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Livegood Review – Is it Legit? $2,047.50 per MONTH?

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Welcome to my Livegood review!

Are you on the hunt for the next big opportunity in the MLM world?

Let me introduce Livegood, a new kid on the block making waves in the health and fitness niche.

Launched at the end of 2022, Livegood is already one of the fastest-growing MLM companies in the world.

Their mission couldn’t sound more appealing: Help people get healthy and stay healthy without breaking the bank!

Now, you are here because you intend to leverage the company’s success and make a substantial income as an affiliate.

After all, who doesn’t want to earn up to $2,047.50 monthly without enrolling a single person?

However, it’s essential to be skeptical and vigilant when joining business opportunities, especially regarding MLMs.

In this review, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of Livegood so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for your aspirations.

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Livegood Review Summary


  • Name: Livegood
  • Website:
  • Type: Multi-Level Marketing Program in the Health & Wellness Industry.
  • Price: $40 (signup fee)
  • Overall rating: 3.8/5


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What is Livegood?


Livegood is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company breaking new ground in the health and wellness industry.

Founded by industry veterans Ben Glinsky, Ryan Goodkin, Lisa Goodkin, and Nauder Khazan, Livegood’s mission tackles a critical concern:

Over 90% of Americans are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals!

Their nutritional supplements aim to bridge this gap by providing products that boost the immune system, strengthen our organs, and promote overall wellness.

Moreover, it’s committed to offering products with the highest quality ingredients while charging less than half the price of its competitors.

But how do they manage this? The official website explains that it bypasses traditional distribution channels and sells directly to consumers.

As a result, they can eliminate retailers, advertisers, and additional costs.

You can join forces and tap into a lucrative multi-tiered compensation plan, including retail commissions, matrix commissions, and bonuses.

Before we dive into Livegood’s affiliate program, it’s crucial to understand the core of its business.


What is an MLM? 

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An MLM (multi-level marketing) is a business model where individuals earn commissions for selling a product or service and recruiting a sales team underneath them.

These companies rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and encourage their distributors to build a network of distributors to grow the company.

Therefore, they offer multi-tier compensation plans, in which affiliates get paid from multiple levels or “tiers” of their sales network.

For example, they may earn a 10% commission on sales made by their direct recruits (Level 1) and a 5% commission on sales made by the recruits of their recruits (Level 2).

This structure encourages teamwork, as affiliates must help their downline members to succeed and help the company grow.

However, there is a dark side to MLMs, as they sometimes share characteristics with pyramid schemes. 

Pyramid schemes focus primarily on generating income through new member fees (recruitment) rather than legitimate business transactions.

This unsustainable business model eventually collapsed, leaving those at the bottom of the structure with significant financial losses.

So, when determining whether a company is legit or a fraudulent pyramid scheme, you must ask the following questions:

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Does the company rely primarily on sales to external customers or recruitment and downline building?

A legitimate MLM will prioritize product sales and offer a sustainable, long-term business opportunity, while an illegal pyramid scheme will exploit its participants for short-term financial gains.

So, does Livegood operate a legitimate MLM structure? Before we answer this question, let’s dive into its product line and compensation plan.


Livegood Product Line


Livegood actively strives to offer a diverse range of health and wellness products.

 The company formulates these products with the purest natural ingredients from the most pristine locations. 

Besides, they are designed to cater to various needs, ensuring the best possible results for people seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The following is a brief overview of Livegood’s product offerings:


Bio-Active Complete Multivitamin for Men

This supplement contains 24 vitamins and minerals, providing immune and cardiovascular support while promoting healthy aging.

Bio-Active Complete Multivitamin for Women with Iron

This multivitamin provides the same benefits as the Men’s version, with the addition of iron tailored to women’s nutritional needs.

D3-K2 2000

This high-quality blend of vitamins D and K improves bone density and supports cardiovascular health and immune function.

Ultra Magnesium Complex

This highly bio-available magnesium supplement offers maximum muscle, nerve, and energy support. Additionally, it aids in over 300 enzyme reactions and provides sleep support.

Complete Plant-Based Protein

Fortified with all essential amino acids, this protein blend helps rebuild and restore muscles and joints while building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Organic Super Greens

This potent greens blend offers immune protection, energy and recovery support, stress management, digestive health, and detoxification assistance.

Organic Super Reds

These super reds support cardiovascular health, circulation, sexual health, and brain function, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Organic Coffee

This delicious and functional coffee blend supports a healthy mood, mental clarity, and weight loss. It also features functional mushrooms for added benefits. According to the website, this coffee is the only one in the world enriched with healthy fiber, which can help suppress hunger.


Available in 750mg or 1500mg in natural or peppermint flavors, Livegood’s CBD oil is of the highest quality, ensuring faster absorption and maximum benefits.

CBD Oil – For Pets

This full-spectrum CBD oil is a natural-flavored dietary supplement designed to support the well-being of your furry friends.

Essential Aminos

These essential amino acids support muscle strength and function, boost stamina and recovery, and promote energy and focus.

Factor4 Advanced Inflammation Management: 

This formula fights inflammation, supports joint and organ health, promotes immune health, and encourages healthy circulation.


Limited-time Offers

Livegood also offers limited-time products to cater to specific needs. Some of these exclusive items include:

E3 – Energy, Endurance, Electrolytes: Designed to provide immediate energy, this product is ideal for active individuals.

Instant Youth: It helps you look younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Ageless Skin Serum: A superfood for your skin, this serum is packed with natural antioxidants and promotes the natural regeneration of collagen.



Livegood also sells packages, allowing customers to try various items and save on purchases.


Business Opportunity


As mentioned earlier, Livegood claims you can earn up to $2,047.50 monthly without enrolling a single person.

By referring others to join the business opportunity, you can earn additional income thanks to its generous compensation structure.

There are six different ways to earn income with their program. Since there are so many details to digest, I will focus on the main points of each method.


Weekly Fast Start Commissions 

When you invite someone to become an affiliate for $49.95, Livegood rewards you with a $25 commission. Plus, if those you enroll in the program refer others, you’ll receive additional commissions up to 10 levels deep.

Matrix Commissions

As you join Livegood, you’ll secure a business center in their 2×15 Matrix. Newcomers are placed under existing members in the Matrix, so the sooner you enter, the higher your position and income potential.

They pay you a commission on monthly $9.95 membership fees, depending on your membership level.

Matching Bonuses

Matching bonuses are the cherry on top! You can match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll and a percentage on those under their downline five levels deep!

Retail Commissions

You’ll earn 50% of the difference between the member and retail prices whenever you sell a product to your referral. So, for example, if the member price is $20 and the retail price is $30, you’d earn $5.

Influencer Bonuses

Influences with a large following can earn up to 100% of the difference between the member and retail prices, depending on their monthly sales.

Diamond Bonus Pool

Once you reach the Diamond rank, you’ll share 2% of the total company sales monthly. Although Livegood doesn’t disclose its corporate profits to the public, even a tiny percentage, such as 2%, could potentially translate into thousands of dollars.


How to Join? 

Becoming an affiliate with Livegood might seem like a treasure hunt at first.

That’s because the link to join the program is not apparent on the website.

Indeed, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find the small link “Affiliate Compensation Plan.”

You’ll find in-depth information about the business opportunity and the green button to become an affiliate there.

But beware, once you click that button, they will prompt you to purchase the affiliate signup fee of $40.

Since they don’t tell you exactly what this fee includes, you should not expect anything!

Most MLM companies provide primary training material on promoting the products and services.

However, Livegood should be more transparent instead of charging people upfront without the proper information.

It’s like playing roulette with your wallet! Therefore, I highly encourage you to read the terms of service and even contact the company before investing your hard-earned money.


Most Affiliates Fail! 

I did some detective work and found something important to share with you.

Most affiliates earn less money each month in the compensation program than they pay for their products! Yikes!

They’re operating at a loss, which is standard in MLM. The main reason?

Most people lack the marketing skills and the broad audience needed to promote their products effectively.

You’ll need a vast audience to succeed in this game, as most people aren’t eager to invest in any business following an invitation.

It’s an uphill battle, especially for beginners without a large following on social media or an extensive network.

So, before diving headfirst into it, weigh the pros and cons and evaluate if you’re ready to take on the challenge.


Negative Experiences


Despite having an overall rating of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot from 300 reviews, with 78% rating it five stars, a notable 16% have rated it 1 star.

This section delves into the reasons behind these negative reviews to provide a comprehensive picture of some individuals’ challenges and issues.


Misleading Claims About Spillover and Recruitment

Several users expressed disappointment with the promise of “spillover” from uplines, expecting to earn without needing to recruit actively.

One affiliate mentioned a lawyer warning the company against such misleading claims.

A common sentiment among the reviews is that the MLM structure has reached a point where new recruits find it nearly impossible to make money without aggressive recruitment strategies.


Product Issues

Complaints about the quality and effectiveness of products, such as supplements feeling “chalky” and causing adverse health effects, have been noted.

A particular instance involved feeling ill until discontinuing the products.

Delays in shipping and receiving products, sometimes leading to never obtaining the ordered items, were also a significant concern.


Poor Customer Service and Support

Multiple accounts of unresponsive customer service, particularly when it comes to resolving issues like incorrect orders, refunds, or cancellation requests.

Frustration over lacking a direct communication line or an effective support system left members feeling ignored and undervalued.


Questionable Business Practices

The rush to upgrade membership and recruit quickly raised red flags, as it resembled common scam tactics.

People raised concerns about the company’s lack of transparency in its business model, unclear product testing and safety data, and potential illegality in certain regions.


Personal and Financial Impact

Affiliates and customers incurred financial losses because the company failed to deliver products, fulfill commissions, and provide benefits for the recurring membership fees.

The emotional toll of feeling misled or trapped in a system that doesn’t deliver on its promises was evident in the accounts of several dissatisfied individuals.

One person claimed he had high hopes when joining Livegood but didn’t receive any signups for the following 90 days. So, he got very frustrated and decided to quit!

Another member reported facing terrible customer service, with no replies or solutions to his issues. He paid his monthly fee but continued to receive payment reminders.


Positive Experiences


These positive reviews are instrumental in painting a brighter picture of the company’s offerings, customer satisfaction, and business opportunities.

However, taking these reviews with a grain of salt is crucial. Reviews on these platforms can be misleading, as promoters with vested interests can chime in to boost the ratings.

Product Satisfaction

Livegood users report better sleep, hair growth, and overall vitality.

The variety and quality of products, especially the supplements, have been a recurring theme in the positive reviews.

Users appreciate the effective results and the noticeable changes in their health.


Business Opportunity

Affiliates express gratitude for the earning opportunities provided by Livegood, with some achieving ranks and earning consistent commissions.

The simplicity and uniqueness of the business model are often highlighted as beneficial for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Success stories of building large teams and earning substantial income illustrate the potential of the Livegood business model for some individuals.

The no auto-ship requirement and the low cost of entry are frequently mentioned as favorable aspects.


Customer Support and Community

Positive experiences with customer service, timely payouts, and the supportive community culture within Livegood are noted.

The company’s leadership, particularly CEO Ben Glinsky, is often praised for its vision and support.

The community of satisfied users appreciates the regular updates, training, and support, which creates a sense of belonging.


Affordable and High-Quality Products

The affordability of the products compared to retail prices is a highly appreciated aspect.

Users are happy about getting high-quality products at significantly lower prices, contributing to their overall satisfaction with Livegood.

Testimonials for Livegood’s Ultimate Wellness package, organic coffee, and supplements demonstrate their quality and effectiveness.


Is Livegood Legit or Scam? 


The MLM industry is often surrounded by skepticism and controversy, with many questioning the legitimacy of their business practices. Livegood is no exception!

Proving that a company is a pyramid scheme is usually only possible with insider information.

Therefore, only an official body, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), can provide a definitive verdict after a thorough investigation.

A critical factor in determining whether a company is fraudulent is whether it generates more income from recruiting others rather than selling its products.

What concerns me about Livegood is the lack of transparency regarding fees and the complex compensation structure.

On the upside, the company seems to provide high-quality products from high-quality sources.

Besides, Livegood’s products are competitively priced, especially for members, as they enjoy significant discounts.

Despite the pros, selling these products can be difficult. This is because non-affiliates are more likely to choose well-known brands because their pricing is similar to retail.

Their products are often overpriced, but Livegood offers competitive pricing, particularly for members, as they enjoy significant discounts.

For instance, while non-members pay $29.95 for Organic Super Greens, members get it for just $18.




No proof exists to label Livegood as either a scam or a legitimate business.

Success in the MLM industry is achievable but demands considerable time, effort, and persistence to yield consistent profits.

As Livegood’s Terms of Service caution, many members struggle to cover their fees!

Be prepared for potential setbacks, understanding that the company may offer limited support in case of failure.

If you lack the marketing expertise or audience necessary to thrive in this sector, investing in education is paramount!

Before joining an MLM, I would focus on learning and developing an online presence.

In today’s digital era, most transactions occur online, making establishing your niche on the Internet crucial.

Once you’ve attracted sufficient traffic, views, or followers, you’ll be well-equipped to earn money by promoting any product or service, including those offered by Livegood.

There are lots of decent training programs that can help you achieve this goal.

Check out my top recommendation to get started on your journey to online success! 


Final Words

I appreciate you taking the time to read my Livegood review.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with this company, please don’t hesitate to comment below.


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