Is HireWriters a Scam? My Honest Review

In this review, I would like to show you all you need to know about HireWriters and give my honest opinion about it. Is it a scam or legit?

Let’s find out!

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Hirewriters scam

HireWriters Review

  • Product Name: HireWriters
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Strategy: Freelance writing
  • Income Potential: Low
  • Score: 3/5
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What is HireWriters?

HireWriters is a freelance writing platform operated by a company called Moniker Online Services LLC since 2012. It connects freelance writers with clients that need the following services:

  • Blog posting.
  • Rewriting/Proofreading.
  • Ghost Writing
  • Product listings/descriptions
  • Copy Writing
  • Email swipes

Pros and Cons 


  • Free to join.
  • Easy grammar test.


  • Low pay rate.
  • They only accept native English speakers.
  • There is a risk of having your account terminated if you use a password that Company considers “insecure.” Some people claim they lock accounts for no explicit reason.

How Does it Work for Writers?


First of all, HireWriters just accepts native speakers from The United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In order to join HireWriters team, you will have to sign up for free and complete a pain-free grammar test. I am not a native speaker, but I found the test very easy.

grammar test

grammar test

If you pass the test, you will be notified by email within 48 hours, and your account will be activated. After that, you will be able to log in and start applying for gigs.

The Ranking System

HireWriters use a ranking system so that people who perform better have more job opportunities and earn more.

Everyone starts at the beginner level and can move up the rankings according to the following requirements:

Skill Level Completed Jobs Average Rating On-Time



4 Stars




4.1 Stars




4.6 Stars


How Much Money Can You Make? 

Your earnings depend on the size of the articles as well as on your rank.

Earn Free Money

As a beginner, you can earn approximately $2.25 for a short 300-500-word article. Now, if you were an expert, you could make $10.66, which is much better, but still, you have to be a a fast writer to keep your wage at a higher level.

The FAQ states that if you are an expert writer, you could write over 20 of these short articles per day. Well, I am a bit skeptical of that…

They don’t say how much you will earn for longer articles, but it’s possible to have an idea by checking out the price list:

price of articles

If you are a native speaker and you are good enough to reach higher rankings, you have a good chance of making more money in other freelancing platforms.

In my opinion, HireWriters can work well for people starting out as freelance writers, but the income potential is quite low. It’s comparable to what writers are charging on, with the difference that most freelancers over there are not native speakers.


HireWriters pays automatically via Paypal every Friday as long as you have more than $10 in your balance account.


What puts me off recommending HireWriters is the large amount of complaints we can find about it on the internet.

Looking a and other review sites, I could identify 2 most common complaints:

  1. Locked accounts: Some people complain HireWriters closed their accounts and blamed them for fraudulent activities. However, they are vague and don’t explain which rules were violated.
  2. Low Pay Rate: In the words of one reviewer called Jim, “This site is an online sweat shop that pays writers a pathetic, pitiful amount of money to create articles.”  Jim read somewhere that the site is used by people who buy cheap articles and resell for a profit in another freelancing platform.

Conclusion – Is HireWriters a Scam?

HireWriters is not a scam as it’s basically a freelancing platform that earns revenue by connecting workers with businesses/individuals willing to pay for writing services.

I have to confess I a bit concerned about some complaints.

However, we will never know what exactly happened with people whose accounts were locked. So, I will not point the finger at anyone without any proof.

Earn Free Money

Also, I will not say you shouldn’t work for HireWriters because of the low pay. Only you can decide what’s best for you.

But now you know the risks and the possibility of making more money as a freelancer elsewhere. The decision is all yours.

Any suggestions? Yes, sure!

Some good alternatives to HireWriters include Upwork, PeoplePerHour, SimplyHired, and Freelancer.

Now, if you are just sick and tired of trading time for money and want to earn a residual income that gives you more freedom, take a look at my recommended strategy below.

Verdict: Legit

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Thanks for checking out my HireWriters review. If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience with it, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Stay safe!

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3 years ago

I applied to Hirewriters and took the grammar test. A page popped up saying that I passed the test and my application has been accepted. I thought that was strange because I knew I was supposed to write a sample also. After a couple of days I inquired about it and they said that I failed the grammar test so my application was rejected. However, when that screen popped up saying I passed my grammar test, I took a screenshot of it. So I know they’re lying & have proof. I’m not sure why they did that but it’s very strange and makes me wonder how professional the company would be if I actually wrote there

Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago

Dear Sir.,

I had given a written request letter on transaction day i.e., on 31-08-2020 at ICICI, Begumpet, Branch.,  Hyderabad Telangana ., where I hold my account No. (deleted)., for a transaction reversal as was wrongly erroneously debited by my debit card operation i.e., instead of 10$ wrongly transferred 100$ ie Rs 7693:09 to M/s. Hirewriter., a online blogger site.

Accordingly I had also sent the email to M/s. Hirewriter to refund the amount by reversal.

I request to pls reverse the transaction wrongly , erroneously debited ., So Pls credit the same amount by way of reversal considering the transaction as cancelled.


Vikas Nahata 


Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T
3 years ago

This is the worst website both to clients and writers. If you want to be disappointed as a freelancer, work with these people. They will wake up one day, block you and take all your money. Then they will never respond to your emails.

They don’t care whether you are a client or a writer! The site has bad reviews everywhere but the PPC campaigns that they run still convinces people to try them

My advise: If you hear Hirewriter, RUN, RUN, RUN!

3 years ago

Hi Elizabeth, they froze mine too with $80 in it. They’ve been ignoring my emails for the last 2 weeks. I’ve heard it is a geographical issue. In which country are you? USA?

marian Keady
marian Keady
3 years ago

Dear Stefan,

I appreciate your thorough and honest reviews and have just left this comment on the Justin Bryant youtube channel (video removed) in which was briefly introduced :

marian keady
1 second ago
Hello everybody. Just commenting to save others time and money. Bad reports abound about See this report By the way, I am not affiliated to, or connected with, this website in any way. Hoping that it will help. Best wishes to all from Marian in UK.

Tired of superficial reviews. Hope that you get more subscribers and visitors. All the best. Marian in UK.

Brandi T
Brandi T
3 years ago

My problem with Hire Writers is that they do not screen their clients very well at all. There are numerous lists of jobs that want to pay way less than what the job requires. I am sorry but I will not write an article of 500 words for $2 and some change. The clients lie all of the time about the initial description and they want to pay less. Another warning that I can not stress enough because it did happen to me is that the clients will steal your work. You can submit an article only for them to reject it and they have your work and you don’t get paid. Hire Writers may not be a scam but a lot of the clients are scammers. I wrote for them for a couple of weeks just so that I could have a few samples for my profile.

2 years ago

Complete scam company and awful writers. I requested a refund from these guys 3 times and they ignored me. I hear of them doing this to many people. This despite a satisfaction guarantee badge on their site and a refund policy listed in their terms. Buyer beware!

Dawn Ryan
Dawn Ryan
1 year ago


I am a professional writer. Never a complaint and five-star on Hire Writers. My advice is they are truly (deleted by admin). They gain your confidence and then steal your work with totally bogus claims. They sent my review for a client that had paid me for all of my other work. Out of the clear blue they said my article did not pass copy-scape. All of the words in yellow were the and the product trademark name. Further I had worked three days at producing a two thousand word review. This included research and writing the review in my own special way. Personally, I have never even read a two-thousand technical review in my life–anywhere. Secondly, I know they are liars because I researched all of the material and wrote the review in my own hand. I offered their client to scan my notes and written article/review. The administrator instructed to re-write entire review or my account would be permanently frozen. What?
I had just research and written unique content, edited the entire article, and even linked the article for each 10 items reviewed to the appropriate sales page on Amazon. This was done meticulously. Then these thugs threatened me. Am I going to re-write the entire article? No. Because the only thing I can see is that I use the word The several times which generally begins a sentence. The brand’s name is useful as it pertains to SEO. So nooooo! Plus may I say I have a 5-star rating on their site. They check for plagiarism for each article that you write by using copay-scape. They do however, deduct money from your account if you do not have the writing done on time. Well, if the writer is mad because the site lies then I imagine the article will not get done at all. Not rocket-science folks. And if I am such a proficient copyist, as they so ignorantly claim, well I just wrote this entire comment out of my head in under five minutes. As you can see I am well-versed in the English language to communicate that effectively. Also, when I write on Hire Writers I write from my own handwritten article directly onto the site. The article I was working from was completed after three days of intense research and written out of my own head–so I know they are full of it.
If any of you would wish to contact me about the following I am listed at DawnMichelRyan at Oh, I am not using the symbol because the friendly folks guiltily erased my communication to the client saying I could not use symbols so of course do use the symbol in any questions you have of me. It did not happen right away. I have received payment from them and written off and on for them for 3 years, but like anything else that is corrupt: it eventually gets discovered. Also, when they just pulled this stunt I did not find one single link or button where I could contact them. Maybe if I could have done so you would not be reading this review right now.

As always see you at the top. Thanks kindly for considering my advice. Hire Writers? Direct your energy in other areas and just let it go.
Dawn Michel

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