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Fancy Star App Review – Can You Quit Your 9-5 Job?

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Welcome to my Fancy Star app review!

Yesterday, I stumbled across an advert that seems like every desperate commuter’s dream.

A girl, tears streaming down her face as she drives home from a job she despises.

The screen flashes “2 months ago: crying on my way home from work. Desperate for a way out.”

Fast forward to today, she is grinning at the shopping mall and proudly displaying piles of cash on her bed.

She claims she made $1760 last month and quit her 9-5 grind.

The alleged source of her newfound wealth? A game called Fancy Star!

But wait, it gets better! This game vows to shell out $100 for each level conquered directly into your bank account.

Sounds like the answer to your prayers, right?

Well, if your alarm bells are ringing, they’re not alone.

I’m highly doubtful after trying countless ‘get-rich-quick’ games, especially since Fancy Star seems eerily similar to the infamous Prism Star.

That’s why you’re here. You’re on the hunt for the truth. Is Fancy Star legit or fake?

Will it deposit actual cash into your account or not?

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Stick around till the end of this review, where we’ll dissect, analyze, and unveil the reality behind this game.

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Fancy Star Review 


  • Name: Fancy Star
  • Developer: Chweya Project
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 star

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What is Fancy Star? 


Fancy Star is another Android game that tempts you with the promise of easy money just by playing.

It’s a free game where you tap and eliminate blocks of the same color, supposedly earning cash after each stage.

The game claims you can cash out these earnings through PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard.

Although the minimum amount required to withdraw is surprisingly low, there is a catch.

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The amount you see in your game balance differs from the one you can redeem!

Fancy Star is still in early access and has not yet opened up for reviews on the Play Store.

This is where you should be cautious. In the world of reward apps, a lack of transparency and the inability to see genuine player reviews are big red flags.

It’s hard to trust that the rewards are real without feedback from other players.


How Does Fancy Star Work? 


Fancy Star is available to all Android users, boasting a risk-free entry and no sign-ups.

But before you dive headfirst into this colorful world, let’s unpack the hidden risks and intricate gameplay mechanics that await.

Let’s talk about the risks first. Even though the game requires no deposits, a more insidious danger lurks in the shadows: your personal data. 

The developers might assure you that all data is encrypted and safe, but you shouldn’t trust this blindly.

Download Freecash App 3

The critical moment comes when you’re ready to cash out your hard-earned virtual dollars.

At this point, you’re prompted to enter personal financial details for platforms like PayPal, Amazon, or, most alarmingly, Mastercard.

Entering such sensitive information is risky, opening the door to potential data breaches.

Your financial details could be collected, leaked, or misused, leading to a nightmare scenario.

The very act of providing your banking details to an unverified game is playing with fire.

Moreover, there is a risk of wasting significant time in a game that doesn’t pay out.


The Gameplay

Fancy Star features a 10×10 grid filled with blocks of various colors.

The objective is straightforward: tap groups of blocks of the same color to eliminate them from the grid.

fancy star gameplay

Successfully clearing these blocks allows you to complete the stage.

But remember, completing a stage doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve leveled up; it’s just one part of the larger game.

Initially, the game rewards you generously for completing stages, with the first payout being an impressive $66. 

However, don’t let this early success fool you. As you progress, cash rewards decrease with each stage, starting at $7.

This decreasing reward is designed to keep you playing longer, hoping to reach the elusive payout threshold.

In the first stages, Fancy Star gives you cash rewards automatically added to your balance.

But here is the catch: Once you reach around $80, a “claim” button with a play symbol will appear.

This means that you will be forced to watch an advertisement to collect your reward by pressing this button.

These videos are typically promoting other dubious cash games.


How do You Cash Out? 

Cashing out in Fancy Star might be within easy reach with its low minimum withdrawal of just $3.

But that’s not the case!

When you navigate to the ‘withdraw’ section, they show you a separate balance named “withdrawal amount.”

It represents the money you’re allowed to withdraw, and it’s a small fraction of what you’ve earned in-game.

Specifically, between levels 1 and 29, you’re operating at around a 1% withdrawal rate. 

This means that if your in-game balance shows $100, you’re only eligible to withdraw $1.

But remember, you need at least $3 to make any withdrawal.

You would need to accumulate $300 in your game balance to cash out.

This is a lengthy and tedious process!

If you persevere to levels 30 to 39, the exchange rate increases to 30%.

However, reaching level 30 is a Herculean task, requiring an unknown number of stages to be completed.

The game lacks transparency in how many stages or time you’ll need to invest to level up.

It could be days, months, or even years! Perhaps never!


Is Fancy Star Legit? Does it Pay?


No, it doesn’t pay! Fancy Star, the game that touts itself as a shortcut to financial freedom, is more like a road to nowhere.

This game hooks you with the seemingly easy goal of reaching a $3 minimum cash-out.

Yet, as you navigate its colorful blocks, you’ll soon realize this road is filled with illusions.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. As your in-game earnings pile up, you’ll notice an alarming trend: the bigger your pile gets, the less it grows.

The game cleverly reduces your earnings, making that $300 balance needed for a mere $3 withdrawal an ever-distant dream.

And if you think leveling up might be your golden ticket, think again.

Progressing to each new level becomes increasingly daunting, consuming more time and effort than the last.

But let’s say, through some Herculean effort or sheer stubbornness, you reach the withdrawal threshold.

You hit the cash-out button with trembling fingers. What happens next?

You might see $3 in your account. It’s not impossible, but very unlikely!

But really, stop and consider for a moment — all that time, effort, and personal data put at risk… for what? A few dollars at best?

The reality is that your time and personal information are worth infinitely more than the game’s pitiful offering.

Fancy Star’s promise of financial freedom is, in truth, a masterclass to turn hope into disappointment.




While Fancy Star might seem like a harmless, fun way to potentially earn money, the reality is far more complex.

The risk to your data, the diminishing returns, and the manipulative mechanics are all red flags.

Approach with caution, protect your personal information and remember that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Your time and data are valuable; don’t give them away lightly.


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Fancy Star review!

Have you tried this or similar games? Did you come close to cashing out, or did it feel fruitless?

Your stories and insights are invaluable to others. So, feel free to comment below!


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