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Kash Box App Review – Legit? Will You Ever Reach £25?

freecash advert

Welcome to my Kash Box review!

I’ve recently come across Kash Box, a reward app, through an enticing advert.

The ad features a girl claiming this game is giving away real cash to users.

What’s more, if you can earn $10,000 in seven days, you will get an additional $5,000. I mean, WHAT?

kash box advert
Kash Box advert

They say the money will be automatically credited to your PayPal account.

And here’s the kicker: it supposedly has no ads, no tasks to complete, and no top-ups required.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, almost as if the developer is some kind of billionaire philanthropist willing to distribute free money to the whole world.

But is this happening? Are cash rewards real or just a clever facade?

I’m here to dive deep and expose all the truths about Kash Box.

Is it a legitimate opportunity or just another scam lurking in the digital shadows of the Play Store? Let’s find out!

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Kash Box Review


best money app
  • Name: Kash Box
  • Developer: playbox studio
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: £25
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Kash Box?


Kash Box is an app for Android phones that claims to pay you for playing games.

It works like this: you download and play games, use certain apps, and complete special offers.

Every time you do these tasks, you get coins. Once you’ve collected 49,999 coins, you’re supposed to be able to get £25.

So, even though the ads for Kash Box say you don’t have to do any tasks, that’s not really true.

You actually need to complete these offers to earn coins. So, it’s misleading!

There are other apps out there, like JustPlay and Mistplay, that do something similar.

They track your playtime and let you earn points for reaching specific milestones.

One thing about Kash Box is that it’s still considered “early access,” even though over 100,000 people have installed it.

Because it’s in early access, no one can leave reviews on the app store. This means you can’t see if anyone has been able to get the £25 they earned.

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How Does Kash Box Work? 


Kash Box is available for Android users and is completely free to use.

But before you jump in, there’s something crucial you need to know about your privacy.

This app collects lots of personal info, like where you are, your payment details, and how you use the app.

And here’s the catch – none of this data is protected by encryption.

If there’s a leak, hackers could access your information, risking your account security and even your identity.

Learn to protect your data from reward apps! 



Starting with Kash Box is straightforward. First, you sign up with your Google Account.

Download Freecash App 3

Bear in mind that you may not be able to get rewards if you are using a VPN.

Next up, you’ll enter your payment info to get your cash.

Kash Box works with many payment methods, including PayPal and Amazon Pay.

For Kash Box to reward you accurately, it needs to monitor which apps you’re using.

This means enabling “Allow usage tracking,” so the app can monitor which apps you use and for how long.

As a welcome, you get 36,499 tokens right off the bat. However, you need to gather 49,999 tokens to withdraw £25.


Collecting Tokes

To earn tokens with Kash Box, tap “Play” to check out the tasks for each app offer.

Take Flirtly as an example. The first task gives you up to 12000 tokens to try this AI girlfriend simulation for the first time.

flirtly offer

The second task involves using the app for 2 minutes and winning up to 800 tokens.

And the third task is to log in again the next day.

Remember, these rewards are for first-time users of the apps.

So, if you already have the app on your phone, you won’t be able to earn tokens for it.

Here’s what you do: Tap “Play” and download the app on the Play Store.

Important: open all your downloaded apps through Kash Box’s “Play my app” section.

This lets Kash Box track your usage and ensure you get those tokens for your time spent on the app.


Is Kash Box Legit? Does it Pay?


I’m not convinced that Kash Box pays its users, and here’s why.

The way they advertise makes it sound like one of those fake cash games I extensively review in this blog.

They say you can get an extra $5,000 if you earn $10,000, but honestly, it’s hard even to make $25, let alone $1,000.

This kind of over-the-top promise makes me question their honesty.

In most legit reward apps, earning this amount takes a very long time.

But Kash Box suggests you can quickly rack up enough tokens to cash out £25 by earning thousands of tokens with each app offer.

This doesn’t seem right to me. It feels like users might never reach that payout or that their requests for money might be ignored.

There’s a slight chance you could get £25, but you’re one of the lucky few if you do.

The big promises versus what seems possible don’t add up!




I don’t believe Kash Box is worth your time if you want to earn money by trying out apps.

The promises seem too good to be true, and the likelihood of getting paid seems slim.

Instead, I recommend giving Freecash a try.

I’ve personally used Freecash and have successfully cashed out over $1,000.

This platform has been reliable for me, offering various ways to earn money, including completing surveys and app offers.

Freecash stands out because it provides plenty of offer walls, ensuring you always have new opportunities to earn extra cash.

Plus, the flexibility in cashing out is a huge bonus. You can receive your earnings via PayPal, opt for gift cards, or even get paid in cryptocurrency.

Click here to learn more about Freecash and how to maximize your earnings!


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Kash Box review!

If you have any thoughts or experiences with this platform, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Did you get paid or not?


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