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Number Bubble Puzzle Review – Is it Fake? Exposing the Truth!

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Welcome to my Number Bubble Puzzle review!

Over 1 million people have installed Number Bubble Puzzle, lured by the prospect of getting rich quickly!

To give you an idea, this mobile game gives a whooping £600 welcome bonus to new players.

The concept is straightforward: drop bubbles and aim to combine two bubbles with matching numbers.

When you succeed, they merge into a single bubble with double the numerical value.

They seem to have exactly what everyone needs – An easy solution to earn substantial sums of cash!

Yet the Play Store is flooded with such games, all trying to grab your attention with unrealistic prizes.

I discovered Number Bubble Puzzle through an enticing advertisement featuring a lucky guy with stacks of £10, £20, and £50 banknotes.

Number Bubble Puzzle advert

The way this game is being advertised raises a fundamental question:

Is Number Bubble Puzzle a genuine path to real wealth, or is it another deceptive mobile game? Is it legit or fake?

Stay tuned as we delve into the reality behind the enticing facade.

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Number Bubble Puzzle Review


  • Name: Number Bubble Puzzle
  • Developer: LeisureLogic Studios
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: £1000
  • Overall Rating: 0

Learn to identify fake cash games before you lose your time and mind!


What is Number Bubble Puzzle?


Number Bubble Puzzle is an Android game that falls into the category of “merge” games.

Here, the primary objective is to merge bubbles with the same numerical value.

These bubbles follow a sequential pattern, typically doubling in value with each merge, starting from 2 and progressing to 4, 8, 16, and so on.

This genre of games, where the ultimate goal is to reach the number 2048, is often called “2048 games.”

As you drop and merge these bubbles, you can win a lucky bonus of up to £60. Seriously?

It’s worth noting that you’ll be enticed to watch advertisements in exchange for claiming these virtual rewards.

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However, there’s a catch: you can only cash out your earnings once you’ve accumulated a minimum of £1000.

That’s what hooks players and keeps them playing for an extended period!

Number Bubble Puzzle has achieved a remarkable number of 1 million installations.

Surprisingly, it’s not in “Early Access” as some other games that offer fake cash rewards. 


How Does Number Bubble Puzzle Work? 


Number Bubble Puzzle is an Android game that’s available worldwide and doesn’t require any registration.

The game prompts you to enter your personal information, including your name, email, and even your bank account number.

I cannot emphasize this enough: DO NOT provide such sensitive data on this app.

The reason? Your data isn’t encrypted, leaving it vulnerable to potential exploitation by the developer.

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Identity theft is a serious crime, and your information could be misused if it falls into the wrong hands.

If such sensitive data were to be compromised, it could open a Pandora’s box of troubles.

For instance, cybercriminals could use your bank account details for unauthorized transactions, draining your funds without your consent.

Your email could be bombarded with phishing scams. Worst of all, if your full identity details are captured, they could open accounts, take out loans, or commit crimes in your name.

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The Gameplay

When you launch the app and hit play, you’re enticed to tap the screen to drop your first bubble.

The game starts with bubble number 2, and when it collides with another bubble 2, it merges into a 4.

This merging process continues as the numbers double – 4 merges into 8, 8 into 16, and so on.

What’s astonishing is that this sequence triggers a Lucky bonus of £600, which seems too good to be true.

Next, you will be prompted to enter your details as I mentioned

Now, let’s talk about the mechanics and the merging process.

The process of merging bubbles is the core gameplay element.

The challenge lies in strategically positioning the bubbles to create larger numbers and trigger those cash rewards.

Number Bubble Puzzle gameplay

To claim these rewards, you’ll need to tap the “claim” button and watch an advertisement.

Brace yourself for frequent ads, as they’ll pop up almost every time you drop a bubble.

Yet, players keep playing and watching the videos to cash out as quickly as possible.

This is precisely what the developer wants since the advertisers pay them every time you watch them.


Earn Gifts

Number Bubble Puzzle also awards puzzle pieces that can be redeemed for enticing prizes, such as an iPhone 15, a $500 Shopee voucher, a MacBook Pro, iPads, and more.


Withdrawing Funds

It’s essential to note that there are two separate balances within the game.

To withdraw your earnings, you must first accumulate a minimum of £1000 in one of these balances.

The balance on the left side allows you to cash out to your bank account, PayPal, Vodafone, or Google Play.

The other balance enables you to redeem gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Shein, Shopee, AliExpress, and more.


Is Number Bubble Puzzle Legit? Does it Pay? 


Number Bubble Puzzle lures players with the unrealistic welcome bonus of £600, leading you to believe that reaching £1000 is easy.

However, the reality is quite different. To reach that goal, you’ll find yourself watching videos yielding less than £10 at a time.

Even after dedicating around 30 minutes to this endeavor, it might seem like a great deal!

But this is a TRAP! 

After you enter your details and hit that submit button, you’ll encounter a disheartening revelation.

The message will inform you that your withdrawal progress is ahead of approximately 300 users.

In essence, you’re placed in a queue, waiting to receive the money you’ve earned.

However, the shocker lies in the painfully slow pace at which your number in the queue decreases.

To exacerbate the situation, there’s a button conveniently located next to this message labeled “£40 Speed-up.”

Tapping this button will increase the progress bar by a measly 1.5%.

It becomes evident that this is another ploy to keep you playing and, more importantly, watching more advertisements.

Ultimately, the harsh reality sets in. You won’t get paid! 

There are countless reports of individuals who have not received any compensation.

They now regret the time they wasted chasing the illusion of easy money.

Fortunately, the developer hasn’t hidden behind the excuse of “Early Access” to block reviews.

Therefore, we can see the true colors of Number Bubble Puzzle!




Number Bubble Puzzle cruelly preys on people’s time with alluring yet hollow claims of easy cash rewards.

The game is a masterclass in deception, dangling the carrot of a £1000 payout that is, for all intents and purposes, a fairy tale.

The requirement to input your name and bank account number without encryption is not just a red flag—it’s a siren call!

For those who persist in this game, the outcome is hours of lost time and no payout!

Stay away, and warn others to do the same!


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Final Words

Your attention to my Number Bubble Puzzle review is greatly appreciated!

Please share your insights to help other fellow readers in the comments below.


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