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Fortune Coin Pusher Review – $1000? Not Even in Your Dreams!

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Welcome to my Fortune Coin Pusher review!

You have probably stumbled upon Fortune Coin Pusher through one of those flashy adverts promising to transfer hundreds of dollars directly via PayPal.

The commercial claims you can earn a staggering $300 daily and complete the transaction within a minute.

But it gets even better! Unlike the shiny machines in Vegas, this viral game allows you to drop unlimited nickels and collect virtual cash without any deposits. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

But hold on a second, haven’t we seen this movie before? It seems like every fake money game out there has the same script!

Well, they don’t even bother coming up with original marketing campaigns! 

You see, it’s all about tempting cash prizes and fast payouts to lure as many people as possible!

So, is Fortune Coin Pusher another get-rich-quick simulation, luring in unsuspecting players with fake rewards? Does it actually pay? Let’s find out!

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Fortune Coin Pusher Review 


  • Name: Fortune Coin Pusher
  • Developer: Westside View Group
  • Price: Free – no financial risk – but pay with your time
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


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What is Fortune Coin Pusher? 


Fortune Coin Pusher is an Android game that transports you to the exciting world of coin dozers.

So, what’s the deal here? Drop those shiny dimes and nudge them toward the platform’s edge.

As coins take the plunge, you’ll be showered with virtual dollars—talk about money falling from the sky!

Keep at it, and your cash balance will soar to hundreds of dollars in no time.

But here is the catch: you can only withdraw the money once it hits a staggering $1000! 

Now, if this sounds familiar, that’s because Fortune Coin Pusher shares striking similarities with countless other coin pushers I’ve reviewed on my blog. 

Like all money games, Fortune Coin Pusher will bombard you with advertisements as the developer makes profits from your views.


Fortune Coin Pusher Work? 


Fortune Coin Pusher is free to download on Play Store and requires no in-app purchases or registration to start collecting virtual riches.

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You’re greeted with a generous $10 welcome bonus when the game loads. But this is just the beginning!

Next, they tempt you to press a button and watch your first commercial to earn an extra $100! 

Unbelievable, right? Soon, you’ll realize that you need to hit $1,000 before you can cash out, and that’s when the real challenge begins. 

But hey, a grand prize is worth waiting for, isn’t it? Well, I wouldn’t be so optimistic about that! 

Playing the game is a breeze—tap anywhere to drop the coins where you want them to fall.

You start with 40 nickels, and a new one is added every 6 seconds unless you watch the commercial to refill your stack. 

If you’re wondering how a coin pusher machine works, it’s pretty straightforward.

The dozer moves back and forth, causing coins to inch closer to the edge before they finally tumble off.

Fortune Coin Pusher gameplay

In Fortune Coin Pusher, you’ll have green and yellow dimes. Pushing yellow coins off the edge will earn tokens, while green ones reward you with virtual dollars.

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Those $10 green coins will only add 10 cents to your balance. Still, that’s very unrealistic, considering the developer’s revenue comes solely from advertisements. 

Pushing dimes into the 777 box triggers the slots, where you can score extra rewards like coins and fruits. 

The game will offer you a $25 or so every now and then, but only if you tap the claim button and watch a video.

There are multiple ways to trigger cash prizes, but the quickest route is tapping the $30 bubble.

As you might have guessed, this prompts another commercial before you can claim the prize.

You can earn even higher cash rewards by reaching milestones, like watching 20 videos. Yes, it’s all about them! 


How to Cash out? 

When you finally hit that elusive $1,000 mark, Fortune Coin Pusher prompts you to tap the cash-out button to initiate a withdrawal.

You can choose your preferred payment method, either PayPal or Cash App. Simply enter your account information, and hope for the best! 

But there is more! The game also entices players with an insane $10,000 prize for those who collect 20 different fruits.

With all these tempting cash-out options, the developers aim to keep you engaged and hopeful for a big payout. 


Is Fortune Coin Pusher Legit? Does it Pay?


No, it doesn’t! Reaching $1,000 may seem quick, but a new condition emerges once you input your email address.

You’re suddenly asked to use “Skill” 20 times. What on earth is a “Skill” in this game? They don’t even bother explaining.

But it turns out they want you to activate the Wall and Shake function, which, you guessed it, triggers yet another commercial.

You might think, “Well, I’ll jump through these hoops and finally get my $1000 prize because it’s worth it!”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. No matter how many conditions you meet or videos you watch, you won’t receive a dime.

Those cash rewards are completely fake! The developer is simply exploiting your time for profits, and that’s all!




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Final Words

I appreciate you reading my Fortune Coin Pusher review. If you have any questions or thoughts about this game, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!


best money app
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