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Bubble Party Shooter Review – Is the $1000 Prize Fake?

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Welcome to my Bubble Party Shooter review!

You’ve probably seen their eye-catching advertisements promising generous cash rewards just for bursting bubbles, right?

It’s an irresistible offer: Play a simple game, make a bank.

Many are tempted by the opportunity to earn a whopping $1000 payout, all while simply tapping away on their mobile screens.

But before you step into this colorful world of possible riches, we have something important to talk about.

You see, the road to this pot of gold is paved with an avalanche of advertisements!

That naturally raises questions. Can the developer afford such a generous cash prize? Is Bubble Party Shooter legitimate? 

Stick around, and we’ll unveil the truth behind this game together! 

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Bubble Party Shooter Review


  • Name: ABubble Party Shooter
  • Developer: Slow motion Games
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Price: free
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Bubble Party Shooter? 


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Bubble Party Shooter is an addictive bubble shooting game that will hook you for hours!

In this game, your main objective is to eliminate bubbles by shooting at clusters of bubbles of the same color.

Whenever you match at least three bubbles of the same color, they burst and trigger sweet cash rewards!

The game was crafted using the Unity platform, which countless fake cash games have used. Learn how to avoid them in this post. 

With its eye-catching dollars and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder Bubble Party Shooter has been installed over 50,000 times!

But despite the generous cash offers, it seems that the 1-star rating club has been having a wild party in the Play Store.

People are indeed very upset with this application! 


How Does Bubble Party Shooter Work? 


Bubble Party Shooter is just a tap away on the Play Store. It’s completely free to play and doesn’t require any registration.

Once you launch the game, you will immediately get a $10 welcome bonus. After tapping the button to collect your bonus, a new one worth $100 appears. 

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But to unlock this prize, you must endure your first commercial. – Not a bad deal for $100, huh?

So, how does this bubble-popping action unfold?

The screen is filled with colorful bubbles, a spectacle for the eyes.

Your task is to tap on your screen to aim and shoot at clusters of the same colored bubbles.

When the three of them meet, they disappear. Sometimes, falling bubbles collect in barrels at the bottom, earning you virtual cash rewards that immediately add up to your account. 

You complete a level by clearing all the bubbles and reaching a target score.

Completing the level might usher in a well-known and annoying guest – an advertisement! 

Bubble Party Shooter will also activate the Lucky Scratch or spin the lucky wheel to help you earn more cash.

Furthermore, a gift icon buoyed by balloons might wander onto your screen.

Tap this icon, and a pop-up with virtual dollars and a “claim” button will show up. 

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Clicking on this button triggers yet another video, ensuring the developers get paid by hungry advertisers.  


How do you cash out? 

You can cash out once you’ve collected $1000.

Once you do, a prominent ‘cash out’ button will appear.

Select either PayPal or Cash App, give your account information, and click submit.


Is Bubble Party Shooter Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Bubble Party Shooter is another fake cash game that doesn’t pay as advertised.

It’s a clone of countless bubble shooting games that entice players with unrealistic cash rewards. 

Initially, the game throws a decent amount of cash your way, creating an illusion of easy earnings.

But things get murky as you edge towards the $1000 mark – cash prizes start to dwindle.

Yet, the lure of reaching the cash-out threshold is strong, and within roughly an hour or so, you finally hit the target.

A pop-up appears, reassuring you that your cash-out request has been submitted and you should expect a transfer to your account within 24 hours.

But here’s the catch: there are conditions attached. Oh, the classic bait and switch!

The first condition? They want you to complete 20 levels of the game.

The reason behind this condition isn’t hard to see: the more levels you play, the more revenue for the developers.

Some players have reported having to check in for 7 consecutive days after fulfilling the second condition.

It becomes clear that you are just jumping through hoops only to line the developers’ pockets.




Bubble Party Shooter is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Despite the allure of quick cash and enjoyable gameplay, it’s important to remember that it’s a time drain with no real payoff.

The alleged cash rewards are nothing more than an illusion. Yep, they’re 100% fake! 

So, instead of spending hours popping virtual bubbles for nonexistent rewards, why not invest your time wisely?

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Bubble Party Shooter review! I sincerely hope it was insightful.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your experiences with this app in the comment section below.


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