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Earn Habit Review – FAKE? Uninstall or Face Disappointment!

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Welcome to my Earn Habit review!

Imagine discovering an app that promises to pay you for simply tapping your phone screen throughout the day.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s exactly what Earn Habit claims to offer.

But the question on everyone’s mind is: Is Earn Habit legit or fake?

Will they actually convert coins to real cash rewards?

Before you get your hopes up and start dreaming of easy cash, let’s dive deep into this app and uncover the truth.

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What is Earn Habit?

Earn Habit is an Android app that offers a straightforward method for earning money by completing daily activities.

This app is very similar to others I’ve reviewed, like HabitNow, Daily Habits, and Super Habit.

Users earn coins by tapping buttons on their phone screens at specific times of the day.

These buttons represent various daily routines like waking up, drinking water, exercising, working, or studying.

The app’s interface displays a list of these activities, each with a designated time slot.

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For example, you might see a “Read” activity available between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

By tapping the corresponding button during this timeframe, you’re rewarded with coins.

These coins can allegedly be accumulated and later exchanged for cash rewards, with the app boasting a minimum payout threshold of $500.


How Does it Work?

“Earn Habit is a free-to-use app available worldwide that does not require registration.”

The gameplay revolves around collecting coins through various methods.

It’s important to note that the primary purpose of these activities is to trigger advertisements, which is how the developers make money.


Daily Activities

The main feature involves tapping buttons that represent different daily routines. These include:

    • Waking up
    • Drinking water
    • Exercising
    • Strolling
    • Studying
    • Reading
    • Sleeping


Bonus Features

The app includes additional ways to earn coins:

    • Tapping floating bubbles on the screen
    • Spinning a “Lucky Wheel”
    • Playing “Lucky Draw” card games
    • Shaking the phone for rewards
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Every interaction with these features results in an ad being displayed.


Gaming Section

EArn Habit also offers a “Play” button that leads to a selection of free games.

However, these games don’t directly contribute to your coin balance.

Instead, they serve as yet another avenue for ad exposure.

When you try to open a game, you’re met with pages full of advertisements before you can even start playing.


Withdrawing Funds

Users are led to believe that they can cash out by exchanging their accumulated coins for real money once they reach the $500 threshold.

The app presents various payout options, giving the impression of flexibility and legitimacy.


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Is Earn Habit Legit? Does it Pay?

No, it doesn’t. Earn Habit is, unfortunately, another entry in the long list of fake cash apps flooding the mobile market.

Let’s break down the strategies they use to deceive users and why you should steer clear:

  1. Unrealistic Rewards: The opportunity to cash out over $500 just by tapping your phone screen is a major red flag. Legitimate money-making apps typically offer much more modest rewards for similar efforts.
  2. Ad-Centric Design: The entire app is built around serving advertisements to users. Every tap, spin, or shake triggers an ad, generating revenue for the app developers while users watch with false hopes of cashing out.
  3. High Payout Threshold: The $500 minimum cashout is deliberately set high to keep users engaged for longer periods and maximize ad views. Reaching this threshold will likely take an extraordinarily long time.
  4. False Promises of Payment: Even if you meet the $500 requirement, you should not expect to receive the money. The app may add additional requirements or simply claim that the payment was successful, but the money will never arrive in your account.
  5. Potential Data Risks: When attempting to cash out, the app may request personal information. This poses a significant risk, as developers could potentially sell or misuse this data.
  6. Battery Drain and Performance Issues: These types of apps often run constantly in the background, draining your phone’s battery and potentially impacting overall performance.



Earn Habit is a classic example of a “fake cash” app designed to exploit users’ desires for easy money.

It’s nothing more than an advertising platform disguised as a rewarding experience.

The developers profit from ad revenue while users waste time and potentially put their personal information at risk.

If you’re looking to make legitimate money through mobile apps, it’s essential to be skeptical and do thorough research.


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With some offers paying over $100, Freecash outperforms typical reward apps.

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It’s available worldwide, user-friendly, and constantly updated with new offers.

The thriving user community and lucrative referral program speak to its success.

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If you’re serious about earning online, give Freecash a try. 

Final Words

Thanks for reading my Earn Habit review. I hope it helped you understand why you should avoid this app.

If you’ve had any experiences with Earn Habit, please share them below to help others.


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