio and pdf creator software.
  • How to leverage different marketplaces.
  • Strategies to make the most amount of profits using Udemy.
  • How to take advantage of promotional announcements and coupons to improve sales.
  • Ranking factors.
  • Promotion techniques.
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You will also get a bonus lesson, which is an interview with a successful Udemy instructor called David Davila.

bonus lesson

The course is easy to follow, and will undoubtedly be helpful for those starting out. For just over $7, I think it offers a good value for money.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow lessons.
  • Very affordable.
  • Well structured.
  • Good tips and tricks for those starting out.
  • You can make money with this method, but you should not expect quick results.
  • It’s possible to choose any niche you are passionate about.


  • Overhyped.
  • You probably won’t get paid much for every sale you make.
  • It takes far more than 30 minutes to set up. In fact, it can take weeks or months to create quality training that stands out.
  • Four Upsells.


Lots of Upsells

The front end product is cheap, and it’s not bad. But there are 4 upsells that you can purchase if you want advanced training.

Here is the entire sales funnel:

1  ($27) – It includes 5 videos with advanced training. You will also receive a case study that will explain how to make $1,000 per client using a “secret” strategy.

2 ($37) – You will get 6 Real-life case studies, which are said to make you more money almost instantly. They say you just need to copy and paste as it’s all done for you. Again, too much hype here! 

Download Freecash App 3

3 ($47) – Additional done-for-you package with top 5 niches, templates, product ideas, outlines, checklists, images, and music.

4 ($67) – Reseller’s rights. You will be able to promote Passive Profits Breakthrough and keep 100% of the profit. You should not get this upsells if you have no traffic from social media, blog, Youtube, etc. Without a considerable amount of traffic, you will struggle to make a single sale.


Final Thoughts

Considering the small price, Passive Profits Breakthrough is not a bad course after all. However, the sales page is too overhyped.

Making $3,000 per month online is no walk in the park, regardless of the strategy you use. With Udemy, it is no different.

Verdict: Legit


My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Online

If the idea of becoming an online instructor doesn’t appeal to you, I highly recommend you build an affiliate website.

I have been making good money with affiliate marketing, and I think it’s fantastic because:

  • You don’t need to create a product, nor handle customer service, shipping or inventory.
  • You have total control over your business.
  • As your site can attract people all over the world, 24/7, the potential is enormous!
  • All you have to focus on writing helpful articles on your site and recommend other people’s products. You will earn commissions when people click on your links and purchase the products that you recommend.

So, how can you get started? Well, 2015 I discovered an all-inclusive platform, where I learned everything about affiliate marketing. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

After reviewing hundreds of other training and platforms, WA is still my #1 rated platform to make money online.

Its actionable step by step lesson, helpful community, and high-quality hosting service makes it the most cost-effective place for beginners to grow affiliate sites.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click the link below and check out my full review.


Click Here and Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate Review


Thanks for reading my Passive Profits Breakthrough review and I hope this helps you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

I’ll see you next time!


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