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Brilliant Gem Glory Review – Is it Legit? Exposing the Truth!

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Welcome to my Brilliant Gem Glory review!

Every day, I get bombarded with advertisements promoting money-making games.

And today, I came across another recent launch called Brilliant Gem Glory.

The ad caught my eye with a scenario many of us can relate to.

So, this woman is lying in bed with her phone in hand. The message at the top reads, “Hesitantly downloaded a money game, hoping to make an extra 1-2k per month.”

According to the advert, playing casually for about an hour daily led her to withdraw $15,684 from the game!

It’s the kind of story that gets you thinking about what you could do with that extra cash in your PayPal account.

But the ad didn’t stop there. It boasted that the reward for each game ranges from $5 to $150 and that you can withdraw any amount at any time.

“No limit to withdraw – how much you win, we will pay directly to your PayPal account,” it claimed, promising transactions within a minute.

This pitch sounded all too familiar to me. I’ve reviewed many games using the same promotional tactics – yes, the exact same words!

It seems developers are copying each other, knowing this is a success formula.

So, is Brilliant Gem Glory legit or just another in a long line of fake cash games?

Does it really pay out, or is it too good to be true? Let’s find out.

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 Brilliant Gem Glory Review


  • Name: Brilliant Gem Glory
  • Developer: NaLaiBaNi Studios
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $100
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Brilliant Gem Glory?


Brilliant Gem Glory is a casual gem elimination game for Android devices.

It’s almost identical to Coin Merger, an old fake cash game I reviewed three years ago!

You aim to drop gems and match two identical ones to create a bigger gem.

Sounds easy, right? But here’s where it gets interesting. The game promises real cash rewards paid through PayPal and gift cards.

Merge two special gems with the PayPal logo, and voila, you’re supposed to win fantastic cash prizes.

And just like in many other money-making games, you must tap “collect” and sit through an advert.

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While playing, you’ll also rack up diamonds, which the game says you can swap for $100 gift cards from Visa, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, and Xbox.

Now, I’ve gone through many games claiming you can make a fortune by playing, and so far, none have proven legit.

Brilliant Gem Glory tells players they can cash their winnings through PayPal once they reach $500.

But here’s a red flag: despite having over 10,000 downloads, there’s not a single review on the Play Store.

The game is in “early access,” which means no one can leave feedback.

That’s a bit shady if you ask me. Lack of transparency is always a concern.

If players were getting paid, wouldn’t the developers want them to share their success stories and boost the game’s ratings? It makes you wonder.


How Does Brilliant Gem Glory Work? 


Brilliant Gem Glory is a free game available worldwide, and you don’t need to sign up to play it.

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Sounds pretty convenient, right? But there’s a big issue here: the game doesn’t protect your data with encryption.

Why does that matter? Well, encryption keeps your personal info safe.

Without it, you’re at risk of someone stealing your identity or selling your data without you knowing.

Moreover, hackers could potentially gain access to your financial accounts.

If they intercept your data, they might get their hands on your banking or PayPal details, leading to unauthorized transactions and financial losses.

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The Gameplay

When you start the game, you immediately get a chance to grab a daily bonus, which could be cash or diamonds.

After the first day, the rewards get even better, but there’s a catch: you must watch an advert whenever you want to collect your prize.

Brilliant Gem Glory gameplay

This is a big part of the game, getting you to watch sponsored videos in exchange for rewards.

The game itself is super simple and addictive. You tap the screen to drop gems, trying to match two of the same kind.

When you do, they merge into a bigger gem, and you earn diamonds.

The excitement starts when you reach the fifth biggest gem, which has a PayPal logo.

Merge two of these PayPal gems, and you can get cash rewards, but first, you need to watch the advert.

This setup shows how the game makes money. People usually don’t like playing games with so many ads, but throw in the chance to win some cash, and suddenly, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Players are more willing to watch advertisements if they think there’s a reward at the end.

There’s also a “lucky section” where you can spin a wheel for more diamonds.

But guess what? You need to watch a video to spin.

You can earn more cash in the Task section by hitting specific goals, like making the biggest gem merge.


Withdrawing Funds

To cash out in Brilliant Gem Glory, you need at least $500 in your cash balance, and then you can withdraw it via PayPal.

If you’re collecting diamonds, the deal is a bit different.

You need a whopping 680,000 diamonds to exchange for $100 gift cards, which you can use at Amazon, Google Play, Visa, Steam, and Xbox.

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Is Brilliant Gem Glory Legit? Does it Pay? 


The truth about Brilliant Gem Glory is hard to swallow: the cash rewards it promises are fake.

Yep, you heard that right. Despite all the gems you merge and the countless ads you sit through, the game doesn’t pay out a single dime.

It’s essentially a wolf in sheep’s clothing, luring players in with the prospect of easy money.

Every time you watch an advert, the developers make money.

They get paid for each video view, so they’ve set the withdrawal target high to keep you watching more and more.

You might think it’s no big deal when you’re supposedly earning over $20 in a short amount of time, right?

But here’s the catch: as you inch closer to that $500 mark, the cash rewards start to dwindle.

This means you end up watching an absurd number of ads, playing right into the developers’ hands.

They’ve designed the game so that players, eager for that excellent payout, waste hours helping the developers earn a nice income from video views.

And just when you think you’ve finally reached that $500 and can cash out, the game throws up another obstacle.

Suddenly, there are more requirements and hoops to jump through, and you’re left empty-handed in the end.

It’s a harsh reality, but no matter how much you play or believe you’re close to getting that money, the developers have no intention of paying out.

You’re just a cog in their advertising machine.

It’s a clever scheme, but ultimately, the players lose, investing time and hope into a reward that will never come.




It’s best to steer clear of Brilliant Gem Glory.

The game’s cash rewards are bait to hook you into watching endless adverts without ever paying out.

Don’t fall for it; uninstall the game and save yourself the frustration.

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It’s a legit and reliable rewards app where you get paid for completing simple tasks like surveys and app offers.

While it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it can provide a nice little boost to your income in your spare time.

I’ve personally withdrawn over $1000 via PayPal, thanks to its prompt payments.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Brilliant Gem Glory review! I hope my insights prove useful to you.

Are you curious about the game or have questions after reading the review?

Please feel free to share your thoughts or ask for help in the comment section.


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