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HelloCash Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay Instantly?

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Welcome to my HelloCash review!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, money-making apps have been popping up all over the place! 

One of these popular reward apps is HelloCash, which allows you to earn cash by sharing your opinions and playing games. 

The low cash-out threshold of just $0.34 for gold members initially drew my attention to this app.

But how can we trust this platform with so many options out there? Is HelloCash legit or fake? Stay tuned to find out!

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HelloCash Review


  • Name: HelloCash: earn cash community
  • Developer: ALAISEDATA UG
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $2.50 (starter), $0.34 (Gold)
  • Overall Rating: 3.5 stars


What is HelloCash? 


HelloCash is another Android app that pays you for playing sponsored games. 

This run-of-the-mill app has teamed up with a third-party provider called Adjoe to bring you an array of enticing game offers.

As you play and complete levels in these games, you accumulate points called Gold.

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So, the more you play, the more Gold you earn and the closer you get to the sweet payout.

When you’re ready to cash out, the app offers a simple and convenient method: transferring your earnings directly to your PayPal account.

What sets HelloCash apart from other reward apps like mRewards and Easy Bucks is its low payout threshold, making it easier for users to claim rewards. 


How Does HelloCash Work? 


HelloCash is available on the Play Store for Android devices and is entirely free to use. 

After launching the app, sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

Next, you’ll receive a generous welcome bonus of 250 gold, equivalent to $0.25.

Remember that the first cash-out requirement for starter members is $2.50, so you’re already 10% there!

Moreover, HelloCash offers more bonuses to help kickstart your gold rush.

For instance, after a short tutorial, you can spin and earn anywhere from 0 to over 1300 gold.

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The choice of when to stop spinning is yours, making it easier to aim for a higher reward.


Collecting Gold

At the top, you will see the personalized micro-tasks options, which allow you to earn Gold for answering quizzes.

I received just 6 gold for that, which doesn’t help much!

The actual income potential lies within the game offers provided by Adjoe, a German company that partners with several reward apps. 

By tapping the “Earn now x1” button, you will land on the Adjoe platform, where you can earn Gold by installing and playing games.

But before you can continue, you must allow usage tracking so the company can track your playtime. 

On the list of games, you will see how many Gold coins you will earn per level or minute of gameplay. 

However, there’s a crucial step to remember: HelloCash can only track your gameplay and reward you if you open the game from inside the “My apps” tab.

So, you won’t get credited if you tap the play button directly from the Play Store.

Download Freecash App 3

It’s crucial to note HelloCAh community has two ranks: Starter Member and Gold Member. 

You’ll automatically begin as a Starter Member, but once you reach your first payout of $2.50, you’ll upgrade to Gold status.

This rank offers several benefits, such as a 3x earn rate on all earnings, payouts up to $710 per month, and a minimum payout starting at $0.34.

Interestingly, 5% of gold earnings go to the community pot to support starter users, meaning you’ll receive free Gold occasionally. 

If you ever need assistance, you can find a solution using the Help AI feature within the app. Otherwise, there is an email available for support. 

Just bear in mind that it may take up to 15 minutes to receive your gold coins.

If you earn less than 10 gold per level, the coins will stack up and be added to your account in 10-gold batches. 


Withdrawing Funds

To complete your first withdrawal of $2.50, you’ll need to accumulate 2500 gold and verify your ID. 

Once you’ve completed your first withdrawal and become a gold member, future withdrawals become more accessible.

You’ll only need to reach a minimum of 340 gold (equivalent to $0.34) to cash out your earnings.

According to the company, you will get instant PayPal payouts. But as you will see in the next section, the process might not always be as seamless as expected.


Is HelloCash Legit? Does it Pay?


Yes, HelloCash is legit, and it does pay out according to many reviews on the Play Store.

However, it’s also not uncommon to find users who had issues completing the verification process. 

One user said he had to contact customer support to get verified in order to receive the payout.

But the good news is that they promptly transferred the money to his PayPal account! 

Another user is pleased as she could cash out several times and earn more than similar apps. 

Despite completing the verification process, some individuals report not receiving their money.

That being said, HelloCash is another classic example of a hit-and-miss opportunity where the payout is not always guaranteed.

So, that means you may have a good or bad experience depending on your luck. 

The same holds true for other similar apps, where you will find a blend of positive and negative reviews.




HelloCash is a decent application for those who want to earn money while playing games.

However, like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages! 

On the positive side, the app has a low payout requirement, making cash out via PayPal easier.

I also like that it offers bonuses to help users reach the first $2.50 faster.

Some drawbacks include difficulty verifying your account, the risk of not getting paid, and the low-income potential.

Therefore, setting realistic expectations is crucial to prevent frustration, as cashing out can take a while. 

Also, it’s essential to acknowledge that you may get stuck due to a limited selection of games,

If you like this kind of application, you might be interested in exploring JustPlay and Mistplay.

Both apps have built a solid reputation among gamers and will probably not disappoint you! 


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Final Words

Thanks for checking out my Hellocash review—I hope you found it insightful!

If you have any thoughts or questions about the app, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below.


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