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Master Speller Review – The Word Game That Spells Trouble

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Welcome to my Master Speller review!

Thousands of people have downloaded Master Speller, an Android word puzzle game that promises big cash wins.

The game’s ads are everywhere, claiming players can earn money directly through PayPal – no withdrawals needed.

But be warned: Master Speller’s ads seem awfully similar to those used by other fake cash games.

One ad features a slick guy warning you about apps that only pay out a measly $0.10.

He insists Master Speller is different, claiming everyone who plays gets paid, with the money going straight to your PayPal account.

Sounds enticing, right?

The problem is that Master Speller’s ads use the same tricks as known scam games.

This raises serious questions about whether it’s really a way to make money or just another scheme to waste your time.

In this article, we’ll examine the game closer to find the truth—is it legit or just another fake?

Let’s find out!

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Master Speller Review


  • Name: Master Speller
  • Developer: Truenos Academy
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: Fake


What is Master Speller? 


Master Speller is a new Android game in early access, with around 10,000 downloads so far.

It’s a word puzzle game where you tap on cubes with letters to form words.

You have to guess the word based on the jumbled letters!

Complete the level by solving all the words, and the developer claims you’ll be rewarded with real cash.

The developers say you can cash out via PayPal or even get Amazon gift cards.

It can be a bit difficult to complete the levels because, unlike Word Connect and similar games, there are many letters.

Keep in mind Master Speller has no reviews yet because the app is in early access on the Play Store.

This can be a way for developers to avoid an avalanche of negative feedback. So, it’s important to stay alert!

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How Does Master Speller Work? 


Master Speller is a worldwide game available for Android devices, and it doesn’t require any registration to start playing.

The game’s interface consists of a number board filled with cubes, each containing a stamped letter.

Below the board, there are spaces where you need to place these cubes to form words using the given letters.

Each word has a clue to help you guess the words. For example, if the clue says “Find Animals,” you know that the word you need to form is an animal name.

master speller gameplay

However, even with the clue, solving the puzzles can be challenging, especially as you progress through the levels.

In the beginning, the game will point out which letters you need to use to form the words, making it easier for players to get started.

But from the second level onwards, you won’t have this assistance anymore.

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Your task is to tap the letters in the correct order to guess the word.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the board is full of cubes, making it one of the most challenging word puzzle games available.

After successfully guessing all the words in a level, you will be rewarded with cash via PayPal or Amazon.

However, before receiving your reward, you will be required to watch an advertisement, which is a common practice in most mobile games.

It’s worth noting that many of these advertisements promote deceitful cash games.

As you watch these videos, the developer of Master Speller earns money from your views.

In addition to the main gameplay, you can also play the Wheel of Fortune to win more cash.


Withdrawing Earnings

There are two cash-out options: PayPal and Amazon.

For the PayPal balance, the game states that all the money you collect will be redeemed to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you reach a balance of $1,000, they claim you will receive the money directly.

On the other hand, the minimum requirement for cashing out via Amazon is a staggering $10,000. 

You may think it will take a very long time to achieve!

However, Amazon’s cash rewards are even more generous, with players accumulating thousands of dollars after just a few levels.



Master Speller Legit? Does it Pay? 


Master Speller doesn’t pay out!  The flashy promises of cash rewards are just a trap to keep you playing and watching ads.

It’s a frustrating waste of time and energy.

The reality is that the prizes offered by Master Speller are simply not compatible with its business model.

It is highly unlikely that the developer could sustain such a generous reward program solely through advertising revenue.

The cost of paying out substantial cash prizes to players would quickly surpass the income earned from ad views, making the scheme unsustainable in the long run.

Making the game difficult is part of the plan. The harder the puzzles get, the longer you’ll be stuck on levels, which equals more ads watched and more money for the developer.

Sadly, these deceptive games are too common. They prey on players’ hopes of easy money and then leave them disappointed.

So, avoid Master Speller at all costs!


Is There a Legit Word Puzzle game? 


Okay, if you’re looking for word games that actually pay out those promised cash prizes, the answer is…complicated. Let’s look at two popular options:

  • Words to Win: This one promises cash, but be warned! Many players report getting stuck before even reaching the $7 payout limit, making it a frustrating waste of time.
  • Word Breeze: This one rewards you in Bitcoin. The problem? It’s a tiny amount, so you’ll spend hours puzzling over a payout that won’t even buy a candy bar.

Honestly, I don’t recommend wasting your time on these games.

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Final Words

Thanks for checking out my Master Speller review!

Have you tried this game or others like it? Kindly share your thoughts in the box below.


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