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Color Ball Master Review – $7k – $10K per Month? WHAT?

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Welcome to my Color Ball Master review!

Over 10,000 eager individuals have downloaded Color Ball Master on their Android devices.

The reason behind this influx of players isn’t just the game’s addictive gameplay.

It’s the hypnotic prospect of earning real money that has captivated so many players around the globe.

The developer has left no stone unturned in their promotional efforts to attract players.

According to one of their adverts, players can supposedly earn a jaw-dropping $7k to $10k a month by playing just 0.5 to 2 hours per day.

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Besides, a girl claims it has no ads, in-game purchases, referrals, or withdrawal limits.

As players embark start collecting virtual dollars in Color Ball Master, a pressing question echoes in their minds:

Is this game legit or fake? Can one truly reap substantial rewards without hidden caveats? Keep reading to find out!

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Color Ball Master Review


  • Name: Color Ball Master: Brain test
  • Developer: hungariancloak
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold:
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Color Ball Master?


Color Ball Master is an Android puzzle game that tests your sorting skills.

In this game, your objective is simple: organize all the balls of the same color into bottles.

I’ve covered numerous water-sorting games in this blog.

But instead of liquids, this game has you sorting colored balls with similar mechanics.

With hundreds of levels to conquer, Color Ball Master challenges your strategy and reasoning abilities.

After sorting all the balls, you will complete the level and receive a cash reward.

Then, you will be enticed to tap the button and watch the advert to claim double the amount.

However, you can only withdraw your earnings once you accumulate a substantial $1,000.

Color Ball Master is still in its early access phase, so there are no reviews on the Play Store.

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This leaves players in the dark regarding the actual payouts, as there’s no way to hear from those who have attempted to cash out.


How Does Color Ball Master Work? 


Color Ball Master is a game that is accessible to Android users globally.

Its enticing offer of being free to play and requiring no registration process certainly appeals to the masses.

However, potential players should be cautious due to the game’s lack of data encryption.


Data Privacy Concern

Data encryption is essential for protecting your personal and financial information from unauthorized access and cyber theft.

Without encryption, sensitive data transmitted between your device and the game’s servers is vulnerable to interception.

This lack of security is particularly concerning when players enter their account IDs.

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Any information you provide in Color Ball Master could be exploited if it falls into the wrong hands.



Upon launching the game, you receive a $500 welcome bonus.

This generous, perhaps excessively so, amount raises eyebrows regarding the game’s monetization strategy.

After receiving the welcome bonus, they prompt you to click on their cash balance, choose a payment method, and enter your account ID.

The objective is to sort colored balls into corresponding bottles.

Color Ball Master gameplay

Completing each level earns you a decent cash reward.

You can double this cash prize by tapping the button and watching an advertisement.

Encouraging players to watch sponsored content by offering cash rewards is a potent incentive.

This approach subtly trains players to associate watching adverts with receiving tangible benefits.


How to Cash Out

You must accumulate a minimum of $1000 in your Color Ball Master account before cashing out.

Upon reaching this threshold, tap your cash balance, select a preferred payment method, and submit your account details.


About the Giveaways

Color Ball Master offers giveaways like iPhones, iPads, and more, enticing players to collect enough puzzle pieces while completing levels.

While playing, you’ll find opportunities to gather these pieces.

However, winning these expensive gadgets seems more like a fairy tale than reality.


Color Ball Master Legit? Does it Pay? 


Nope! The harsh truth about Color Ball Master is that it doesn’t pay a dime.

The cash rewards are nothing but digits on your screen, holding with no real-world value.

When you finally accumulate $1000 and try to cash out, the game blindsides you with an additional requirement.

It demands you watch ten videos, which ensures more revenue for the developers, not you.

Once you’ve done this, you know you still need to wait for the 24-hour countdown.

But brace yourself for disappointment – no money gets transferred to your account.

So, the flashy rewards are just bait, not compatible with a business structure fueled by advertisements.




Color Ball Master is another deceptive fake cash game preying on the user’s time.

Essentially, it’s just a replica of various games selling false dreams of easy earnings.

Their strategy is simple and effective: developer profits from advertisements while players chase unattainable rewards.

If you want to make real money online, avoid Color Ball Master like the plague.


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Final Words

Thanks for checking out my Color Ball Master review! I hope you found it helpful.

If you’ve tried the game, drop your thoughts below. Your review can guide other players, steering them towards good choices.


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