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Miner Merge Review – Does it Pay $1000? Is it Fake?

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Welcome to my Miner Merge review!

I discovered Miner Merge yesterday and felt compelled to install the game and put it to the test.

The advert starts with a woman saying that if you have to watch ads to play the game, they are clearly scamming you.

But it didn’t stop there; she went on to make even more audacious claims.

According to her, merely logging into Miner Merge would result in a few bucks finding their way into your account.

She also claimed I could earn over $100 in a single game session effortlessly.

The allure of such easy earnings was impossible to ignore, especially with the prominently displayed PayPal logo promising instant cash-outs.

If this is true, this could be a game-changer for anyone seeking financial independence!

These bold claims left me wondering: Is Miner Merge legit or fake? Does it truly pay out as quickly as it claims?

This review will dig deep into the gameplay and its payout process to expose the truth.

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Miner Merge Review


  • Name: Miner Merge
  • Developer: gggbayby
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: $
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Miner Merge?


Miner Merge is an Android game that’s available to players worldwide.

No registration is required, and entirely free to play, which means there is no risk of losing money.

Developed using Unity, Miner Merge offers a unique gaming experience where you tap to drop shovels.

These shovels bounce and dig into the blocks below, hopefully uncovering hidden treasure chests.

These chests uncover incredible cash prizes worth hundreds of dollars, at least in the early stages.

The game follows a familiar pattern: you’re invited to watch an advertisement to claim your prize, which adds to your cash balance.

However, here’s the kicker: you must accumulate a whopping $1000 before you can cash out.

Remember they warned us about games with ads being scams?

Maybe they were just trying to be transparent about their intentions!

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How Does Miner Merge Work? 


Miner Merge is a mobile game accessible to Android users worldwide.

Before we delve into its cash prize potential, it’s important to note a significant security concern: the game does not encrypt your data.

This means your personal information could be exposed to potential cyber threats.

Therefore, criminals may access your device and potentially commit data theft, identity fraud, and other cybercrimes.

The consequences of such breaches can be severe and far-reaching.


Playing Miner Merge

The game’s primary goal is simple: strategically drop shovels to destroy blocks and uncover treasure chests hidden below.

To achieve this, select where you’d like the shovel to land and tap ‘Drop.’

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Every shovel has a designated number indicating its strength, while blocks feature numbers showing the hits they can endure.

As the shovel collides with a block, its power diminishes.

Once the number on a block dwindles to zero, that block shatters.

You can enhance a shovel’s potency by merging it with others.

As you break blocks, you earn virtual currency, which can be used to buy more shovels.

The ultimate objective is to complete levels by ensuring at least one shovel reaches a treasure chest at the screen’s bottom.

Miner merge gameplay

When this happens, the chest unveils both cash rewards and additional shovels.

Special blocks marked with the PayPal symbol can also appear among the regular ones, yielding cash rewards when destroyed.

However, there’s a catch to win these prizes.

To collect your money, click ‘Collect’ and watch an advertisement.

Adverts serve as the game developer’s primary source of revenue, as they receive payment from advertisers for each view.

Therefore, be prepared for frequent ads during your gameplay.

Furthermore, after opening a chest, you can click ‘Claim,’ which allows you to multiply your prize by up to three times.

This will trigger another advertisement!


How to Cash out

The cash prizes you earn can be divided into two separate accounts: one with the PayPal symbol and another with the Amazon symbol.

To withdraw via PayPal, you must either wait 24 hours or accumulate $1000 for an immediate withdrawal.

However, if you choose Amazon gift cards, the minimum withdrawal threshold is an astonishing $10,000.

This high figure is very unrealistic given the primary income source for the game developer is advertising revenue.

So, the burning question remains: Can Miner Merge genuinely deliver on its enticing promises of substantial cash rewards, or is it just another fake cash game?

I will reveal the truth in the next section!


Miner Merge Legit? Does it Pay? 


The truth about Miner Merge is as clear as day: it doesn’t pay a single cent!

This game is just another deceptive scheme designed to lure players with the allure of easy cash rewards.

Instead, it’s all about raking in profits from the barrage of advertisements they force upon you.

In the beginning, they entice you with a decent amount of cash, making it seem like a worthwhile endeavor.

However, the rewards start dwindling as you get closer to the elusive $1000 mark.

Each reward you collect is consistently smaller than the previous one, leaving you feeling like an unfortunate donkey chasing a never-reachable carrot.

To compound the frustration, advertisements pop up suddenly, interrupting your gameplay.

Through these ads, you’re exposed to countless other fake money-making games. The lesson here is clear: don’t fall for any of them!

But let’s say you reach $1000 in your PayPal balance or $10,000 in your Amazon balance.

Your heart may swell with anticipation of finally getting your hands on your prize.

However, that’s when additional requirements emerge.

They will ask you to watch 60 videos to “activate” the order, with a countdown of 24 hours ticking away.

paypal wallet

And you know what’s next? Even more requirements are headed your way!

After jumping through all these hoops and meeting their arbitrary demands, they will dodge your payment request.

Why? Because it’s all fake, plain and simple!




Miner Merge is a prime example of a game that tricks players with unrealistic cash prizes.

The truth is, you won’t receive any money by playing this game!

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Miner Merge review!

Do you have your own experiences or insights about this app?

Do you know of legitimate apps to make money online?

If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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