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Balls Soft Review – Will They Transfer $200 to Your Account?

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Welcome to my Balls Soft review!

The allure of quick and easy money is stronger than ever, and mobile games promising cash rewards are sprouting up everywhere.

One such game, Balls Soft, claims you can earn hundreds of dollars simply by playing a casual balls merge game.

However, the Google Play Store is increasingly flooded with these so-called “cash games,” which often prey on people’s desire for fast money.

Therefore, not diving into these opportunities without doing your homework is crucial.

Searching for honest reviews and information is essential to making informed decisions and avoiding potential regrets.

That’s precisely why you’re here.

You want to know the truth about Balls Soft: is it a legitimate way to earn money or another scam?

Let’s dive in and find out whether Balls Soft pays or if it’s just another empty promise.

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What is Balls Soft?


Balls Soft is a casual merge game where you engage in an addictive gameplay loop of tapping, dropping, and merging identical balls.

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Each ball has a specific number and color, and when you merge two balls with the same number, they collide to form a larger ball with a higher number.

For example, merging two balls labeled with the number 4 will result in a larger ball numbered 8.

The game rewards you with generous cash prizes as you continue to unlock and merge larger balls.

These rewards accumulate over time, and the game claims that you can withdraw your earnings once you reach a threshold of $200.

Balls Soft offers a simple and fun way to earn cash rewards by merging balls.

But does it really pay out as advertised? Let’s explore further.


How Does Balls Soft Work? 


Balls Soft is available on the Play Store for players worldwide and is completely free.

You don’t even need to register to start playing.

The gameplay is straightforward: drop the balls and merge them with balls of the same color and number.

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Your goal is to unlock the target ball shown on the left side of the screen. Here’s a quick guide on how to play:

  • Swipe and Aim the Ball: Use your finger to swipe across the screen and aim where you want to drop the ball.
  • Loose and Shoot the Ball: Release your finger to shoot the ball, ensuring it aligns with another ball of the same color and number.
  • Merge Them All: When two identical balls collide, they merge into a larger ball with a higher number, helping you reach the target.

balls soft gameplay

As you merge balls, you start collecting cash rewards, often over $4.

These rewards appear frequently, and some entice you to tap the claim button.

However, to receive the reward, you must watch an advert.

This is a crucial aspect of the game: the developer generates revenue through these ads, and the more you watch, the more money they make.

Once you have accumulated what the game claims to be $200, you can attempt to cash out.

To do this, tap the withdraw button and enter your PayPal email.


Is Balls Soft legit? Does it Pay?


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After a thorough investigation, it’s clear that the cash rewards in Balls Soft are fake.

Despite the enticing claims, players will not receive any real money, no matter how much they play.

The game uses tactics to keep players engaged and watching ads while the chances of reaching $200 become increasingly slim.

It employs a system of diminishing returns, meaning cash rewards decrease as you approach the $200 threshold.

Initially, you may earn $4-$5 per reward, but this will eventually drop to just a few pennies, making it nearly impossible to reach the minimum payout.

Even if you collect $200, don’t expect to receive any money.

The developers may impose additional requirements or ignore your withdrawal request altogether.

Payments will never be made, regardless of the time and effort you put in.

Balls Soft, like many similar games like Merge Balls, is designed primarily to generate ad revenue for the developers.

The promise of easy money is a tactic to keep players engaged and watching ads while the developers profit from ad impressions and clicks.

In conclusion, Balls Soft is another outrageous money trap!

The cash rewards are fictitious, and players should not expect to receive any real payments.




If you’ve been playing Balls Soft, it’s strongly recommended that you uninstall the game and avoid wasting any more time on it.

To avoid fake cash games, thoroughly research apps, read user reviews, and be cautious of games promising easy money for minimal effort.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to generate extra cash from your phone, consider trying Freecash.

This powerful app lets you earn real money by playing games and taking simple surveys.

Unlike Balls Soft, Freecash is a trusted platform that delivers on its promises!


Final Words

Thank you for reading my Balls Soft review.

Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

Your feedback will help others make informed decisions about the game and similar apps.



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