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Balls Champ Review – Can You Buy a Car to Your Father?

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Welcome to my Balls Champ review!

I recently downloaded a game that promises entertainment and a potential financial windfall!

Yep, I am talking about “Balls Champ,” a game claiming to turn gameplay into substantial earnings.

I found this app through an enticing advertisement!

It tells the story of a student who allegedly earned $800 by simply downloading “Balls Champ” on his father’s phone and playing for 20 minutes,

Fast forward two months, and he bought a brand-new Mercedes Benz for his father!

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The allure of “Balls Champ” lies in its bold promise: the game is free to download and play, yet it supposedly offers real financial rewards.

So, is Balls Champ a legitimate source of income, or just another cleverly disguised gimmick?

In this reveal, I will reveal all the truths!

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Balls Champ Review


best money app
  • Name: Balls Champ
  • Developer: Pitih Masuak
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $150
  • Overall Rating: 0

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What is Balls Champ?


Balls Champ is a casual game that claims to offer real cash prizes.

Developed by Pitih Masuak and released on January 12, 2024, this game is available on Android devices.

Players must swipe and aim to merge balls of the same color and number to progress.

However, what sets this game apart is its promise of cash rewards.

As players merge the balls, they reportedly receive generous cash prizes, creating an enticing draw for many users.

As you successfully merge balls, your balance grows rapidly.

However, players can only withdraw their earnings once they reach a high cashout amount of $300. That’s very unrealistic!

Adding to the skepticism, “Balls Champ” is currently in early access, which means no one can publish reviews on the Play Store.

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This lack of user feedback prevents players from learning from others’ experiences.

The inability to access reviews is highly convenient for the developer, as they can keep their reputation intact regardless of whether they pay out or not.


How Does Balls Champ Work? 


Balls Champ is easily accessible to a broad audience and doesn’t require registration.

Although the app claims to encrypt data, sharing sensitive personal information such as bank details may not be safe.

They ask you to enter payment information, such as PayPal email or Mastercard details.

I strongly advise you against proceeding as it’s unclear how the developer handles your data.


The Gameplay

You just need to drag and drop balls, aiming to merge them.

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When two identical balls collide, they merge into a giant ball with double the number.

The objective is to keep merging until you reach a ball labeled 2048.

Balls Champ gameplay

Players who merge balls collect cash rewards deposited into a virtual balance.

The initial reward is an impressive $66! 

Initially, these cash rewards come without strings attached, but later, you will see the ‘Claim’ button alongside these rewards.

To claim the money, you must watch an advertisement. This tactic is a clever strategy by the developer to maximize profits from advertisements. 


How do You cash Out? 

Cashing out in “Balls Champ” appears straightforward initially, but it’s far more complicated than it seems.

You will soon realize that the game balance differs from the actual cash-out balance.

Within the ‘withdraw’ section, there’s a separate figure called the “withdrawal amount,” which is significantly lower than what you’ve accumulated in the game.

For levels 1 to 29, the game only allows you to cash out 1% of your in-game balance.

Therefore, if your game balance is $100, you’re only eligible to withdraw just $1.

You need a minimum of $150 to make any withdrawal, which, at this rate, translates to a mere $1.5 before level 29.

This process is not only lengthy but also extremely tedious.

The situation slightly improves from levels 30 to 39, where the cash-out rate jumps to 30%.

This increase allows for immediate and higher withdrawals.

Yet, reaching level 30 is a daunting task, as the game doesn’t specify the milestones or time needed to level up.

It could take days or months! Maybe it’s an unattainable goal!


Is Balls Champ Legit? Does it Pay?


Sadly, it becomes evident that “Balls Champ” is another fake cash game meticulously designed to exploit players’ time.

The enticing offer of cash rewards is just bait!

In reality, you watch countless adverts, inadvertently fueling the developer’s ad revenue.

You are, in essence, being used!

The game is engineered to reduce your earnings perpetually, so the elusive $150 mark is always out of reach.

As you try to level up, you’ll notice that the time required to complete each level increases exponentially as you approach level 29.

This makes cashing out nearly impossible.

The absence of review on the Play Store shields the developer from public scrutiny and prevents players from sharing their frustrating experiences.

That’s a straightforward tactic to mask the game’s true nature.


Tips to Avoid Fake Cash Games


To help you steer clear of deceptive traps, here are some practical tips to identify and avoid falling victim to such games.

  1. Unrealistic Advertisements: Be wary of games that use flashy and exaggerated ads promising life-changing rewards.
  2. Claims of Large Sums of Cash: Exercise skepticism with games that offer unusually high cash rewards for minimal effort.
  3. Easy Money Promises: Remember, if earning money is too easy, it’s likely too good to be true.
  4. Diminishing Rewards: Stay alert to games where the rewards decrease as you progress, a common tactic to keep you playing without paying.
  5. Early Access Games: Be cautious with early access games, as they often lack user reviews and feedback, making it hard to verify their legitimacy.

Learn more about how to spot fake games here! 




The creators of Balls Champ have designed the game to consume your time without providing any financial benefits.

Sharing your sensitive data with this app is risky, and the chances of actually getting paid are virtually non-existent.

The game cleverly manipulates earnings, making it nearly impossible to reach the cashout threshold.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Balls Champ review! I hope it helps!

So, have you tried this or similar games? Were you able to cash out?

Your stories and insights are invaluable to others. So, feel free to comment below!


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