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Smash Master Review – Legit Opportunity or Just Another Trap?

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Welcome to my Smash Master review!

Millions of people worldwide are constantly looking for ways to make some extra cash online.

That’s when many of them end up stumbling upon games like Smash Master!

This game claims to offer a unique opportunity to earn money while indulging in a classic matching game.

With the promise of actual cash rewards, it’s no wonder that over 100k people have installed it on the Play Store.

Smash Master takes a familiar concept – matching identical tiles!

According to the developer, you can transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account, which sounds like a dream come true.

However, in a world flooded with deceptive advertisements and empty promises, you might want to hold your horses and question:

Is Smash Masterlegit, or is it just another scheme designed to lure in unsuspecting players? Does it pay or not?

In this review, we’ll dig deep to uncover whether Smash Master lives up to its claims!

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Smash Master Review


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  • Name: Smash Master
  • Developer: Brilliantone
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $2
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Smash Master? 


Smash Master is a casual Android game that involves tapping tiles to make them drop into boxes.

The goal is to match three identical tiles, and when you do, they are removed from the board.

As you progress through the game, you can earn cash rewards and in-game coins.

To cash out your earnings, you need to meet a minimum requirement of either $2 or 20,000 in-game coins.

This promise of real cash rewards has generated excitement among players.

However, it’s essential to approach this game with a high dose of skepticism!

Smash Master is still in its early access phase. Consequently, there are no user reviews available on the Play Store, making it difficult for potential players to assess the game’s legitimacy.


How Does Smash Master Work? 

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Smash Master combines the appeal of tile-matching puzzles with the opportunity to earn unbelievable cash rewards.

The game is available to a global audience without the hassle of signing up.

So, you can get started immediately; no need to fill out any forms or remember another password.

The developer claims to offer data encryption, which is supposed to keep your personal information safe. This is a good thing!

However, even with this security promise, I highly recommend you avoid sharing personal information with this game.


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The Gameplay

In Smash Master, the goal is to tap sets of three matching square tiles to make them disappear.

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Smash Master gameplay
Screenshot from Smash Master gameplay

It’s as simple as that! After clearing the stage, you will complete the level and receive a decent cash prize.

That’s right, real money that you can supposedly withdraw and deposit in your emergency pizza fund.

But there’s a catch, and it’s a big one. To collect these rewards, you will have to tap “Collect” and sit through an advert.

The developer claims 98.2% of users can withdraw $10 within 5 edger minutes. Well, I don’t think so!

It sounds fantastic, but keep your feet on the ground – if making money was that easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?

And there’s more – if you match up three tiles containing gold coins, you’re on your way to even more rewards!

Plus, they’ve got this big-ticket item, an iPhone 14, up for grabs.

All you’ve got to do is unlock 30 different themes by playing through levels.

But just a heads up, reaching that goal might be more challenging than finding a four-leaf clover.

On the “Themes” page, they show a list of individuals who supposedly won the iPhone.However, this doesn’t prove anything!


How to Cash out? 

To withdraw funds in Smash Master, hit the ‘withdraw’ button to see your balance.

But keep in mind the balance you see at the top isn’t what you can actually pull out.

For example, a $100 display is really just $1 because the exchange rate is a measly 1%.

Now, the fun part: the actual cash-out amount changes depending on how much you play.

Up to level 99, you’re stuck with that 1% rate. But keep playing, and the rate improves.

From levels 150 to 199, you hit a 50% rate, turning your $1 into $50!

If you make it to level 200, you will supposedly be able to redeem 100%, meaning that $100 in the game is $100 in your pocket.

Well, at least in theory!

Why so complicated? It’s the developer’s way of keeping you hooked, aiming for higher levels before you cash out.

This means more ad-watching for you and more profit for them. Quite the savvy strategy!

But don’t get too excited—you need at least $2 to cash out, which takes a long time.

Once there, you can choose from PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard.


Smash Master Legit? Does it Pay? 


Smash Master may seem like a quick cash-grab opportunity, but the truth isn’t so rosy.

Theoretically, the developer could pay $ 2, but the grind to hit that threshold is immense.

The hours you’d spend playing the game to earn enough to cash out is outrageous!

The game is designed so that as you climb to increasingly difficult levels.

Many players find themselves in a loop, struggling to reach a modest $2 or the 20,000 coins milestone.

Should you persevere and somehow make it to the $2 mark, there are no guarantees! 

The likelihood of actually seeing that money is pretty thin.

And for those dreamers aiming for high payouts and the iPhone 14, these prizes are as real as a unicorn!

If everything were good with the game, you’d see tons of happy comments in the Play Store, wouldn’t you?

But here’s the thing: the game is listed as ‘Early Access,’ which means people can’t leave any reviews for everyone to see.

It makes you think, if the creators were really rewarding players, why wouldn’t they let people talk about it?




The chances of earning significant money, let alone receiving an iPhone 14 from Smash Master, are zero!

The game’s design cleverly encourages you to play longer and watch more ads, creating revenue for the developers.

It’s like chasing rainbows, hoping to find a pot of gold. But in reality, you’re just making the clouds thicker for the game creators.

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Final Words

Thanks for checking out my Smash Master review!

Curious about something or have your own experiences to share? Don’t be shy—leave a comment below!


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