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CashFlipz App Review – Your Ticket to Easy Money? Is it Legit?

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Welcome to my CashFlipz review!

If you want to make some extra cash by completing tasks and playing games, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’ll explore CashFlipz, a popular reward app for Android users on the Google Play Store.

Despite boasting over 100,000 installs, the app surprisingly has no reviews.

Our mission is to fill that gap and provide you with an honest, thorough evaluation of CashFlipz’s features, usability, and earning potential.

Is CashFlipz a legitimate way to put money in your pocket, or is it just another time-wasting app with empty promises?

Can you really earn real cash by completing tasks and playing games, or will you end up in a frustrating cycle of unfulfilled expectations?

Let’s find out if CashFlipz is worth your time and effort!

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What is CashFlipz?


Developed by POMARICO CIOFFI, a Brazilian company, CashFlipz is a reward app that allows users to earn money by completing various tasks.

CashFlipz lets you earn points for gift cards, cash, or in-game currency by exploring offers, taking surveys, or playing games.

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According to its developers, CashFlipz has an impressive user base of over 15,000 daily active users and has paid more than $100,000 to its members.

With over 200 opportunities, CashFlipz stands out in the reward app market, offering plenty of ways to boost your income.


How Does CashFlipz Work? 


Installation and Registration

To begin with, install the CashFlipz app from the Google Play Store or access it via desktop and create an account.

Sign-up is a breeze – you can quickly register using your Google account or by providing your email address.

Upon registration, you’ll receive a helpful tutorial that guides you through the app’s features and teaches you how to start earning points.

Additionally, as a welcome gesture, you’ll receive a bonus of 250 points, equivalent to $0.25.


Earning Points

There are several ways to earn points on CashFlipz:

cashflipz dashboard

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Offer Partners

CashFlipz partners with various offer walls, including Ayet-Studio, AdscendMedia, MM Wall, Timewall, Adgate, Torox, Notik, BitcoTasks, Lootably, and Wannads.

These partnerships offer a wide range of tasks for you to complete to earn rewards.

Tasks include installing and testing mobile apps, signing up for services, or completing various offers.

For instance, through the Ayet-Studio offer wall, you can earn 2,100 points ($2.10) simply by creating a new Coinbase account.

The amount you can earn varies significantly based on the type of offer, its complexity, and the time required to complete it.

You might earn just a few cents for quick tasks or more than $30 for more involved offers.

It’s important to carefully read the instructions for each offer, as some may require a purchase or a subscription to complete.

Therefore, evaluating whether the potential reward is worth the effort and any costs involved is crucial.


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CashFlipz partners with the Adjoe platform to allow users to earn points by playing sponsored games.

To earn points through PlayTime, you must follow a series of steps.

First, within the CashFlipz app, navigate to the “PlayTime” section and tap on a game that interests you.

CashFlipz will then connect you with the Adjoe platform.

Next, you will be prompted to activate usage tracking, which allows Adjoe to track your playtime and reward you accordingly.

Tap “Keep” to proceed. The app will then display a list of available games and the points you can earn for completing each level.

After choosing a game you’d like to play, tap “Play Now,” you will be redirected to the Google Play Store to install it.

Once the game is installed, do not open it directly from the Play Store.

Instead, return to the CashFlipz app and navigate to the “My Games” tab.

Locate the game you just installed and tap on it to launch it. As you play and complete levels, you will earn points.

Each level completion will award you a specified number of points, as the app indicates.

Make sure to access and launch the game through the “My Games” tab in CashFlipz to track your gameplay and earn points.

Opening the game directly from your device’s home screen or app drawer may result in not receiving points for your progress.


Survey Partners

CashFlipz partners with reputable survey companies like Theorem Reach and Bitlabs CPX Research, allowing users to earn points by sharing their opinions.

These surveys gather consumer insights on various products, services, or topics, helping companies improve their offerings.

Participating in surveys through CashFlipz is straightforward.

You’ll provide demographic information and answer questions related to the survey topic.

The points you earn vary depending on the survey’s length, complexity, and the partner offering it.

CPX Research, for example, has a lower disqualification rate, meaning you have a better chance of completing surveys and earning points consistently.

While surveys can be an easy way to earn rewards, there are some challenges:

  1. Disqualifications: You might get disqualified midway through a survey if your profile doesn’t match the target audience or your answers are inconsistent.
  2. Limited Availability: Survey availability may be limited based on your demographic profile and location.
  3. Time Investment: Some surveys can be lengthy, requiring significant time for a small reward.

To maximize your earnings, provide accurate information, check for new surveys regularly, focus on high-quality partners like CPX Research, and be patient and persistent.

Consistency is vital to accumulating points over time.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings

CashFlipz offers a variety of convenient withdrawal options, allowing you to quickly redeem your points for cash, gift cards, or in-game currency.

To start the withdrawal process, navigate to the “Withdraw” section.

withdraw Cashflipz


Redeem Cash

If you prefer to receive your earnings in cash, CashFlipz has you covered.

You can withdraw your points via PayPal, with a minimum cash-out requirement of just $3.

For Brazilian users, the app also supports Pix, a popular instant payment system.

Alternatively, you can cash out using AIRTM, a digital wallet that supports USD and various cryptocurrencies.


Redeem Gift Cards

For those who enjoy mobile apps and games, CashFlipz offers the option to redeem your points for Google Play or Apple (iTunes/App Store) gift cards.

The minimum withdrawal amount for a Google Play gift card is $5, and it provides credit to purchase your favorite apps, games, or in-app items.


Get In-Game Currency for Popular Mobile Games

CashFlipz caters to mobile gamers by offering in-game currency withdrawals for various popular titles.

You can redeem your points for Free Fire diamonds with a minimum withdrawal of 100 diamonds.

The app also supports in-game currency for other hit games such as PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, and Mobile Legends.

One of the standout features of CashFlipz is the wide range of withdrawal options available.

The low minimum withdrawal amounts for PayPal and Google Play gift cards are appealing as they allow quick access to earnings without needing a large balance.


Is CashFlipz Legit? Does it Pay? 


CashFlipz is a legitimate reward app that pays users for completing tasks, offers, and surveys.

The app’s partnerships with well-known offer walls and survey providers, multiple withdrawal options, and low minimum cash-out threshold add to its credibility.

However, the lack of user reviews on the Google Play Store raises some concerns.

When considering any reward app, it’s essential to research user feedback across various platforms to gauge its legitimacy and identify potential issues.

The absence of reviews doesn’t necessarily indicate a scam, but it does warrant caution.

If you decide to try CashFlipz, start small and cash out early to test its reliability for yourself.

As with any reward app, exercise caution and do your due diligence before investing significant time and effort.


Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my CashFlipz review. I hope you found it helpful in understanding the app’s features and potential.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with CashFlipz, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Your insights can help others make informed decisions.


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