15 Awesome Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

travel the world

Do you have the travel bug? How often do you sit around wishing that you could visiting some of the hundreds of countries around the world? Money is likely holding you back—and keeping your current job!

The great news is that there are some jobs that allow you to travel the world and earn at the same time. Here are 15 awesome jobs that you need to consider today!

#1. Start Affiliate Marketing

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There is a reason affiliate marketing is top of my list. It's the strategy that decided to use to free myself from the rigid 9-5 grind and get the chance to experience unlimited travel. 

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other’s products for a commission.  The benefit for you is that you don’t need to have your own products to sell. There’s no need to worry about the shipping or returns. Nor are you limited to specific locations!

All you need is a computer, internet connection and a website.Yes, a website/blog is essential!  So, you can literally work anywhere, anytime! How liberating is that? 

The earnings are limitless, and as you earn in dollars, you can definitely get an excellent standard of living depending on your location. 

So, why not give it a try? The best platform to get step by step training and build your affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member myself and it's really helping me achieve my financial goals online. 

#2. Join the Peace Corp

peace corps

How would you love to help other people and travel at the same time? The Peace Corp allows you to do that, with opportunities in the majority of the third world countries.

This work is challenging and you are technically a volunteer, but there is a small pay available. You’re just not going to get rich fast. The benefit is your accommodation and food is paid for, so the money you get is for you to spend how you want.

Here are just a few jobs that you can do:

  • Teach environmental awareness in schools
  • Help small-scale farmers
  • Teach basic computer skills
  • Work in HIV/AIDS prevention programs

#3. Become a Freelance Translator

If you have skills in multiple languages, it’s time to use them to your advantage. You can work from anywhere at all and translate documents, letters, and books to help people understand conversations.

You can also work as an interpreter for business meetings, although you may find yourself limited to countries depending on the languages you know. With online translation services, there is no earning ceiling and you can do it from wherever you like.

#4. Work Behind Bars Around the World


If you prefer the idea of employment rather than freelancing or volunteering, then why not opt for bar work? There is always someone looking to hire a bartender and every country has some sort of hot spot for travellers.

You can also opt for waitressing if that is your preference. You will be limited to the wages paid in the countries, but you can save up and move on to another country whenever you want.

#5. Teach in Other Countries


Various countries look out for English teachers and you don’t always need to have a formal degree! This is especially the case if you want to travel around Africa and parts of Asia.

You can teach other subjects if you have skills in them, but English teaching is the most sought after. This is now also a job you can do online, meaning you can be anywhere in the world to do it!

#6. Get Work on a Cruise Ship


Cruise ships are a popular way to work and travel at the same time. There’s downtime between jobs, so you can get out and explore the new locations, and you get the choice of different length of voyages.

You will be employed and the pay is usually lower than some of the options already mentioned. However, your food and accommodation are paid for, so the money is for you to spend and save.

#7. Be a Travelling Musician


If you have skills in music, it’s time to get yourself out there. Stop hoping that you’ll get noticed from your own bedroom and travel the world: just you and your guitar.

If you don’t like the idea of busking (and some countries do have strict laws on this), you can join a travelling band. Some are specifically for cruise ships, but others will go to physical venues and you get plenty of downtime to explore.

#8. Join a Flight Crew


You may not have the skill or eyesight to fly a plane, but what about becoming a flight attendant? Okay, so there are some downsides to this type of job (like the passengers), but you do get to travel the world without spending a penny. Yes, flight attendants do get some time to explore cities and you’ll make excellent friends with the rest of the team on your flights.

#9. Become a Travelling Babysit


This role is better known as an au pair. It’s traditionally for students on their gap years and young adults, but can be open to anyone. You’ll live with another family, so all your food and accommodation is paid for. All you’ll have to do is look after the children and help to keep the house clean.

You’ll have set hours to work, too, which means you have plenty of time to go out and explore. Move between families every year or so and you’ll get to experience the world.

#10. Opt for Freelance Writing


For those who love the idea of being their own boss and travelling, freelance writing is definitely something to look into. You get to write about all types of interesting ideas and topics and all you’ll need is an internet connection and a laptop!

Most countries have something or you can invest in local mobile connections in some countries. Just imaging sitting on a beach and typing away! 

These are one the most popular freelancing platforms out there:

#11. Start Web or Graphic Design

web design

If writing isn’t your think but you want to freelance, why not try some design work? Web design and graphic design are two skills business owners constantly outsource.

If you have an excellent eye for detail or know coding, why not set up a website and showcase your skills. Hire out your skills and the earnings are limitless. Like writing, you can do it all on a beach! You just need a good computer and internet connection.

A great freelancing platform focused on design jobs is 99designs.

#12. Pull the Camera Out


Photography is an overlooked business idea, especially when it comes to jobs that allow you to travel. If you have a knack for taking beautiful images, you’ll need to start selling your skills.

You can hire yourself out as a wedding photography for destination weddings or sell amazing landscape images online. You’ll need a little more in the way of equipment compared to writing or design, but you do have the freedom of travelling the whole world.

#13. Become a Travel Guide

travel guide

What if you could show other people the interesting sights in a particular country? Travel guides are always sought for. While you may be limited on the earnings, depending on the country, you do get a valuable to travel often. You’ll just have to stick to the tourist hotspots. There is the opportunity to freelance as a guide or set up your own company, but this has a few extra risks to employment.

#14. Sell Your Own Crafts


If you don’t mind the idea of creating your own products then crafting or jewellery making is an option. You can do this on the streets—you’ve seen the sellers in touristy locations, right?—or online. The earnings are limitless, since it just depends on the need for the product and your ability to sell.

#15. Get Trading Online

trading charts

Forex exchanges are extremely popular and there are so many other ways to start making money. This is a little like investment and there are risks to this, but there is also the potential to make thousands of dollars in a day. You’ll need the skill and patience to develop your income and strategies, but you can certainly do this while travelling around the world.


Which idea do you think will work for you? What are your interests and what skills do you possess/can learn? It’s time to take advantage of the ability to work and travel, so you get to see the world.


Hey Everyone! I'm a Brazilian guy who loves traveling and discovering new cultures. For a long time, I thought I would have to get stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of my life. Luckily, I found the possibility of building an online business that allows me to work whenever and wherever I want! Click here to discover the exact same training and strategy I use to make money online and pursue my dreams.

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