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Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam? Not as Easy as Copy and Paste!

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You are here because you probably landed on a website that claims you can make up to $1000 per day working just 45 minutes per day. Not only that, they say your only job is to copy and paste links.

So, is 45 Minute Paydays a great opportunity to finally achieve financial freedom or just another Scam? Check my review and find the truth!


45 Minute Paydays Review 

  • Product Name: 45 Minute Paydays
  • Website:
  • Price: $49 + tons of Upsells
  • Owner: Raena Lynn?
  • Recommended? No

Score: 1 / 10

45 Minute Paydays tells a story of an ex-teacher called Raena Lynn. This lady had to move to a small city, and since she couldn’t find a teaching job, she had to flip burgers at MacDonald’s to survive! Poor woman… In her own words, it was humiliating and embarrassing!

Now she is able to live the lifestyle that she wants…


What’s Really Going on Inside 45 Minute Paydays?


Apart from all the hype and motivational talk, what do you know about the system? Not much… The little information they provide is only to make you believe making lots of money online will be an easy task.

All you know so far is that you need to follow the training to find leads, place the ads (as simple as copy and paste 🙂 ), and GET PAID!

If you don’t know, lead is the marketing term for a potential customer. So, in essence, you need to find potential customers and advertise to them. As a result, you get paid a commission if they buy the product.

Now, I can say from my own experience (over one year as an internet marketer), finding leads is definitely not as easy as copy and paste.

How exactly are you going to find leads, and what kinds of products are you going to promote? You will understand the system in the next section.


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45 Minute Paydays is Promoting MOBE (My Online Business Empire)


MOBE is a Multi-level marketing (MLM).

They will sell you a front-end training called My Top Tier Business (MTTB) for $49. This is a 21-step program that will explain, among other things, why you should sell pricey products and why you need to buy the right to promote them (MOBE License Rights Program).

This training is not bad, but their products are costly. If you check the official website, you will see that a large portion of such high fees is paying for a 5-day retreat at a 5 Star Resort.

Although you can create a business in any niche using their strategies, the training focuses on promoting MOBE itself.

Bear in mind that upgrading doesn’t guarantee ANY sale! Expensive memberships/products will pay very high commissions, but if you cannot attract many people to the same “business opportunity,” you won’t succeed.

Finding many leads is not “as easy as copy and paste.” You need to build a website and work on it for a couple of months before you start getting a decent number of daily visitors.




Yes, you can make money with MOBE. However, it’s not as simple as copy and paste links on Facebook groups.

You will have to work hard to achieve results, as there are no shortcuts.

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Mobe is not a scam, but I don’t recommend it.


The Best Platform to Build an Online Business

If you want to create a solid income from home, you need to remember that it will not be easy or quick! But if you follow reputable and structured training, it takes time, but you WILL get there!

Wealthy Affiliate is a 10-year-old platform that will help you build an online business from the ground up. The training is way superior to any other program I have seen, and the 24/7 support is exceptional.

One important thing to mention is that Wealthy Affiliate is far from an MLM company. There are no upsells and no focus on recruiting people, so you will develop a business in any niche (topic) you want. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and the process of making money using their strategy, check the link below.

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  I hope this article clarifies. Please comment below if you have any thoughts or questions, and I will be more than glad to answer as soon as possible.

Your friend


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