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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday SPECIAL Offer 2018 – 49% OFF

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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday SPECIAL Offer 2018 SAVE 49% 

When it comes to building a successful online business, nothing in the industry compares to the exceptional training, platform, service, and community found at Wealthy Affiliate. EVERYTHING you need to start a business on the internet can be found in one place. With no extra fees or upsells, it’s time to make 2019 your year!

With Black Friday here, Wealthy Affiliate is offering their yearly Premium membership at 49% discount

LIMITED OFFER ENDS 28th NovClick HERE and sign up now!



I’m Stefan and I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for 3+ years, and I can tell you that I am so glad I took the first Black Friday promotion back in 2015 to start my internet business.

Since I started my first lesson, I took massive action and built an online asset without any previous experience. Seriously, I had no idea how to create a site or even what affiliate marketing was.

The only way I knew how to make money online was by taking those boring online surveys that pay less than minimum wage! I am also glad I decided to give up on that…

Now, after 3 years of learning and working for myself, I am about to quit my coffee shop job and start a 2-year World trip with my wife. This is an opportunity that very few people have because of the fact that most still live paycheck to paycheck.


Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I make enough money online to support both of us during the journey.

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Regardless of your dreams, you know the impact that hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars can have in your life. YES! You can achieve your financial goals by following WA’s training and taking action too.

In this post, I would like to show you my top 5 Reasons why you should take the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer and commit to building a successful internet business in 2019 and beyond!

But first, let me explain briefly what Wealthy Affiliate is…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning center and website building platform where everyday individuals are taking the proper steps to become independent, online entrepreneurs.

It is by far the best beginner-friendly platform available when it comes to creating your own internet business. The easy to follow step-by-step program will help you set up a WordPress site, get traffic (visitors) from Google and social media, and generate revenue. No experience or technical knowledge needed!

WA has a massive community of online entrepreneurs which is ready to help you out at any stage.

wa dashboard

One of the most valuable aspects of WA is that you can learn with successful members (including the owners Kyle and Carson), who are continually publishing tips and tricks to grow your business. Not only that, you can send them private messages asking for help and feedback on your website.

Let’s not forget that when you are a premium member, you can host up to 25 sites that are perfectly integrated within the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2018


The WA black Friday offer is a deal that you must take if you want to acquire proper knowledge to succeed in 2019 and beyond.

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So, what’s the deal?

Well, the regular price of the premium membership is $49 per month, which is already a fantastic value for money considering all the resources available.

However, if you purchase the yearly membership between 23 – 26 Nov 2018, you’ll pay $299/year, which works out to just $24.91 a month or $0.82 per day. This comes to $289 in savings from the regular monthly price of your membership.

Who is This Offer For?

  • This is for you if you are looking to earn extra money in your spare time OR if you are interested in working for yourself full-time. How far you want to take & grow your business is entirely up to you!
  • You’re not afraid of new challenges and to learn new things. Sure there’s a learning curve when getting involved with the internet business world, but from personal experience, the results and benefits are worth it.
  • You don’t need supervision to get tasks done, and you enjoy freedom (from an office, nagging supervision, alarm clocks, etc.)
  • You’re tired of being mislead with the many bogus opportunities to make money online. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a clear plan for creating success within your own business.

Now let me give you 5 POWERFUL reasons why you MUST take advantage of this offer if you are serious about making money online.

1. Incredible Value For JUST $0,82/Day!

I have reviewed hundreds of online programs/tools, and none of them provides so much value for such an affordable price!

In fact, many programs charge $1,000’s every year for similar training and coaching that you get on WA within your premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership comes standard with:

  • ALL 5 Levels of Online Entrepreneur Certification – Core training
  • ALL 7 Levels of Affiliate Bootcamp Training – For those who want to promote WA and earn $23 per month recurring commissions.
  • 13 Interactive Classrooms to Learn From from Kyle & Carson & Other WA members.
  • Live Weekly Classes – These awesome classes are taught once a week by a successful internet marketer that has 15 years of experience.
  • Easy Website Builder (host up to 25 websites on an industry-leading Managed WordPress hosting platform!
  • Unlimited access to the Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy.
  • Communicate with thousands of other experienced and aspiring online entrepreneurs. (Live chat/member profiles).
  • 24/7 community help and excellent, technical support.
  • All 2019 updates and brand new training!
  • SSL Certificates for all your websites. 
  • SiteSpeed Features to fasten your websites.
  • Updated SiteComments 2.0. Platform to Get Comments to your site.
  • SiteFeedback Platform to get feedback on your site.

2. The Training is Proven to Work

Building a long-term business takes time and effort. If you genuinely want to be successful, realize there are no shortcuts or secrets.

WA’s training is proven to work as the strategy revolves around Google Search ranking factors and social media marketing to grow your audience.

Once you start getting traffic (visitors) to your site, then you will earn money by promoting products as an affiliate or by placing banner ads. You can even sell your own products, but there is no need to have one in the beginning.

There are new success stories in Wealthy Affiliate every single day!

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success stories

My friend and mentor, Nathaniell, has collected 2 long lists of success stories inside Wealthy Affiliate in the last 2 years. Take a look at them below, and you’ll quickly realize one thing:

Wealthy Affiliate Simply WORKS!

2018 – Another Year Of Success Growth At Wealthy Affiliate

Is Making Money Getting Easier In 2017 And Beyond?

Here are another 5 inspiring success stories that I want to share with you:

A Very Humbling $12,803.26 Month – August Progress Report

Newbies Pay Attention! $5,195.20 Affiliate Check for June: Thanks WA!

Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39

Back At 5 Figures: I Earned $10,640,56 in August

Notice one important thing here…

Most (if not all) of those people who succeed were complete beginners when they joined Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s important to highlight that there are no guarantees because this is a business like any other. Yes, your first site can fail, but the advantage of this type of business is that your operational costs are minimal compared to a brick and mortar.

So, you can always stand up, learn from your mistakes and keep pushing forward without significant financial losses. You can build another site, target another niche market and experiment. Remember, you are investing just $0.82 per day!

If Wealthy Affiliate has worked for me and all those members, be confident and have faith that it will work for you as well.

3. You COMMIT Yourself To Success


Investing in the yearly membership is not just a matter of saving money, but also committing yourself to success.

I can’t stress enough the importance of long-term commitment. Many people quit because they expect to make money in the first few months. That’s unlikely to happen as there is a lot of competition and you just can’t outperform easily sites that have existed for years.

It takes time, so purchasing the yearly membership is the best approach because whenever you feel down (and you will feel down!), there is no turning back.

Your mind will always be reminding you, “I have invested X amount to my success. If I don’t use it, I will throw it all away, so I must take action.”

You will remember you promised to give your Business at least 1 year to grow! That’s the minimum amount of time you should commit to your business and dreams.

4. You Save An Incredible Amount of Time!


Think about it. The seconds, the minutes and the hours that you spend on the internet searching for the next “money-making opportunity” will be gone and you will NEVER get them back.

You can find some principles of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium training for free on the internet. However, it would take you hours of research to separate to wheat from the chaff as most (if not all) free guides are incomplete or even mixed with inaccurate information.

When you follow the Wealthy Affiliate core training, you know that the steps are proven to work, and you will focus on what matters the most.

5. Priceless Connections With Successful Online Entrepreneurs

It’s true that successful people pay $1,000’s or even $10,000’s for networking with other marketers who can help them grow their businesses.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get unlimited access to hundreds of successful online entrepreneurs as a part of your Premium membership.

You can:

  • Ask questions via the private message system, forum or live chat.
  • Get valuable feedback.
  • Get insights and discover profitable opportunities.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Find better resources and innovative tools.

You just can’t measure the value of those connections. Not only you get ideas that can make a HUGE difference in your business but also the chance to make friends from all around the world.

It’s also important to note that WA is a pay it forward community, which means everyone helps each other in a rich learning environment.

6.BONUS Reason

Wealthy Affiliate platform is continually improving, adding new great features year after year. Here are just a few improvements that have taken place in 2018:

SiteComments 2.0 – Instant Comments, and a New Way to Earn at WA(October) • Wealthy Affiliate Mobile – The Mobile Friendly Version of WA Released(September)• SiteSSL – Free SSL for ALL, include Starter Websites (August) • SiteSpeed Extreme – Websites Have Never Been This Fast (August)• The New WA Experience – Complete UX Redesign (May)• Jaaxy Integration – A Complete Research Suite Within WA (February)• Next Level Video Technology – Amplified Video Training Capabilities (January)• Super Affiliate Challenge – A 12 Month Step by Step Training To Affiliate Success (January)

There are lots of new upgrades coming in the following months, and you’ll be able to benefit if you take the Black Friday offer in 2018:

1. The Evolution of Keyword, Website & Niche Research2. The Ultimate Lead Generation Platform3. State of the Art Image Compression, 2.04. Instant Access to 10,000’s of Affiliate Programs 5. HUGE Advancements in Websites and Hosting Space6. More Personalized Interaction & Help7. Training, Creating Experts Out of Everyone8. Full-Time Revenue Opportunities Directly Within WA.9. A Streamlined Process for Getting Instant Expert Help10. SiteContent 2.0, the SEO Edition11. A Beautiful Series of Mobile Only Updates12. Integration Between ALL Aspects of Your Business13. Ambassadorship Opportunities and Advancements 14. Exciting New Writing & Affiliate Challenges15. Brand New Affiliate Tools, Resources & Training16. And More!

That means you are getting more and more value for money while your costs remain the same for an entire year!

It amazes me just how much value you’re going to get for only $0,82/day with this Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still unsure if Wealthy Affiliate is the right option for you, you can read my full review here.

Also, you don’t need to pay the yearly membership straight away. You can still join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

This will allow you to take the next few days to see everything that WA has to offer. Well, you can take longer than that, but the Black Friday deal lasts until Monday, November 26th.

If Wealthy Affiliate is not right for you, that’s completely fine, and it costs you absolutely nothing to find out.

However, if it’s right for you, take advantage of the HUGE Black Friday savings event and start building your business right away!

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