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Gem Maester Review – Is it Legit? The Queue is Nonsense!

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Welcome to my Gem Maester review!

Imagine sitting back, relaxing, and sorting gems on your phone screen while making money! Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, that’s precisely what Gem Maester promises to deliver.

In this casual puzzle game, your task is simple: sort an array of colorful gems into glass tubes, ensuring each tube has only one type of gem.

But the crazy thing about Gem Maester is the opportunity to receive cash transferred directly to your PayPal account.

And we’re not talking about mere pennies; the advertisement shows people winning hundreds of dollars.

In the video, there are Paypal notifications saying “you received $300 from Gem Maester”.

It seems like the perfect setup: have fun and get paid.

But with so many other similar games out there claiming to give you money and not following through, it’s hard not to be a bit skeptical.

So, can you really trust this game to pay out? Is Gem Maester legit or fake? Let’s find out!

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Gem Maester Review


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  • Name: Gem Maester
  • Developer: Chuangxiang Tec
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $200
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Gem Maester?


Gem Maester is a mobile puzzle game that challenges players to sort colorful gems into bottles.

It’s the same concept found in Water Sort Puzzle and many other games I reviewed for this blog.

The objective is to ensure each bottle contains only gems of the same color.

As you transfer gems between bottles to achieve this goal, the game’s progress bar fills up.

Upon filling the bar, you earn cash rewards and Amazon gift cards.

After successfully sorting all the gems in a level, you level up, unlocking even more rewards.

The game entices you with the possibility of cashing out once you accumulate a minimum of $200.

However, to collect these rewards, you will be bombarded with advertisements.

Therefore, the developers monetize Gem Maester through ads, using player engagement to generate revenue.

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Currently, Gem Maester is in Early Access, which means the game is still under development.

Consequently, players cannot publish reviews on the app store and tell the world if the company pays or not.


How Does Gem Maester Work? 


Gem Maester is available worldwide and free to play for Android users.

Despite claims of not collecting data from users, a closer examination reveals a different story.

You will eventually be required to enter payment details to supposedly receive the money.

But here is a warning – you don’t know if this data will be respected – they claim the app encrypts data, but there are no guarantees.

You never trust these kinds of games that claim to pay unrealistic sums of money!

Because if they are lying about cash rewards, they can also lie about how they handle your data!

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How to Play and Collect Rewards

The gameplay of Gem Maester itself is straightforward and addictive!

You simply tap on the bottle containing the gems they wish to move, then tap on the target bottle to transfer them.

The goal is to organize identical gems into each bottle. Completing this task rewards the player with a cash prize worth more than $30.

gem maester gameplay

However, you must press the button and watch an advert until it ends to claim the reward.

This process increases income for the developer, who is earning money whenever you watch these videos.

And be careful because most of these commercials are promoting fake cash games like Merge Balls – a dangerous app with Malware.

After completing each tube, you will notice the progress bar filling up.

Filling this bar results in additional rewards, either in cash or Amazon gift cards.

The difficulty ramps up with each level, introducing more bottles and gems, adding complexity and challenge to the puzzle-solving experience.


How to Cash out

Cashing out your earnings from Gem Master seems straightforward, but there are a couple of things you need to know.

To withdraw money from your cash balance, you must have at least $200 and complete 15 levels.

You can also turn Amazon cards into cash rewards, not necessarily via Amazon Gift cards. Well, at least in theory!

For that, you’ll need 400 cards, which equals $400.

When you’re ready to cash out, the game gives you many options: PayPal, Wise, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Venmo, Cash app, Paytm, and Zelle.


Is Gem Maester Legit? Does it Pay? 


The harsh truth about Gem Maester is that it’s a fake cash game!

It lures you in with the promise of easy cash just for playing a game and watching videos, but in reality, you won’t see a dime.

Here’s how the scheme unfolds: You play the game, hit the $200 mark, breeze through 15 levels, and think you’re about to cash out.

You choose how you want to get paid, enter your details, and then you’re hit with the “waiting list” excuse.

Supposedly, there are over 8,000 people ahead of you, all waiting for their cash.

But the reality is that the queue eventually gets stuck.

They’ll tell you your position is being updated every minute, but it doesn’t even matter if your turn comes.

However, they won’t transfer any money regardless of what the game tells you.

Gem Maester is a waste of time designed to trick people into thinking they can earn easy money. So, don’t fall for it.




Gem Maester is a waste of time—it promises cash but delivers only disappointment.

My advice? Uninstall it now. Don’t let it trick you into watching endless ads for a payday that’ll never come.

Instead, check out FreeCash. It’s legit and actually pays you for answering questions and completing app offers.

People are making real money based on how much effort they put in.

I have personally made over $1000 with this platform, and they have never missed a single payment through PayPal.


Final Words

Grateful you stopped by for my take on Gem Maester!

Hopefully, my review sheds some light.

Is there anything you want to ask or discuss about the app? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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