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Is VoxxLife a Scam – Honest Review From a Non-Associate

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Welcome to my VoxxLife review!

VoxxLife is a Canadian company that develops technology and footwear products that supposedly help people achieve their optimal health and performance.

The company sells socks, soles, and patches embedded with Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT).

Voxx HPT is said to enhance pain relief, postural stability, mobility, and overall energy levels.

In this review, I am going to uncover everything you need to know about Voxxlife’s products and business opportunity.

Is VoxxLife a scam or a legit company? How much money can you make as a distributor? Do customers experience real benefits by using their products?

My goal is to provide trustworthy information and my honest opinion so you can make your own conclusions.

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VoxxLife Review Summary

  • Name: VoxxLife
  • Website:
  • Founder: Jay Dhaliwal
  • Type: Multi-Level Marketing Program in the Health & Wellness Industry.
  • Price: Bronze: $200; Silver: $400; Gold: $600
  • Overall rating: 3.3/5

What is VoxxLife?

VoxxLife is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on optimal health, wellness, and human performance.

The company harnesses the power of neuroscience and neuro activation to develop special socks, patches, and soles.

These footwear products supposedly reduce pain, increase energy and improve mobility, balance, and stability.

According to the company, VoxxLife’s technology has been scientifically proven and recommended by doctors and specialists in different areas, such as

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  • Wellness
  • Natural health
  • Rehabilitation and
  • Sports performance

As an MLM, you can join VoxxLife as a distributor and earn commissions for selling products and recruiting other people.

VoxxLife is not a Pyramid-scheme because it emphasizes selling a tangible product and not recruiting.

I will explain more about their business opportunity and compensation plan later. For now, let’s look at the history behind VoxxLife and the products they are selling.


VoxxLife’s Background

You will find the history of VoxxLife an article from The CEO Magazine entitled Limitless potential: Jay Dhaliwal.

In this article, Jay Dhaliwal shares that he founded VoxxLife in 2016 as a result of years of effort trying to alleviate the symptoms of his mother’s Multiple Sclerosis.

He realized that all the treatments for neurodegenerative conditions revolved around the use of drugs and electrical stimulation.

The problem was that these treatments were not always satisfactory.

So, he kept investigating and trying to find a better solution.

Eventually, Jay had two breakthroughs.

The first discovery was that orthotics could generate neural responses and reduce pain.

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The second breakthrough came after Jay discovered a study by CJ Griffin in 1964, highlighting the importance of brainstem homeostasis to improve brain functions.

After combining knowledge from scientific research and observations, Jay and his team developed the Voxx HPT technology.

The Voxx HPT consists of patterns of neuroreceptor activation points on the sole of the feet, helping the brainstem reach homeostasis.

These patterns are incorporated in the sole of VoxxLife’s socks and insoles.

Since 2016, VoxxLife has helped 3 million people improve their quality of life and sports performance.

According to the website, users report improvements in pain relief, balance, stamina, power, energy, posture, recovery time, and reaction time.

It also appears to improve cognitive functions such as focus, memory, and decision-making.

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VoxxLife’s Product Line

VoxxLife’s product line consists of socks and insoles enhanced with HPT technology. They provide flexibility and customization for every occasion.

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These products are designed with high-quality materials and are touted as the best in the world!

In the picture below, you can learn more about the features of VoxxLife’s socks:

The product line is divided into two categories:


1. VoxxStatis (socks)

VoxxLife has different socks for every situation, from a long day at work to a walk in the park and even an intense football game.


Wellness Socks ($40 to $45)

The Wellness Socks are the most popular option for everyday use. They are comfortable and non-binding, which means they don’t compromise your blood circulation.

The company claims that these socks are especially recommended for those who have diabetes.  The reason is that it’s scientifically proven to be 90% effective in reducing diabetes nerve pain (diabetes neuropathy).


Athletics socks ($35 – $50)

The Athletics socks are designed for people who want to achieve better sports performance. They supposedly provide better balance, mobility, stability, and recovery.

Athletics socks are available with knee-high, crew, mini crew, and no shows.


Liner Socks ($35 – $40)

These are super thin, breathable socks that you can wear on their own or underneath another sock to get the benefits of Voxx HPT.


Lifestyle Socks ($50 – $55)

When you visit the online store, you will also find Lifestyle socks, which are more stylish than wellness socks.

From what I can see, there is not much difference between Lifestyle socks and Wellness socks except for the look.


2. VoxxSol (Insoles)

VoxxLife’s insoles are said to outperform custom orthotics for a much lower price.

The VoxxSols supposedly provide more stability and balance in the nervous system. Hence, it can help relieve back and foot pain.

The insoles are used for pain relief and to improve sports performance.

There are 3 types of insoles available:

  • Classic – perfect solution for everyday activities
  • Bliss – enhance wellness. It offers a little bit more comfort than the classic version.
  • Rush – has a performance-boosting design.

The differences between each one are subtle. However, they all have the same price of $50.


Is it Proven to Work?

VoxxLife claims that leaders in the medicine, wellness, and performance industry have independently tested and approved their technology.

You can find a list of all the specialists composing VoxxLife’s Medical Advisory Board on the website.

You can also read about the positive results that they have found after conducting four studies:

  • Major Golf Brand: 72 golfers were tested for distance and accuracy improvements.
  • Laborers’ International Union of North America: 69 members of the Union were tested for stability and balance using swag medical software.
  • 3rd party rehab clinic: A 3rd party rehab clinic conducted a study with 1000 people who had diabetes. 
  • California Storts Institute conducted a double-blinded study with 50 people.

Here are some of their findings:

  • 31% improvement in balance and stability.
  • 22% more power.
  • 17% increase in velocity of force.
  • Increased range of motion by 15 degrees.
  • 17% increase in eccentric force.
  • 940 out of 1000 people who had diabetes experienced pain relief.

Initially, I was skeptical because I couldn’t find any proof of these claims.

After some research, I found this pdf document where the company published 3 out of 4 studies that I mentioned above.

However, the studies don’t seem to be peer-reviewed, meaning the scientific community hasn’t validated the results.


What Do Other People Say About VoxxLife?

There are hordes of people sharing the benefits of VoxxLife’s socks and insoles on Facebook and Youtube.

After visiting their official Facebook page, I was impressed to see that 216 out of 230 reviewers recommend VoxxLife.

positive testimonial

positive testimonial 2

positive testimonial 3

You have to remember that many people who publish positive testimonials earn commissions as an affiliate.

Therefore, some of them might be overrating the company and even providing fake testimonials.

The fact is that not everyone experiences improvements after using Voxx HPT.

Here are some negative testimonials that are worth sharing:

negative testimonial

negative testimonials 2


Placebo Effect 

It’s possible that many people wearing VoxxLife socks and insoles might be experiencing a placebo effect, AKA the power of suggestion.

Doctors have been using inert substances like sugar pills and saline water as placebos to treat illnesses for centuries!

These substances can have a positive effect on some patients because they firmly believe that the treatment will work.

Researchers don’t fully understand why placebos work. However, some studies suggest that they help the body release Endorphins, which act as the brain’s own painkillers.

Personally, I am still skeptical that patterns on the feet can work wonders as advertised, especially considering the company operates as an MLM.

Nevertheless, I don’t rule out the possibility that Voxx HPT works as a real neuro-response trigger.

If you want to be sure that VoxxLife will work for you, the only option is to get a pair and try it.


Can You Get a Refund?

I couldn’t find a return policy on the official website. However, the company seems to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee as long you pay for shipping.


VoxxLife’s Compensation Plan

VoxxLife allows you to join the company as an associate (affiliate) and take advantage of a multi-level compensation plan.

That means you can earn commissions for selling products and recruiting other people.

The official website doesn’t give much information, but if you search on Google, you will find a brochure with all the details.

To become a VoxxLife associate and benefit from the compensation plan, you have to buy one of the following business kits:

  • Bronze: Purchase $200 worth of products: Earn $110 profit.
  • Silver: Purchase $400 worth of products: Earn $310 profit.
  • Gold: Purchase $600 worth of products: Earn $605 profit.

There are different levels that you can achieve based on specific qualification requirements such as

  • Personal Performance (pp) = wholesale value of your monthly personal sales.
  • The number of people that you have sponsored.
  • Team sales (ts) = the wholesale value
    of monthly sales made by your downline
    associates and their sponsored associates up to 8
    levels deep.

If you don’t sponsor anyone, you will remain at the Associate level, earning a 25% commission on your personal sales.

If you recruit one associate and have a personal performance of $100, you will become a Qualified Associate.

As a result, you will also earn a 20% commission on sales generated by your sponsor (level 1) plus a 2% commission on sales of your sponsor’s sponsor (level 2).

In this table, you can see each level’s qualification requirement and the complete commission structure.

voxxlife compensation plan

One of the greatest benefits of becoming an associate is the possibility of recurring commissions.

If your customers experience a positive effect, they are more likely to buy more.

Not only that, they will be encouraged to spread the word and become an associate, thus earning you more downline commissions.

When you join VoxxLife, you will get the following:

  • Marketing training.
  • Replicated online store.
  • A back office that helps you manage your business.
  • One free pair of sample socks.
  • Access to wholesale pricing.
  • And more!


Pros and Cons of Becoming a VoxxLife Associate


  • There are many positive testimonials on the internet that convey trust.
  • The products are built with high-quality materials.
  • Scientific studies suggest Voxx HPT is effective in reducing pain and improving balance and performance.
  • Earn a 25% commission on personal sales.
  • Earn more commissions by building a downline and climbing the leadership ranks.
  • Get access to video training, replicated website, one pair of free sample socks, and more.
  • The price of becoming an associate is not too high.


  • Research is not peer-reviewed yet, which means the scientific community doesn’t recognize the benefits of Voxx HPT.
  • Some people don’t experience any improvements.
  • The socks and insoles are quite expensive.
  • The company doesn’t seem to have a return policy.


Conclusion – Is VoxxLife a Scam?

VoxxLife is a legitimate and reputable MLM company.

Many people report the excellent benefits of using their products.


The Voxx HPT doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

Many claim that VoxxLife socks and insoles didn’t make any difference to their quality of life.

There are more positive than negative testimonials on the internet.

However, many who say VoxxLife works wonders are hoping you buy the products from their online store.

As for the business opportunity, I think it can be very lucrative, especially if you have lots of experience with direct sales and internet marketing.

Another great thing about VoxxLife is that the price of becoming an associate is not too high compared to other MLM companies.

Me, personally, I’m not a fan of MLM opportunities because I don’t like to depend on just one company to grow my business.

If this company shuts down for any reason, all your downlines and revenue is be gone!

Verdict: Legit


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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my VoxxLife review, and I hope it answered all your questions. If not, then feel free to ask anything in the comment section below,

I wish you all the best.

Your friend,


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