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Coin Frenzy Review – Is it Legit? Do Not Pay $0.99!

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Welcome to my Coin Frenzy review!

Today, we’re diving headfirst into yet another coin pusher game for Android – Coin Frenzy.

Now, this isn’t just any game. They’ve sweetened the deal by boldly claiming that a $1000 cash bonus would magically land in your lap if you download this game.

No ads, no in-app purchases, and absolutely no withdrawal limits.

I can almost see the dollar signs in your eyes.

And as if these aren’t big enough red flags, the lady in their commercial is offering $600 if you play for 2 hours.

Quick math: that’s $18,000 a month just for casual coin pushing!

If so, why not turn it into a full-time gig, playing around the clock?

Or better yet, why not set up a mini mobile farm and start the Coin Frenzy on multiple devices?

Maybe we can all become richer than Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg while having fun!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

So, that brings us to the million-coin question: Is Coin Frenzy legit or fake?

Will it genuinely pay for dropping coins, or are we just tossing our hopes into a virtual abyss?

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Stick around as we unearth the mysteries of this game. But fair warning: the rabbit hole might be deeper than you think!

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Coin Frenzy Review


  • Name: Coin Frenzy: Push & Win
  • Advertiser: Phantom Walkers
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: 
  • Overall Rating: 0

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What is Coin Frenzy?


Coin Frenzy is an addictive, free-to-play game exclusively available on Android platforms.

At its core, it’s a digital iteration of those nostalgic coin pusher machines you might remember from arcades or carnivals.

But instead of feeding it with real coins, players tap their screens to drop virtual dimes over the platform.

The “amazing” part is that players can cash out their virtual earnings, converting them into actual currency via PayPal or Cash App.

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Despite being installed over 50k times, Coin Frenzy is still in early access.

That means players cannot publish reviews on the Play Store and expose their results.

As a result, they can avoid negative repercussions and keep attracting more users despite not paying a dime.


How Does Coin Frenzy Work? 


Getting Started with Coin Frenzy

You can easily download this game from the Play Store anywhere.

It’s free to install; you don’t need to sign up or buy anything.

Even though they promise no ads, you’ll quickly notice they are everywhere in the game.

That’s how the developer profits from the app; otherwise, how he could afford to provide the crazy cash prizes, right?

Once you’re in, they boldly claim that you can cash out if you collect $1000.

Download Freecash App 3

They use logos from PayPal and Cash App to make it seem trustworthy.

They also add a 24-hour countdown timer to make you feel like you’re running out of time to claim your reward.

That’s a classic scarcity tactic to make you take action fast.


Game Mechanics and Cash Rewards

Now, let’s talk about how the game works. You tap the screen to drop yellow and green coins.

Yellow coins get you tokens, but those can’t be turned into real money.

coin frenzy gameplay

Green coins are what you’re after. They have different values – like, let’s say, a 250-coin push could give you $2.50.

Once any coin falls into the blue box, it will trigger the slot machine for a chance to win rewards.

For instance, if a trio of green coins lines up, lots of green coins with different amounts will fall on the platform to boost your earnings.

There are many other ways to boost earnings, like tapping the cash bubbles, smashing the piggy bank, building a wall, and more.

However, most of these bonuses have a caveat – you must watch adverts.

Sneaky move by the game developer, right? They get you engaged, and you end up watching more advertisements, which means more money for them.


The Payout Process

When it’s time to cash in on your hard-earned winnings, you’ll head over to your “Cash Wallet” by tapping your balance.

You can choose PayPal or Cash App for withdrawal. However, bear in mind you’ll need to collect at least $1000 before you can proceed.

After entering your account details and clicking “Cash Out, they advise you to ensure your phone or email is accurate.

Besides, Coin Frenzy claims it may take up to 7 days for the money to hit your account.


Is Coin Frenzy Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Coin Frenzy won’t pay you a dime. It’s a smoke screen, following the playbook of many deceptive games we’ve seen.

It works like many coin pusher games I reviewed in the blog, such as Maya Pusher Master and Crazy Pusher Master.

Coin Frenzy is no different. At first glance, the game might seem legit.

They’ll let you play, make you feel you’re earning, and even ask you to input your email or phone number to cash out.

But the moment you attempt to claim your so-called earnings? The facade falls apart.

A cleverly designed “verification phase” pops up with a progress bar.

To complete this, you’re directed to watch 40 videos.

Clicking the “Bonus get” button will activate these adverts.

A quick note: a majority of the apps promoted are other misleading ‘get-rich-quick’ games.

But it gets worse.

An insidious “skip” button appears, tempting you with a shortcut.

A flashy PayPal logo and a message claiming two “accelerated review methods” become visible.

They offer two conditions:

  1. Watch 40 videos within the game.
  2. Pay a $0.99 “platform handling fee”.

coin frenzy withdrawal

Now, let me be crystal clear: DO NOT PAY. The idea that they’ll transfer a whopping $1000 to your account after you pay a mere 99 cents is absurd. It’s a trap.




Coin Frenzy is not your ticket to riches; it’s a ticket to disappointment.

Stay alert, stay informed, and avoid such gimmicks.

Your time and money are precious. Don’t let games like these take you for a ride.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Coin Frenzy review!

Your thoughts and experiences matter. If you’ve interacted with this or any similar game, please comment below.


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