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Scan Quest Explorer Review – £500 By Scanning Barcodes?

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Welcome to my Scan Quest Explorer review!

Have you ever imagined your smartphone as a magical wand that turns groceries into cash?

Picture this: a woman effortlessly scans items from her fridge, and, like magic, she earns hundreds of dollars.

Welcome to the world of Scan Quest Explorer, a mobile application promising real money in exchange for scanning barcodes.

It sounds like a dream. A simple scan here, a quick photo there, and voila – you’re richer!

But in a digital age where almost nothing is what it seems, skepticism can save you time and money.

I have seen countless reward apps inspired by popular reward applications like Ibotta and Receipt Hog.

Yet, Scan Quest Explorer takes it further, dangling the carrot of massive cash rewards.

But is the real deal or just another fake barcode scanning app?

Will the money reach your bank account, or is it all just digital smoke and mirrors?

Stick around as we guide you towards the truth!

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Scan Quest Explorer Review


  • Name: Scan Quest Explorer
  • Developer: 
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: £500
  • Overall Rating: 0 star


What is Scan Quest Explorer?


Scan Quest Explorer is a barcode scanning application that supposedly pays users to scan products.

The app allows individuals to collect coins by scanning barcodes on virtually any product they have at home.

The developer claims that these coins can be exchanged for real money.

These prizes far exceed the typical small change offered by popular receipt scanning apps.

You can withdraw £500, £1000, or even £2000 via PayPal and Cash App or various gift cards.

In addition, the app purportedly offers other ways to earn coins, including tapping on coin bubbles, clocking in daily, and playing in-app games.

These features aim to keep users hooked and continuously interacting with the app.

However, it’s essential to note Scan Quest Explorer is funded primarily through ads.

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Therefore, you can expect a barrage of promotional videos while collecting coins.


How Does Scan Quest Explorer Work? 


Scan Quest Explorer is available worldwide and free to download.

The app promises a simple mechanism: scan barcodes or play games to earn coins, which can supposedly be exchanged for real money.

Upon entering the app, new users are greeted with a novice reward of 1000 coins, equivalent to £100, as a welcome bonus.

This generous incentive is immediately eye-catching and sets high expectations for potential earnings.

The app claims to support cash-outs via popular platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, and various other gift cards.

While the app is accessible and user-friendly, there are several caveats that you must be aware of.

Even though the developer promises to encrypt your data, the proper safety of your personal information remains uncertain.

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You don’t know who the developer is and their intentions.

So, I advise you to avoid entering sensitive data, especially on the cashout page.


Earning Coins

To start earning those coins by scanning, the app needs access to your device’s camera, photos, and media.

This requirement is concerning. A barcode scanner shouldn’t need to search through your personal media.

Granting such extensive permissions could be risky, potentially exposing your private information.

In practice, scanning a barcode with the app is straightforward, instantly rewarding the user with coins.

The temptation to earn more is prevalent, with the option to multiply your earnings by watching advertisements.

The first code will give you a staggering 750 coins or £75. 

Aside from barcode scanning, they provide other avenues to accumulate coins.

These include tapping on coin bubbles that appear on the screen, clocking in daily, and engaging in the game section.

These options are designed to keep you interacting with the app and watching advertisements.

This strategy increases the time you spend within the app and significantly boosts their revenue.

Meanwhile, you spend time in the app without a guarantee of receiving actual money.


How do You Cash Out? 

In Scan Quest Explorer, the promise of cashing out is compelling.

The app sets the threshold at 5000 coins, supposedly worth a staggering £500.

The options for withdrawal are diverse, including PayPal, Cash App, Amazon, Google Play, Visa, and Steam.


Is Scan Quest Explorer Legit? Does it Pay? 


As you begin using the app, the initial accumulation of coins seems surprisingly quick.

You might find yourself racking up £300 worth of coins in just a matter of seconds.

But as you edge closer to the 5000 coin threshold, the earning rate starts to plummet dramatically.

What started as a sprint slows down to a crawl, with each barcode scan yielding less and less.

Eventually, each barcode will pay you less than 0.50 coins.

This decrease ensures you get exposure to many adverts, which is how the developer makes money from you.

Perhaps you’ve persevered and finally made it to what you think is the finish line, ready to cash out your £500.

But upon entering your email to initiate the withdrawal, you’re hit with a notification setting off a 72-hour countdown.

Suddenly, there’s a new requirement: you must watch 25 more videos to “activate” your cash-out order.

This bait-and-switch tactic is a glaring red flag, pushing you further into more adverts.

The truth behind Scan Quest Explorer, as with many similar barcode scanning apps, is bleak.

They may request additional requirements, but you won’t receive any money in the end!




Scan Quest Explorer is not a goldmine; it’s completely fake! 

The substantial payouts promised are nothing more than bait to keep you watching adverts.

They are exploiting your time, effort, and data for profit.

Therefore, I strongly advise against using Scan Quest Explorer.

Uninstall it as soon as possible, and don’t look back.

Your time is valuable, and there are far better ways to spend it online.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Scan Quest Explorer review!

If you’ve tried this or a similar app, please share your experiences in the comment below.

Your insights can help others make informed decisions.


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