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Is Baymack a Scam? Read My Review Before You Invest Your Time!

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baymack reviewToday I found another platform where you can make money online called Baymack.

It’s a bit different from other reward sites as it’s based on entries for prizes. So, is Baymack a scam or legit?

Check out my honest review before you invest your time!

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Baymack Review

  • Name: Baymack
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join
  • Type: Prize draw
  • Overall Rating: 2.7/5


What Is Baymack?


Baymack is a reward website that gives you entries for prizes in return for Youtube views.

It’s a very simple website! All you have to do is watch Youtube videos and answer a question to make sure you really watched it.

The more you videos you watch, the more entries you will get. Hence, the better your chances of winning.

You can also earn entries by inviting people to join Baymack via your referral link.

I didn’t find any information about the company that operates Baymack, but they are the same owners of Flamzy, and VipBirdie, which are practically identical.


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Pros and Cons


  • It’s free to join.
  • Transparent platform.


  • Small prizes.
  • You will get only 1 entry for every two people that you refer.
  • You will compete with more than 100,000 entries to earn just $100.


How Does It Work?


Baymack is free to join, but you can only do so through invitation. If you are not invited, you can still provide your email and request an invite.


Alternatively, you can click on your profile and choose any of the other sister sites such as Skylom.

You will then be asked to sign up using your Facebook account. Once you are logged in to any of these other sites, you will be automatically logged in for Baymack as well.


Getting Entries

For the first 10 entries, you must watch 5 videos to get 1 entry and answer which category they belong to.


The minimum amount of time you need to spend on each video is 60-100 seconds. After that, you will have to guess the category of the video.


After the 10th entry, the requirements to get an additional entry are as follow:

  • 11-50: 3 views each.
  • 51-100: 2 views each.
  • 101-200: 1 view each.
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So, the more videos you watch, the easier it is to get one entry. But you can’t get more than 200 entries per prize draw.

Also, you can get 1 entry for every 2 friends that you invite to Baymack.

In my opinion, they could be more generous with their referral program because it’s not so easy to get referrals.



Every day, Baymack will select winners randomly according to the following prizes:

  • $100 – 1 winner.
  • $1 – 25 winners.
  • $0.1 – 1200 winners.
  • $0.01 – 80.000 winners.

One thing I really like about Baymack is that they are transparent about the number of entries you are competing against.

total entries

On the homepage, you will see the total entries the website gave today in real-time.

If you divide your entries by the total number of entries, you will have the exact probability of winning.

Earning $100 with Baymack is definitely much easier than winning the Superball, but still, the chances are very slim!

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You will probably compete with over 100,000 entries!



There is another possibility to make money which is by getting 25 entries per day, 7 days in a roll. The reward? $0.05!

After doing some math, you will realize you need to view 665 videos to earn just $0.05. 




Baymack gives you the option to withdraw via Paypal or BankWire. The minimum payout requirement via PayPal is only $0.02 and $99 via BankWire.


Conclusion – Is Baymack a Scam? 

I am confident Baymack is a legit website as I haven’t seen complaints about payments so far.

I like the fact that the platform gives us the total number of entries and that they show the complete list of winners. It’s very transparent!

The drawback is the low earning potential. I think there are far too many people competing for $100, which can be discouraging for the majority of people who keep watching lots of videos to earn $0.01 a day.

Verdict: Legit


Achieving Time and Location Freedom


It feels great to win a prize or get rewarded for doing something easy.

However, you need to ask yourself:

Will this thing I am spending my time on helping me achieve my dreams?

If you are searching for ways to money online, it’s crucial to realize that you have the choice to make $50 OR $1,000+ per month working the same number of hours!

How much your time is worth will depend on the method you choose and how persistent you are in achieving your goals.

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Although I didn’t have any knowledge or experience, I followed a great step-by-step course and built a lucrative online business.

I got my first dollar eight months later, but I was not disheartened since I knew it would take time! So, after 2 years, I achieved the $1,000 /month mark.

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Thanks for checking out my Baymack review. If you have any questions, leave us a comment section below.

All the very best!

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