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Gummy Bubble Pop Review – Does it Pay $1000? Is it FAKE?

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Welcome to my Gummy Bubble Pop review! 

Thousands of people have downloaded this game after being lured by one of its tempting adverts.

You know the type – those flashy commercials that claim to shower you with loads of cash within seconds.

In the game simulation, a cash balance skyrockets to over $500 just by aiming and shooting balls.

Unrealistic, you say? Well, you’re not alone in that skepticism.

I’ve been around the block, having reviewed countless games of this kind before.

They reel you in with the glamour of receiving hundreds of dollars via PayPal only to exploit your time and attention.

Ultimately, they come up with additional requirements that only lead you down a never-ending rabbit hole!

So here we are, wondering the same thing about Gummy Bubble Pop. Is it legit, or is it another cruel joke on us?

Will they transfer the money as they claim? Let’s find out!

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Gummy Bubble Pop Review


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  • Name: Gummy Bubble Pop
  • Developer: Master Talent Studio
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Gummy Bubble Pop? 


Gummy Bubble Pop is a casual ball-shooting game that grants you virtual dollars as you play.

Designed for Android users, it tempts players with quick and effortless wealth, fueling dreams of financial freedom.

The mechanics are simple: you tap to aim at balls of the same color and shoot to eliminate them once you have at least three grouped together.

With each successful shot, you earn virtual dollars, gradually building your in-game balance.

The game’s main appeal lies in the hope that once you reach a substantial balance of $1000, you can cash out your earnings via popular platforms like Paypal or Cash App.

The idea of turning virtual success into real-world cash is undeniably alluring.

However, here’s where things get a bit shady! 

Gummy Bubble Pop remains in its early access phase, which is a period when developers test their game and gather feedback to make improvements before an official release.

This early access classification creates a convenient loophole for developers to avoid reviews on the Play Store.

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This raises a significant red flag since reviews play a vital role in transparency.

Without reviews, people don’t know whether other players have received their money. 


Gummy Bubble Pop Work? 


Gummy Bubble Pop can be easily installed from the Play Store without registration.

This raises suspicions since most legitimate reward apps typically require users to create an account.

Nevertheless, you’re greeted with a welcoming $10 bonus upon launching the game. 

Right after you collect this bonus, they tempt you with a $100 reward by tapping the button and watching your first commercial. 

To play, you tap and aim at the balls, taking careful shots to eliminate them.

Matching balls of the same color can be released from the top and fall towards the barrels at the bottom.

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Gummy Bubble Pop gameplay'

Once they fall into the barrels, you’re rewarded with a few cents for each ball. 

However, if only eliminations occur without the balls reaching the barrels, you receive coins instead of cash.

You’ll frequently encounter big wins, but be aware that the money only deposits into your balance if you tap the claim button and watch a video.

Not surprisingly, the quickest way to collect cash rewards is simply by tapping the banknote icon at the bottom and watching an advertisement.

Each time you do so, you’re rewarded with $30.

However, caution’s essential, as most advertisements promote fake cash games that aim to mislead people.

They create an illusion of getting easy money, but their real purpose is to make you download their app and bombard you with advertisements.

It’s all about generating views that ultimately pay the developers handsomely.

Additionally, Gummy Bubble Pop offers scratch-off and lucky spin games, providing you with free chances to win more cash rewards and coins.


How do you cash out? 

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to accumulate at least $1000 in your cash balance.

Once you reach this amount, a prominent cash-out button will appear on your screen.

Tapping on it allows you to select your preferred withdrawal option, either PayPal or Cash App.

You’ll then enter your account information and press the button. The game claims the transfer to your account may take up to 24 hours.

As for the coin balance, it’s worth noting that you’ll need a substantial amount of 980k coins to withdraw $1000.

This will undoubtedly require considerably more time and effort.


Is Gummy Bubble Pop Legit? Does it Pay? 


Despite the enticing promises of cash rewards and withdrawal options, the reality is that Gummy Bubble Pop doesn’t pay a dime. 

It’s all smoke and mirrors cleverly designed to generate advertising revenue for the developer.

The cash rewards you accumulate within the game are utterly fake, and there is no legitimate way to cash out.

After wasting considerable time and effort to reach their initial requirement, you’ll receive a frustrating message informing you that you need to play 20 times. 

cash balance

This means enduring another 20 levels and watching even more advertisements that solely benefit the developer!




Steer clear of Gummy Bubble Pop if you’re seeking genuine cash rewards or a legitimate way to monetize your playtime. 

Don’t fall into the trap of this misleading game, as it will only lead to disappointment. 

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It’s not a quick fix but an opportunity for real, sustainable income.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to delve into my Gummy Bubble Pop review! I hope it was eye-opening! 

If you’ve played the game and have some insights or are just curious and have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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