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Owl Pop Mania Review – Fake? Can You Cash out $500?

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Welcome to my Owl Pop Mania review!

Can you imagine winning $1800 a day just by playing a casual block puzzle game on your Android?

Well, that’s precisely the eye-popping claim made by Owl Pop Mania’s marketing campaign.

owl pop mania advert

So, of course, I had to check it out! 

This advert, which I’m sure you’ve seen too, shows a PayPal balance jumping to hundreds of dollars within seconds.

The message is clear: ditch those fake money-earning games and switch to Owl Pop Mania, the real deal.

And, get this – there’s no withdrawal limit, and payments go straight to your account within 1 minute!

Well, I have seen the same script being used by countless fake money games in the past.

Now, you’re probably as curious as I am: is Owl Pop Mania the answer to our financial dreams? Is it legit or fake? 

Stick with me as we embark on a review journey to uncover the truth behind this tempting offer.

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Owl Pop Mania Review


  • Name: Owl Pop Mania
  • Company: Tomatips
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $500
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Owl Pop Mania?


Owl Pop Mania is a casual game where you only need to tap on groups of two or more owls of the same color to eliminate them. Sounds easy, right?

As you play, you accumulate virtual dollars that can be redeemed for real cash via PayPal once you hit the $500 mark. It sounds like a dream come true! 

In addition to these virtual dollars, you can collect coins, which can be exchanged for Amazon and Google Play gift cards.

With over 10,000 installs on the Play Store, it’s clear that people are flocking to Owl Pop Mania with high hopes of cashing out big time.


How Does Owl Pop Mania Work? 


You can install and play Owl Pop Mania 100% free, with no deposits.

This means there’s no immediate risk of losing money as you would in other apps. At first glance, this may sound like a win-win situation; however, there’s more to the story!

freecash banner

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A significant concern with Owl Pop Mania is its lack of data encryption. Therefore, your data is not protected, leaving you vulnerable to potential breaches and misuse.

Here, we must emphasize the importance of privacy and never take this issue lightly.

Moreover, the app doesn’t respect user privacy in many countries and doesn’t allow users to delete their data.

Essentially, the developer will hold on to your information indefinitely.


How to Play? 

Simply tap and eliminate groups of same-colored owls, earning virtual dollars and coins.

You’ll soon find that some owls sport PayPal or coin symbols. Knock them out, and voilà – virtual dollars and tokens are added to your balance.

owl pop mania gameplay

Once you’ve earned a cash coupon or some coins, Owl Pop Mania entices you to tap the collect button. However, doing so requires watching a sponsored video to claim the reward.

Here’s the deal: you’ve got to gather at least $500 in virtual dollars to cash out via PayPal. And for coins?

Download Freecash App 3

You’re looking at a hefty 680,000 coins to snag a $100 Amazon gift card. But hey, there are other options, like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Visa.

Clear the board of owls, hit that target score, and bam – you’ve got yourself a “stage win.”

Next, flip those cards and rake in even more rewards. Flip four cards, and you might score a big PayPal gift card to help you reach the payout threshold. 


Sponsored Videos

Now, let’s take a closer look at the mechanics that fuel this seemingly generous cash machine.

First and foremost, the app is funded by advertisements. Players will be bombarded with sponsored videos whenever they want to collect virtual cash or coins.

In this business model, the developers partner with advertisers who pay them to display their marketing videos within the game.

Every time players watch these videos, the advertisers compensate the app developer with a small sum.

By tempting players with enticing PayPal payouts and Amazon gift cards, the developers keep us hooked on playing and, more importantly, watching those videos.

This ingenious strategy maximizes profits for the developers while keeping players engaged in the pursuit of rewards!


Is Owl Pop Mania Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! You’ll spend hours glued to your phone, watching videos to meet that elusive $500 requirement.

But the closer you get to that sweet $500, the less you’ll win!

You see, the developer is using a cunning tactic to keep players hooked for longer, maximizing their profits by exploiting your time. 

You’ll find yourself chasing that ever-moving goalpost, hoping to cash out eventually.

Finally, the moment of truth arrives – you’ve reached $500, and it’s time for your well-deserved payday.

But then, they throw another condition, insisting you watch even more videos to “activate” the order.

You may be tempted to watch just a few more videos in hopes of finally claiming your $500 reward.

But, sadly, no matter how many ridiculous hoops you jump through, that payout remains unattainable.

It’s hard not to feel betrayed. The advert is utterly misleading, luring you with the prospect of riches only to leave you empty-handed. Talk about a slap in the face!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Owl Pop Mania review! I hope to save you time! 

If you want to share your thoughts and experiences on this game, please share with us in the comment box below. 


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