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Cointiply Review – Is it The Best Site to Earn Bitcoins?

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Welcome to my Cointiply Review!

In an era where crypto is more than just a buzzword, platforms that offer a way to earn digital currency are going viral.

Boasting over 3 million users, Cointiply labels itself as the “#1 Bitcoin Rewards Platform.”

As a leading GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform, it promises its users an array of opportunities to earn rewards – be it by watching videos, shopping, signing up for offers, or sharing opinions.

The allure of earning in crypto by completing simple online tasks is undeniably strong.

However, everyone must tread cautiously, as most platforms prioritize their profits over the user’s best interest.

So, is Cointiply the real deal or just another scam? Does the platform genuinely transfer the earned crypto into your crypto wallet?

With so much buzz and so many questions, diving deep into the Cointiply experience is paramount.

Stay with us as we embark on a journey to unveil whether this platform is worth the hype.

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Cointiply Review

  • Website:
  • Type: Bitcoin faucet
  • Income potential: Very Low
  • Membership eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: 30,000 coins (FaucetHub), approx. $3
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overall Rating: 3.4/5 


What is Cointiply?

Established in February 2018, Cointiply is an intriguing fusion of a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site and a Bitcoin faucet.

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For those unfamiliar, a Bitcoin faucet rewards users with satoshis (with 1 satoshi equating to 0.0000001 Bitcoins) simply for browsing webpages adorned with banners.

On the GPT front, such platforms reward users for a range of activities — from taking surveys and watching videos to playing games, completing offers, inviting friends, and much more.

While Cointiply may bear resemblance to the plethora of GPT sites online, it distinguishes itself in a few key ways.

Looking for more GPT sites? Check out my curated list of the top 100 GPT platforms here!

What sets Cointiply apart? Besides its Bitcoin-centric payouts, it offers unique avenues for users to boost their earnings, hence the name ‘Cointiply’.

For starters, their loyalty bonus program encourages consistent engagement, allowing users to progressively increase their bonuses up to 100% by simply logging in daily.

Their interest system is also a game-changer; by maintaining a balance of 35,000 Coins or more, users can earn a passive 5% interest.

As of this review, Cointiply boasts a massive community of over 3 million users who have collectively pocketed a staggering $12,000,000 in Bitcoin.

For added convenience, it’s noteworthy that the platform can be accessed on desktop and Android devices.


Is Cointiply a Scam?

In my opinion, Cointiply is a legit website that has been running since early 2018.

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If you check out the user reviews on Netbusinessrating, you will see hundreds of income proofs, which for me, is enough evidence that the site does pay.

On Trustpilot, Cointiply has been rated 4 stars, and many people are recommending the platform.

On the other hand, some people claim Cointiply is a scam as they got banned and didn’t have the chance to cash out.

One person said he was banned due to suspicious activity only after trying to cash out his balance.

He said he logged into his account from a hotel’s wifi, which might use VPN. So, apparently, it was not his fault!

However, instead of detecting the problem immediately, Cointiply let the user complete tasks and waited until he was cashing out.

Other people complain about getting banned as well as payment issues.

So, if you want to use Cointiply, do so from your own device and internet connection. Also, don’t forget to disable your VPN if you have one.

Unfortunately, errors and mistakes can happen, and there are no guarantees that you will get paid!

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Pros and Cons


  • Earn 100 coins as a signup bonus.
  • There are 20 offer walls and lots of opportunities to earn coins. It’s a HUGE platform!
  • Claim free coins hourly with the Cointiply faucet.
  • Earn 5% annual interest if you have more than 35,000 coins in your account.
  • It’s available worldwide.
  • Cointiply is available as an app for android devices.
  • Quick registration process.
  • No withdrawal fees.


  • The pay is very low.
  • Reaching the minimum withdrawal amount takes long unless you complete high-paying offers.
  • The bitcoin price can drop before you have a chance to exchange for USD.


How Much Are Coins Worth?

Whenever you complete a task on the site, you will earn coins that you can redeem later for BTC or use in the Cointiplay game.

Currently, 100 coins equal 0.000001 BTC (approximately $0.01 USD).

The value of a coin can increase or decrease over time, depending on the Bitcoin price.

Therefore, there is a possibility of winning and losing money due to market fluctuations.



The registration is free and straightforward.

You can create a free account by providing your email and clicking on the “Start Earning Now” button.

Then, complete the registration with your first name, and choose a password.

cointiply registration form

The last step is to verify your email account by clicking on the link provided by the company.

You will earn 100 Coins instantly by clicking that link.

It’s important to highlight that Cointiply doesn’t allow you to create multiple accounts nor use VPN (virtual private network) to mask your IP.

I have been banned from several GPT Sites because I forgot to disable my VPN.


Earning Coins

After you log in, you will see the dark Cointiply dashboard.

cointiply dashboard

As you already know, you can earn Bitcoins inside Cointiply in many ways.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming in the beginning!

But don’t worry…

My mission is to break down all the main ways to earn, so let’s get started with the Cointiply faucet!


Cointiply Faucet – Claim Free Coins Hourly

The first thing you will notice when you log in is the main Cointiply Faucet, which gives you free coins every hour.

cointiply faucet

Simply hit “roll and win”, and a random number from 1 to 99,999 will show up on your screen.

Here are the prizes you will get according to your roll number:

  • 1 – 69,999: 22 coins.
  • 70,000 – 89,999: 36 coins.
  • 90,000 – 96,999: 70 coins.
  • 97,999 – 98,999: 130 coins.
  • 99,000 – 99,998: 280 coins.

If you are lucky enough to roll 99,999, you will win the jackpot of 339,048 coins (approx. $339).

It’s important to mention that these faucet values depend on your multiplier rate.

All members start with a 1.5x multiplier, which can rise or fall depending on how active they are on the platform.

The more you engage with their services by completing offers, surveys, etc., the higher your multiplier.


Watch Videos 

The easiest way to earn coins is by playing videos via and VideoFox. will give you 51 points for every 3 ads that will be displayed between videos.

Keep in mind that only works for residents of Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, and the U.S.A.

As for VideoFox, it only works for U.S. residents, who will earn 121 coins for every 20 minutes.

The reward is very low, so don’t expect to earn a lot of money from videos.

The cool thing about it is that you don’t have to sit in from of your computer and watch the videos.

You can let them playing and accumulate coins while you are doing something else.


Complete Offers

Cointiply has partnered with 20 offer walls, which are third-party platforms full of opportunities to earn coins.

Popular offer walls include Pollfish, Adscend Media, Tap Research, Adgate Media, Theorem Reach, Minute Staff, and Revenue Wall.

hot offer walls

You will find many surveys, free trials, free sign-ups, offers, mobile apps and more!

I am not a fan of offers that ask my phone number as I have to agree on receiving marketing calls.

Using an alternative number is an excellent strategy to avoid inconvenient calls, but the problem is that some offers only accept landline numbers.

Also, I’d avoid offers that ask to make a deposit because you never know if Cointiply will pay you back.


View Ads

In this section, all you have to do is view the ad for a few seconds to earn around 6 – 13 coins.

For less than 13 coins, I wouldn’t bother clicking on these ads.


Play Games

Play any game from a vast selection and earn 30 coins every time your activity bar fills up.

activity bar

Before you play a game, make sure you do not have an adblocker active.

The reason is that ads will show up during the game in order to pay for your time.

Sometimes your activity bar can get stuck. If that happens, open a new game and continue playing.


Multiplier – Cointiplay

Cointiply is a game that you can play to multiply your coins. 

First, you need to choose how many Coins you would like to wager (10 to 50,000).

Every time you select the right target (red Gem cluster), you will earn the number of coins you wagered times the multiplier rate.


The multiplier doubles every time you select the right target, so you have the potential to make as much as 613 Coins from a 10 Coin wager.

You can stop at any level and take your wins or keep trying. If you select the wrong target (red Gem cluster), you will lose everything.

I played this game a couple of times as it’s very addictive. Unfortunately, I lost more coins than I won, so I suspected Cointiply had the edge in this game.

After reading about Cointiplay on the website itself, I discovered that there is a 68.7% chance of winning Level 1 and a 66.7% chance of winning each one of the other levels.

However, they do have an edge of approximately 3.75% on the first 2 levels, which means the more you play, the more coins you will lose in the long term.

If you are spending a lot of time on the platform taking surveys and completing offers, you should not bet your coins in this game.

The odds are definitely against you!

Referral Program

Cointiply’s referral program could be better!

You will earn 25% of all your referrals faucet claims and 10% of everything your referrals earn by completing offers.

You can refer unlimited users by sharing your referral link on social media, forums, etc.



  • Earn 1% loyalty bonus every day you log in and make a faucet claim.
  • Earn 5% annual interest if you have at least 35,000 coins in your account. You can also make a deposit to reach 35,000 and start collecting interest. You can withdraw anytime!
  • Increase earnings by improving your Cointiply profile (leveling up, collecting items, etc.).


Cointiply App

cointiply appIn November 2019, the company launched the Cointiply app available for Android devices.

Since then, the app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the Google Play store and received excellent feedback from users.

The advantage of using the app is that it provides the same opportunities to earn Bitcoin from your phone.



Currently, you can withdraw Bitcoins to the following wallets:

  • Bitcoin Wallet – The minimum requirement is 100,000 Coins ($10), and the payment is processed once a week, usually on Sundays.
  • DOGE Wallet – The minimum requirement is 35,000 Coins ($3.5), and the payment processed within 24 – 72 hours.
  • FaucetHub – The minimum requirement is 50,000 Coins ($5), and the payment processed within 24 – 72 hours.

Faucethub is a good option because you can exchange BTC to USD without fees.


Final Thoughts

Cointiply is probably one of the highest paying faucets out there! Still, the pay rates are too low compared to other ways to make money online!

If you are completing surveys and offers, I advise you don’t gamble with your coins. Cointiplay is very risky as the odds are against you.

If you are not a fan of crypto and you prefer to get paid via PayPal, a great alternative is Prizerebel, which is my top-rated GPT site.

Now, if you are sick and tired of wasting hours just to earn a few cents, keep reading as I am going to show you a better strategy to make money online.

 Verdict: Legit


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Final Words

I hope my Cointiply review was helpful to you!

Have you tried this bitcoin faucet / GPT site? If so, did you get paid? Do you think it’s a good platform to earn Bitcoins?

Feel free to leave us a comment below! 🙂

Stay safe and peace out!

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