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Super Chips Party Review – Can You Earn 1 – 2k a Month?

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Welcome to my Super Chips Party review!

Today, we’re diving straight into the heart of Super Chips Party, a game that’s been turning heads with its bold claims.

You’ve likely seen the ad—a woman comfortably nestled in bed, surrounded by an ocean of cash.

super chips party advert

She downloads Super Chips Party, lured by the promise of making an extra 1 – 2k a month from her phone.

Fast forward, and she’s beaming, throwing cash into the air and claiming she withdrew $14,340.

But the advert doesn’t stop there.

It boasts no withdrawal limits, promising direct payments to your account within a minute and the chance to win $1,800 daily.

It’s a script I know all too well. After testing countless games and making similar claims, I could almost recite it in my sleep.

My reviews have shown that each one focuses more on exploiting hopes than delivering on promises.

So, naturally, I approached Super Chips Party with a hefty dose of skepticism.

Could this game be different, or is it another fake cash game?

I decided to find out for myself and share the truth with you.

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Super Chips Party Review


  • Name: Super Chips Party
  • Developer: GOOD TIFFIN
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000 (PayPal) or $500 (Amazon)
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Super Chips Party?


Super Chips Party is a casual game where you aim to match chips with the same number to make them disappear.

You need to combine at least three chips of the same number.

As a result, they merge into one chip with a higher number.

Keep merging these chips to unlock even bigger numbers and move forward in the game.

The game rewards you with cash to add to your PayPal or Amazon balance as you progress. It’s identical to ChipWin to 21! 

There’s a catch, though. You hit a “collect” button to collect your cash, which then plays an ad.

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Watching these videos is how you actually get your reward.

The game makers’ smart move is to get you to watch more adverts, helping them earn more money.

Moreover, it’s essential to note the game’s minimum cash-out rule.

This means you must earn some money in the game before withdrawing it.

This rule ingeniously keeps you engaged longer, striving to reach that elusive cash-out mark.

Yet, here’s an important heads-up: Super Chips Party is still in its early access phase.

This status means it’s not fully released, and you can’t find player reviews on the Play Store.

Why does this matter? Because without reviews, the developer can prevent you from listening to disappointed users.


Super Chips Party Work? 


Download Freecash App 3

Super Chips Party is a free mobile game that’s available in all countries, making it easily accessible to a wide audience.

There’s no need to register before you can start playing, but you need to be careful!

The game’s privacy and data security measures are significantly inadequate.

Unlike many reputable apps, Super Chips Party does not encrypt user data.

If you consider sharing your payment information with the game’s developers, think twice.

The risks associated with data theft and privacy breaches are genuine and could lead to significant issues.


The Gameplay

Super Chips Party seems to be rolling out the red carpet for its players.

Immediately after launching the game, you’re welcomed with a $50 sign-in bonus, an enticing offer that requires no effort.

The rewards don’t stop there; by signing in for more consecutive days, the bonuses increase, reaching $150 by the seventh day.

The gameplay itself is simple and engaging. You slide chips up, down, left, or right to match three chips of the same number.

super chips party gameplay

Consequently, these matched chips merge into a higher-numbered chip, now with a different color.

Successful combos or unlocking higher numbers yield generous cash rewards.

Occasionally, you’ll be invited to flip four cards to win more cash, but there’s a catch: each card flip launches an advertisement.

This setup makes it clear that players are continuously watching ads.


How to Cash Out

Earned money can be added to your PayPal or Amazon balance.

Super Chips Party promises PayPal transfers within 24 hours for any amount earned.

However, you can withdraw your earnings immediately if you hit the $1,000 mark.

As for the Amazon gift cards, a minimum balance of $500 is required.


Is Super Chips Party Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Super Chips Party falls significantly short of delivering on its promises.

The developer will bombard you with advertisements, offering nothing of real value in return.

At first glance, reaching the payout threshold seems entirely achievable.

However, the rewards dwindle to $10 or less as you inch closer to the magical number.

Indeed, it’s a rigged system cleverly designed to maximize the number of ads you watch.

The more you play, the clearer it becomes: the only real winner here is the developer, who profits handsomely from the flood of advertisements.

Determined to uncover the truth, I tested this game and played for 1 hour to reach the $1,000 mark.

To many people worldwide, earning this amount in less than a month seems impossible.

Yet, the excitement was short-lived. Upon attempting to access my cash balance, I was notified that my video views needed to reach 75.

After watching 36 videos, I realized that the promise of cash rewards was not as it seemed.

Frustratingly, meeting one requirement simply leads to another, a never-ending cycle designed to keep you watching ads, not earning money.

And, should you ever satisfy all their demands, don’t expect to see any money transferred to your account.

The promise of payment is an illusion, a carrot dangled perpetually out of reach.

Learn how to spot fake cash games here! 




Super Chips Party might look like a fun way to make money but don’t be fooled.

This game makes big promises but ends up wasting your time, patience, and battery.

It preys on the hopes of its players, who jump through a series of hoops that lead to nowhere!

So, please don’t fall for it. Instead, I highly recommend you focus on reliable platforms with a proven track record of rewarding users!

One of the best reward apps available on the Play Store is FreeCash!

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but completing tasks from this app is effortless.

Users are making over $100 with FreeCash and withdrawing via PayPal, gift cards, and even crypto.

So, if you want to learn more before taking the plunge, read my full Freecash review here! 


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Super Chips Party review!

If you want to share your experiences or have any questions about the game, feel free to drop a comment below.


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