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Dicy Queen App Review – There is No Way to Cash Out!

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Welcome to my Dicy Queen app review!

I discovered Dicy Queen while playing another money-making game on my Android device. They showed me a video ad about this classic board game that was jam-packed with $5, $100 and even $200 prizes.

Every time the person rolled the dice, the pin would land on those big cash prizes and accumulate in the PayPal balance at the top. It said “legally cash out”. Just have a look:

Dicy Queen advert

Seriously, I would never imagine anything more unrealistic than that!

You are reading this Dicy Queen review because you are probably sick and tired os playing boring games that don’t pay. So, is Dice Queen a scam or a legit app? Does it pay or is it just another waste of time? Keep reading to find out!

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Dicy Queen App Review



  • Name: Dicy Queen
  • Company: Lbsbanana Ltd
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $200
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 2/5


What is Dicy Queen?


Dicy Queen is a mobile app that combines the classic board game with slots, scratchcards and spins. It was developed by a Singapore-based company called Lbsbanana, which also operates this popular scratchcards app.

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Just like hundreds of games, they advertise it as an opportunity to cash out real money via PayPal. However, the company doesn’t mention anything about cash rewards in the app description.


How Does Dicy Queen Work?



Dicy Queen is only available for android users. After installing the app on Google Play, you can start playing right away with no registration needed.



I expected to find virtual cash rewards while playing Dicy Queen, but all I can see are tokens. There are two separated balances at the top. The one on left side has the letter C in front of the amount, which I suppose stands for “Cash”.

However, nothing happens when I click on the “C” balance, and I don’t see any withdraw button. Also, there is no information about what you can do with your coin balance.

So, apparently, there is no option to convert tokens to cash, and no way to withdraw money to your PayPal account.


How to Play Dicy Queen

Once you start the game, they will give you a welcome gift of C66. Every day, you will have the chance to roll the dice 20 times, and move your pin around the board. Note how the real game is different from the ad! Where are the dollars?

Dicy queen real game

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As you land on specific places, you will get coins, C tokens, scratchcards and slots. For example, if you hit the slot machine, you will have the chance to win C1000 if you match 777.

In addition to the dice game, you can play the scratch cards, the slot machine and the lucky wheel. All of these games will give you a chance to win more C tokens and coin.

What really annoys me about playing the Dicy Queen is the excessive number of ads. Almost every time that I throw the dice or win something, I have to watch a video.


Is Dicy Queen Legit? Does it Pay?


Dicy Queen developers promote their app as an opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars and legally cash out via PayPal. Unfortunately, the game is completely different than the ad.

The reality is that you will earn tokens instead of cash, and there is no withdraw button. Well, at least people won’t waste so much time trying to reach the minimum payout.

I cannot say Dicy Queen is a scam, but the way they are promoting this game is just outrageous!




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Even though some money-making games don’t pay, at least they are a fun and help you pass the time. Well, I cannot say the same about Dicy Queen I am afraid.

I believe no one would like roll dices, scratch cards and watch so many ads in return for useless tokens. There is no challenge, and it’s very boring!

If you are searching for an app to make money online, stay well away from Dicy Queen or you will just waste your time.


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Final Words

Thank you for taking teh time to read my Dicy Queen app review. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, write it down in the comment section below and will be more than happy to help! 😉


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