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Lucky Coin Pusher – Is it Legit? Zero Payouts Left!

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Welcome to my Lucky Coin Pusher review!

Imagine a game where not only do you get the thrill of knocking down coins, but you can also convert them into real money.

Yes, real money that supposedly transfers straight into your bank account. Sounds like a dream, right?

I got wind of this game through an advert that was almost too good to ignore.

A sharply dressed man approaches a young guy, asking, “Need some cash?” Who doesn’t, right?

He then proposes downloading Lucky Coin Pusher and supposedly earning up to $2000 in just one day.

Next thing, he’s turning to a woman drowning in bills, offering the same miraculous solution.

Just grab your phone, download the game, and watch the money roll in.

But here you are, a savvy individual who doesn’t believe everything you see online.

So, does Lucky Coin Pusher really pay out, or is it just another fake cash game?

Let’s find out!

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Lucky Coin Pusher Review


  • Name: Lucky Coin Pusher
  • Developer: sunsets
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $20
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Lucky Coin Pusher? 


Lucky Coin Pusher is a mobile game that simulates the classic coin pusher machine right at your fingertips.

It’s free to play, so there’s no risk of losing real money as you tap away, dropping nickels onto a platform filled with prizes and more coins.

The goal? Push those shiny coins off the front edge, and as they tumble down, they supposedly convert into real cash accumulating in your game wallet.

You’re promised the option to cash out once you hit specific amounts, starting from as little as $20 to a grand $1000.

Sounds easy and quite the deal. Well, don’t let the simplicity fool you; not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Despite being installed 50k times on the Play Store, Lucky Coin Pusher still lurks in the shadows of “Early Access.”

This means no user reviews, no ratings, no nothing. Why’s that a big deal?

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Well, it leaves potential players in the dark about whether this coin-pushing leads to actual cash-pulling.

Without feedback from fellow users, some people might try it and waste a significant amount of time.


How Does Lucky Coin Pusher Work?


Lucky Coin Pusher is available worldwide for Android users and is completely free.

But before you jump in, consider what’s really at stake: your time and personal data.

You might be pouring hours into a game that never intends to pay out, and what’s more concerning is that the app doesn’t encrypt the data you share.

This oversight could leave your personal information vulnerable to identity theft and cybercrime. It’s a scary thought, right?


The Game

Now, let’s break down the game mechanics. At its core, it’s simple: tap the screen to drop tokens onto the moving shelf filled with coins and prizes.

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The coins — yellow or green — shimmy and shake towards the edge.

Your goal? Push them off the ledge. Yellow coins earn you more tokens, while green coins are supposed to translate into actual dollars.

lucky coin pusher gameplay

Alongside coins, you also aim to collect Amazon cards, fruits, and gifts.

And if coins drop into a specific slot, you activate a mini-slot machine, potentially boosting your winnings.

The game teases you with the occasional cash reward, but here’s the catch: you need to watch an advert to claim it.

The more you watch, the more the developer earns. So, as you’re immersed in pushing coins, you are helping the person behind the scenes earn revenue.


Withdrawing Funds

The developer makes you believe you can withdraw real money once you’ve accumulated enough in-game currency.

When you hit the cash-out button, you’ll see different thresholds for different items:

  • Green Coins: Minimum $20 to cash out.
  • Yellow Coins: Need 30 million to supposedly equal $1000.
  • Amazon Cards: Collect 200 to cash out $1000.
  • To cash out $1000, you can also use 20 fruits, 50 gifts, or 70 gifts.


Is Lucky Coin Pusher Legit? Does it Pay? 


Let’s strip away the glitz and glamour of Lucky Coin Pusher and look at the hard truth — it doesn’t pay a dime.

That’s right, it’s yet another entry in the long list of fake cash games exploiting people’s time.

Here’s how the circus unfolds: it says the minimum to cash out is $20, which seems easy to reach after just a few seconds of playtime.

But once you hit that target and excitedly navigate to the cash-out page, you’re met with a frustrating “0 Left”.

So, naturally, you aim for the next tier, $50, but as soon as you reach that milestone, guess what?

There are no payouts left there, either!

The system is like a rigged carnival game, always keeping the prize out of reach.

You’ll notice a disturbing trend as you continue to play, aiming for the next cash-out level of $200.

Initially, you earn cash quickly, but your earnings plummet as you approach $190.

Suddenly, green coins, the ones that count for cash, become rare sightings, and yellow coins, which only give you more tokens, dominate the field.

And those tokens? You need an astronomical 30 million for a significant payout.

But let’s say you’re persistent and somehow hit that elusive $200 mark.

The closer you get, the fewer payouts are available.

It’s a cycle designed to keep you playing longer!

The sad reality is that even if you meet the ever-changing requirements by some miracle, don’t expect to see any real money hit your account.

It’s a 100% fake reward, a trap with advertisements designed to profit from your time.

So, as enticing as it may seem, remember, Lucky Coin Pusher is nothing more than an advertising trap.




Your chances of cashing out from Lucky Coin Pusher are nonexistent.

So, don’t let it catch you in its frustrating cycle of false hope!

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Lucky Coin Pusher review!

Have you tried out the game yourself? I’d love to hear about your experience. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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