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Magic Animals Review – A Wild App of Fake Riches!

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Welcome to my Magic Animals review!

Imagine you’re scrolling through your phone. It’s just another ordinary day and bam!

A wild ad appears. It’s a game of elimination, boasting the chance to rake in some serious cash.

Picture the scene in the ad – a woman’s eyes almost popping out of her skull as she stares at her phone.

You can almost hear her thoughts, “Is this for real?”

The screen flashes with a bold claim: “If you’ve never made a thousand bucks with a piece of software, then buddy, you must be out of luck.”

It’s got that cheeky vibe like it knows something you don’t.

This advert claims you could be pocketing at least $5,000 a month. That’s not chump change!

You found this game, and it’s like finding a treasure chest in your backyard.

Play the game, and cash comes rolling out – almost like a magic money machine.

The best part? Every time you level up, you get fixed cash rewards.

And they tell you this three times – Your money is credited automatically to your account. No fuss, no muss.”

But here’s the million-dollar question: Is this game the real deal, or just smoke and mirrors?

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Your precious time’s on the line, and you need the truth. So, let’s dive in and uncover it, shall we?

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Magic Animals Review


  • Name: Magic Animals
  • Developer: Mercedin Technology
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $150
  • Overall Rating: 0

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What is Magic Animals? 


Magic Animals is like a digital safari on your Android device where taps can supposedly turn into real cash.

It’s almost identical to Fruits Tap, including gameplay and a reward system!

Here’s the deal: you tap groups of identical animals to eliminate them, racking up points and, more importantly, cash.

After you clear each stage, you’re collecting generous cash rewards.

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This money accumulates in your balance, and you can supposedly withdraw the cash once you hit $150.

However, the actual amount you can withdraw isn’t a flat rate – it’s a moving target that changes depending on your level in the game.

I’ll delve into that a bit later, so stay tuned.

Now, for the stats: Magic Animals has been installed over 50,000 times. That’s a lot of animal tapping!

The developer, Mercedin Technology, classifies his game as Early Access. Sneaky move, right?

This status means no one can publish reviews on the app store.

Not cool since players need to know whether this developer is rewarding them or leading them on a wild animal chase.

Here’s my two cents for Google: Apps promising real money should never be hidden behind the Early Access curtain.

Transparency is key, folks. Players deserve to know if the cash-out is legit or fake!


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How Does Magic Animals Work?


Magic Animals is a game with more layers than an onion and possibly more tears.

Available worldwide for Android users, it’s free and doesn’t ask for any registration hassles.

Just download and play. But here’s a red flag: it’s targeted at all ages.

Now, hold up – a game involving money also available to the young? That’s a recipe for concern!

Regarding security, the app claims to encrypt data in transit.

But let’s be honest – just because they say it’s encrypted doesn’t mean it is.

There’s never a guarantee your data’s safe and sound.

Another privacy hiccup is they don’t let users delete their data, which is a big no-no in many countries’ privacy rules.


The Gameplay

You play by tapping groups of the same animals to eliminate them.

The more creatures you zap in one go, the higher your score.

To complete a stage – and mind you, a stage is different from a level – you need to hit the goal score.

You only level up after completing ten stages or more. And this is crucial for the cash-out part, which I’ll get to more details later on.

Initially, completing a stage feels like hitting a mini-jackpot.

The first stage dumps a whopping $66 into your balance. But don’t start counting your chickens yet.

Initially, this money is added automatically. But after stage 6, you hit a snag – to claim your cash, you’re compelled to press a button and watch an advert.

Yep, that’s how the developer cashes in on your playtime.

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How Do You Cash Out? 

Tap the withdraw button up top, and you’ll see two balances.

The upper one is your virtual cash balance, but don’t get too excited – it’s not what you can transfer.

Under level 29, you can only cash out 50% of that amount.

Climb higher to level 30, and you can supposedly grab 100% of your virtual cash.

Feeling ambitious? Reach level 40, and you can withdraw 200%.

And as I mentioned, the minimum withdrawal is $150.

Remember, leveling up isn’t a walk in the park.

To hit level 29, you’re likely facing more than 300 stages and an insane number of adverts.


Is Magic Animals Legit? Does it Pay? 


The truth about Magic Animals needs to be laid bare: the developers don’t pay out any real money.

You jump into this game thinking, “Hey, $150? Should be a breeze, right?”

But here’s the kicker – the further you get, the less they give.

It’s like running after a bus that’s constantly speeding up just when you think you’re about to hop on.

This diminishing return makes it incredibly challenging to reach the $150 goal.

You might think reaching level 30 could be the solution since, at this stage, the game suggests you can exchange 100% of your virtual earnings.

But here’s the catch: advancing levels is a prolonged process.

Unlike other games where leveling up is tied to a specific number of points, Magic Animals is vague about its leveling criteria.

But let’s say you manage to beat these odds and reach the required level and balance.

Even then, don’t expect to see any real money transferred to your PayPal account.

The sad truth is that the cash prizes in Magic Animals are entirely fictitious.

So, the bottom line? Magic Animals is a no-go if you’re looking to make real money.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Magic Animals review!

Did you play this game? Help others by leaving a comment below with your insights and warnings.


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