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GPTBox Review – Is it Legit? Cash Out When You Reach $1!

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GPTbox reviewWelcome to my GPTbox review!

I was browsing the internet recently when I discovered a new GPT platform called GPTbox. The site claims you can earn easy money in your spare time just by doing surveys, completing offers, and leaving reviews.

There are hundreds of similar site out there, but what caught my attention about GPTbox was the impressive number of offerwalls. These are a third-party platforms that provide sponsored tasks via a GPT site, which in turn, processes the payments.

In this review, I uncover the most important features of GPTbox and give you my honest opinion. Is it legit? Does it pay or not? Keep reading to find out.

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GPTbox Review 


  • Company: ?
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: $1
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 3.8/5

What is GPTbox


GPTbox is another get-paid-to site that pays you for completing simple online tasks like surveys and offers. Unfortunately, there is no information about the company or individual who operates this website.

Launched in 2020, GPTbox has around 4,500 member and claims to have paid approximately $2,500 to its members so far. So, it’s still in its infancy compared to platforms like Prizerebel and Swagbucks.


How Does GPTbox Work? 



If you want to access the tasks and get paid for your online activities, the first step is to create your free account. Click on Registration and fill up your personal details such as your name, email, and home address.

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Then, accept the terms and condition and click on the confirmation link sent to your inbox. If you are using VPN, you must turn it off otherwise you will me immediately flagged and blocked by the administrator.


Earn Points 

With GPTbox, you will earn points once you complete any task. Points will accumulate in your account until you convert them to cash using the link provided. To collect points, select any of the offerwalls from the drop-down menu. There are 31 providers, including ad networks and leading marketing research companies.

If you are familiar with GPT sites, then you might recognize some popular names such as OfferToro, Adwall, Kiwi Time, and AdwordMedia. Each platform is operated by a different company and gives access to many opportunities. If you are using GPTbox on your mobile, you will find lots of app offers!

Basically, you just need to install the application or game and follow the instructions. Now, if you are using your desktop, most offers require that you subscribe to a service or sign up to a survey panel.

In the offer tap, you can choose Daily Surveys or Paid to Sign ups.

There is a wide selection of survey routers where you can take part in marketing research studies, which takes anywhere between 10 – 25 minutes. Depending on your preliminary answers, you may get disqualified because you are not a good match.

Just keep trying until you find a survey that accepts you. The downside is that companies may collect your personal information and then screen you out halfway through. Therefore, completing surveys is usually a very frustrating and time-consuming.


Referral Program

You can also earn points by inviting friends to join GPTbox through your affiliate link. The referral rate is $10, meaning you you will always get 10% of everything your friend earns for life!


How Much Money Can You Earn? 

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It depends on so many factors including your country, the number and type of tasks you complete. What I can tell you is that most survey and free offers pay you only a few cents of the dollar.

Some offers that ask for an initial deposit pay more to cover that money you have to invest. I don’t recommend them because if GPTbox doesn’t pay you, the advertiser will not refund you.

I believe there is potential to make over $100 per month with GPTbox, especially if you live in the USA, Canada, UK or Some European countries. However, that will require long hours in front of your computer or mobile screen.


How do You Get Paid? 

Afte converting points to cash, you can withdraw the money via PayPal as soon as you reach $1! That means you don’t need to work for a long time before you can check whether the site pays. I am impressed because very few GPT sites process such as small payment, so kudos to GPTbox for that!


Is GPTbox Legit? Does it Pay? 


Since the platform is brand new, I couldn’t find any user review on the internet so far. Only the time will tell, but I firmly believe GPTbox is a legitimate site. Usually, sites that don’t pay set the payout threshold in the sky just so members stick with them for longer. As GPTbox pay lets you cash out with just $1, I don’t think they would destroy their reputation for so little money.




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GPTbox is a promising reward site with an incredible number of offer walls and survey routers. The payout threshold is only $1, so you can cash out through PayPal after completing 2 or 3 simple tasks.

GPT sites offer a convenient way to make money from home, but the income potential is too low. Therefore, I invite you to discover the place where I learned internet marketing and built a profitable affiliate site.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my BPTbox review. I hope this helps! Feel free to leave us a comment below if you want to share your experience and opinions about this site.


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